2017 snow Urumqi lasts 40 hours of snow

2017 years before the Spring Festival in the past, for the winter of this year a lot of people to say, have the spring snow possibility also seems unlikely, in fact every area is not the same! 4, 2009, Urumqi ushered in the first snowfall, is expected to last nearly 40 hours, up to the snow. Take time for the snow cleaning work unit in Urumqi City, snow removal work command site supervise operations, to ensure that people of normal traffic. With the advent of snow on the evening of 4, Urumqi city road snow clearing personnel arrived at the designated place on the night of the day at 21 points, the formation of the machine, the work of an orderly arrangement of artificial. read more

Customer returns can also enhance the handling of store performance

as a shopkeeper in the stores, there are a variety of situations, and in a variety of situations, for the retail business, I am afraid that many retailers do not want customers to return it, we just sell things, customers will come back, not only we do not earn money, but also influence to the other hand. Therefore, the vast majority of shopkeepers do not expect. But I am different, I am very happy to see customers can come back, this is why?

In fact,

can be returned to a small number of customers have been able to return, because there is a serious problem, otherwise no one can do these meaningless things. I pay great attention to the customer’s return. First of all, I accept emotionally, and then sincerely apologize to the customer in the attitude, so that it can eliminate the customer’s anger, to stabilize the customer’s emotions, and then understand the specific things. read more

Methods to improve the car fast repair shop business what are the whole

although the number of cars it is very large, however, after all, can provide car beauty service brand is also very much, has led to fierce competition in the automobile service enterprise, many car fast repair shop business is very bad. How to improve the store’s business, which requires operators to master some methods. So, to improve the method of car fast repair shop business what?


1. car beauty repair shop near the gas station to try to work with them to every door (gas or gas over a certain amount, depending on your preference is enough exciting) customers to your store a chance to enjoy preferential. At the same time, I suggest that the discount must be able to impress the customer, it is not necessarily a high price of things, but must be a high sense of value. For example, if you provide a free wheel positioning, feel the value is relatively high, but in fact you can not spend a few dollars, so you can impress customers. read more

Join the customer goods fast fashion store how net

customers fast fashion department store? Hot business opportunities are always very popular. Moreover, in the face of such a hot market, the small business franchisee, choose to join the public goods superior fashion department store project, is still very strong, with the strength of choice. So, join the public goods superior fashion department store project, what are you still hesitating?

customers superior products from Hongkong, as the perfect interpretation of modern urban life fashion. Brand promotion " natural, comfortable and healthy " life philosophy, advocated " creative, superior products, low price, and through " global supplier channels and diversified procurement channels, provides a large number of " to the people; beautiful and practical, high quality and low price products, by " 18 – to 35 year old young consumers love, just a few years time will rapidly rise to become the food, clothing, entertainment and shopping center racing together bridle to bridle the main shop. read more

Small business entrepreneurship solutions which taboo

a lot of friends want to start a business, but most people are not very well-off funds, then the small business is a lot of people choose. Small business and pay attention to what? Are there any taboos? The following small series will bring you together to understand the small business can not be a taboo.

1, sit and other guest

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The double outlet station in 2016

since Premier Li Keqiang put forward the concept of public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the media on China’s entrepreneurial development has done a lot of breadth, depth reports. Many successful examples of entrepreneurship spawned more people have entrepreneurial ideas.

2015 years, China’s average daily registration of newly registered enterprises reached 11 thousand and 600, an average of the birth of a company of 8 per minute. In the face of the "public entrepreneurship, innovation," the wave, you, echocardiography? read more

How to join sanitary ware

for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture project, the first step is our success. However, the choice of a good geographical location, is the guarantee of successful business. So, entrepreneurship to choose how to join sanitary ware? Brand project, the best choice for entrepreneurship!

is a good beginning is half the success, if the shop location errors, the future will also encounter greater difficulties in the operation. Relatively speaking, the community sanitary ware shops and street bathroom sanitary ware store traffic stability, stable return on investment. As for the outskirts of residential supporting shops have been fixed, it must be more from the operation of the. Select the superior geographical position of sanitary ware stores in order to have a good income, but also means a lot of high prices, fierce competition. read more

Energy saving money


must taste duck neck? Good taste, simple way to join the choice for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very wise choice. How about joining the Juewei duck neck? Good project, it is worth choosing, it is worth joining!

In accordance with the modern enterprise

Juewei duck neck operation mode, forge ahead, to create "the creation of industry standards, leading the development of the industry chain of commercial aircraft carrier". Now Juewei duck neck has passed the national QEO management system (quality management system (ISO9001), environment management system (ISO14001), occupation health and safety management system (GB/T28001)) comprehensive certification, and was rated as "agricultural industrialization leading enterprises" Changsha; "no flavor" trademark was named "Hunan famous the trademark"; "no flavor" series of products are held in the people’s daily, consumption times, Phoenix TV unit rating was named 2009 China ten quality brand "and" 2009 annual quality assured brand "; in 2010," the taste "brand won the title of A Well-Known Trademark in China. read more

Environmental franchise business skills necessary

Under the slogan of the green economy,

, green environmental protection products favored by consumers, whether it is food, clothing or household, automotive and other industries, as long as the energy saving and environmental protection related to green, then the sales must be good. In this context, the opening of an environmentally friendly water purifier shop will be a good choice for profit.

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The reason of high rate of Chaozhou flop casserole porridge

to ask the food and beverage market in Chaozhou Shantou casserole porridge so high flop rate is what? It is with the grandmother, Green Tea etc. restaurants as because of its powerful central kitchen, the turnover rate of taiwan. That’s not the answer. Authentic Chaozhou Shantou casserole porridge throughout the need for manual mixing, under normal circumstances, the speed of production will be constrained by the process, hot pot table, guests dining time will be relatively long. Even in the double test, the tide is still able to do porridge Hui higher average rate of over taiwan. So how does it work? Let’s take a look at what’s going on! read more

Beauty salon beauty career best business the whole

now, no matter what the industry is very competitive. Moreover, in the continuous improvement of our living standards today, we face the growing demand for beauty, which prompted the rise of the beauty industry. So, entrepreneurship to choose how to join the beauty salon?

beauty chain?

devices have air conditioning, hot and cold water device, beauty bed (there are many), Orsan steam engine, electric instrument, beauty of yin and Yang iontophoresis apparatus, multi-function beauty instrument, high frequency electrotherapy, vacuum Straw electrotherapeutical instrument, ultrasonic beauty instrument, skin detector, chest and eyebrow tattoo machine, skin brushing, infrared Rudd’s lamp, lamp, disinfection cabinet (red, violet), small washing machine, see the purchase of slimming instrument, blankets, seat (including guest rest), as well as the customer with drinking fountains, and the small acne needle scalpel, plates, small carts, mirror (including the dressing table), towel, small towel, small bowl, scraper (spatula), brush, trash, debris racks, threading tools, gauze, lighting equipment (bright light without glare, installed in the appropriate position); ventilation equipment, if it is Easy to have a sound. read more

Why did you choose to join the Chinese fast food fast passenger Kyrgyzstan

for investors who want to do fast food industry should know that in recent years, the development of the Internet in China has greatly promoted the fast food online sales, which is one of the reasons why fast food so fire. The emergence of Chinese fast food has greatly satisfied the Chinese people’s demand for food and beverage consumption. Chinese fast food is very popular now, there are more and more people choose to start to join the fast food industry, Chinese fast food industry also has a large number of brands, for the majority of the join, join the brand to choose what is good? Today Xiaobian to recommend the fast passenger Kyrgyzstan in fast food. read more

A retail business may give some creative gift

in order to promote the sale of goods, and now many shops will carry out a number of promotional activities, will give some small gifts. However, this gift also needs us to be creative, so as to protect the commodity sales. So, do retail business may wish to give some creative gifts.

I shop for nearly eight years, the business is also considered prosperous. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards year by year, the main selling cigarettes on the market in 10 yuan / pack, medium and low cigarette consumer groups declined year by year. To this end, I actively use their brains, the idea of trying to attract business, improve the level of tobacco sales. read more

What are the small business project

small entrepreneurial projects in fact a lot of really, all walks of life have some lower investment threshold of the project, the need to join the business to do a good job of investigation, and strive to tap business opportunities. If you are looking for a small project, Xiao Bian can provide some analysis reference, so that franchisees can do a good job of selecting projects, the early establishment of new directions.

A, special soup delivery shop: according to the survey, most of the city in 83% of China’s white-collar workers admitted for lunch lunch often feel suffering, work pressure, nutrition structure of lunch is critical in Chinese medicine tonic, yin and Yang conditioning, how can a simple lunch million new venture! Recommended features soup shop can provide convenient delivery. Hygiene。 Nutrition reasonable soup. Take out supply, so that the lunch box white-collar workers, hospitals, students, small area to facilitate. Small entrepreneurial projects, specialty soup express store investment of 1 to 30 thousand, an annual return of more than 40 thousand, small entrepreneurs worth considering. read more

n the water energy life Baosheng investment cost less profitable

today, the serious pollution of water pollution, wants a more healthy life, to choose water energy life in Po Sang? To meet the consumer demand for healthy water and joined in the water energy life project Baosheng, or very wise, with the strength of selection!

China has a population of 1 billion 300 million, according to 400 million households, if there are 50% of households use water purifier, the market demand for water purifiers up to 200 million units. At present, the water purifier market retail 2000 yuan / Taiwan to calculate the market value of up to $400 billion. Water purification equipment has become a new choice for business users, enterprises and commercial water purification equipment total capacity of 100 million units at this stage, China’s water market in the annual rate of about 40% in increments. Join in water purification Baosheng qianyiji life energy, clean water blue ocean market you denver. read more

How creative pot has high popularity

bonsai, in our lives, has always occupied a large position. For those who are very fond of growing flowers, a good pot, is a very attractive choice. Creative pot? Not only has a very good feature, but also for our home environment to add a lot of color!

how to join creative pot?

do you know the creative bonsai?

very cute adorable ceramic selling small potted plants, planting small desktop toys, decorative ornaments wholesale.

Combination of ceramic technology and fresh plant

traditional unique, vivid and deft, add vitality to your life vitality, after high temperature kiln glaze technology Handmade with non-toxic, environmental protection, health and other new clay, lovely, let you in the busy work time can also smile, this is you sell small pot – New adorable adorable funny show. An adorable funny show is listed by the vast number of consumers, selling a small pot – adorable adorable funny show is divided into love grass clover version and edition, five super adorable expression style, exquisite gift box packaging, will become the best choice for gift giving. read more

Do you know the stall to sell things can have what skills you the whole

often can see a lot of people like that, no matter for what purpose, but also spread can benefit as soon as possible, is the use of spare time or, or as a business, own anyway, now more and more people set up a stall, put stalls made a profit by some people, while others only to eventually dingily ended in failure. In fact, the stall to succeed, there are skills to speak of.

now employment is a very difficult thing, many people are beginning to start, in fact we choose entrepreneurship initially a lot of people are doing some stall, small business, so as to accumulate their own experience, but also can earn a portion of the funds, the following small and say some use stall skill. read more