Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform love Shanghai these content will be punished

The text with the advantages and disadvantages of search engine penalty?

Q: the others attack my website, whether it will lead to love Shanghai

Q: love Shanghai statistics bounce rate high, whether it will be a

A: love Shanghai of third party plug-ins were treated, such as advertising content bad bucket algorithm 4 is triggered, the website will be fined


rivers and lakes have been on "love Shanghai penalty" speculation, now, Jun sorts out several webmaster are most concerned about the situation of professional and technical engineers, please answer, whether these will affect the quality of judgment on the website of the read more

Love Shanghai 360 good search Sogou promotion promotion promotion background management

360 search promotion

is definitely the core products, search promotion and love Shanghai network (mobile terminal network alliance is now a separate independent "mobile DSP"). Other special products are brand line, brand landmark, enterprise encyclopedia, love Shanghai sinan.


At present,


core products, search promotion and "display network" (Internet), the other did not.

overall consumption level, according to the search engine market, the higher the market share, the same word competition is greater, the current domestic search engine market is: love Shanghai search > 360 search > Sogou search read more

n 2011 you will do a guest webmaster suggestionsVigilant China’s involvement in the whirlpool of b


excellent step Uber CEO Travis Karan Nick TravisKalanick earlier this year by the application of this boasting, Chinese branch lost more than $1 billion a year, part of the reason is the payment of subsidies to seize market share. Local call car application drops fast DidiKuaidi is in many cities and big step price war.

but he also acknowledges that companies have no choice. "In this market, such as >

"run out of money, many companies will be forgotten," Rui consulting Datareal founder Ma Jihua said. read more

Keywords mining method of offbeat but efficient

. This method is very suitable for just the website to determine the site keywords, but also for the expansion of the website keywords on-line website. For online website, there is a very good method, is the use of statistical tools, see the long tail keywords. The flow in the query keywords, of course, because too many keywords, you need screening. Sometimes, a day may bring you a few key words flow, but if when you query, see you only ranked tenth. Since tenth can have dozens of traffic, that if you do the first words, there are at least two hundred or three hundred of the traffic, you can also query the index estimate about, although not very accurate, but also can be used as a reference. read more

love mules do stand must not hurry from the site down right about

we all know, station group are powerful because of the outer chain is too strong, so, in order to go beyond the stations must be more than him in the chain, so full of crazy hair the chain, I do second things wrong this time, because the number of the chain names than the number of the chain is more important so, I try to increase the number of the chain domain name, my approach is to love Shanghai "search advertising by area Powered Discuz!", search out all BBS advertising area, basically can send the chain, this method increases the number of the chain domain name is the fastest, but also the no return, because short-term suddenly a massive increase in the chain, and almost all are from the Discuz forum advertising plate, this show is not reasonable, right down will become inevitable. The result is a major search engine all right down, just fall in love with the sea less to some flow, after it is love Shanghai, Google both right down, soso directly by K, now no flow. read more

Lin Haoming the suggestions to optimize the blog program emlog 2


Keywords &a>

before the optimization techniques mentioned in the navigation column to set up their own blog classification into words written on the navigation bar, we look at the red circle with four columns, four navigation column is the key words and bold. On the one hand, let search engines crawl faster, on the one hand is to make the search engine more sensitive to the words. Although the setting method is very inconspicuous, but for Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very helpful. read more

The Shanghai dragon is no longer boring is pumped into the system

We discuss several

according to two months bonus standard: website ranking 5, the team award 200 yuan, ranking the home page, the incentive group of 400 yuan, up 800 top 3 Award, rising first Award 2000; IP increased 20-50%, personal reward 100 yuan; increased 50-80%, personal reward 200 yuan; increased by more than 80% people the reward of more than 300, depending on the situation. Two of the group’s bonus together has tens of thousands, obviously, the boss of a pit, the end of the month, the boss see this month financial reporting form, said sit still, to several of our supervisor and director call to the office to discuss a few days ago. The boss just door said: Although the ranking is up, but too much of this money, profit of the company every month only 10 a few 200 thousand, was not so much, but they are happy, this bonus system is not tight, too loose, or the number of prize money down, to set. A reward system. read more

Novice webmaster experience how to build perfect internal website optimization

when you determine the keywords and web directory, try to make the tree structure, so that one can make readers clearly and accurately navigate to the web site, improve the user experience. On the other hand, the search engine is so few, generally has the following benefits: URL standard, structure is clear at a glance, keywords layout accurate, consistent user experience and so on.

for the website internal links, try not to appear dead chain, you think, when a spider jubilant along to this address "foraging", finally found what are not, tossing back and forth sieve, will cause the search engine antipathy. This time, we need a 404 page to tell the spider, this page does not exist, don’t come, friendly to remind it, this will not cause spider. It is made of 404 pages, do not automatically jump, it is best to manually click on the link. read more

Love Shanghai love Shanghai investment promotion bid launched flash new style

promotion style with a vertical product to show love Shanghai, according to the official statement, its significance lies in the structured information display, the user experience is enhanced, the transformation path is shortened and the conversion rate steadily. Another is when keywords ranking first, can show with pictures, click to preview to enlarge. The flash charging method is CPC investment model, its ranking mechanism, competition mechanism, personalization with love is the same as the ordinary Shanghai promotion. The only difference is, it needs to provide another product library management by love Shanghai promotion assistant to install the plug-in, like Shanghai also set as a separate promotion. read more

How to let the black chain flying site was linked to the black chain

so many links are not displayed on the page, it got me thinking. I think there must be other documents for their services, into my template file, a careful analysis of the code, found that there are three files for this link service code. (they are bases.js, copyri.js, you.php). Using FTP to the three files downloaded a closer look, feel very good.

then I open the web site home page and the content page check, and did not find these links, like all normal, or check the source code, only the source files that can best illustrate the problem. The fox’s tail was discovered at the bottom of the document. These links like a plaster like disgusting. read more

Comparison of themselves in the course of several chain construction site optimization analysis

submission, stationmaster net soft. First see chart is shown in the author’s recent journal articles, it can be seen from the figure that the article has been reproduced many of the platform, the author also retains its copyright information in this article, with the help of stationmaster net transfer platform we thank all respect for copyright, thank you for the soft hard work of the author’s recognition and support. Then the author will analyze the stationmaster net soft contribute to highlight the point of ascension website weight in the block. First of all, can effectively improve the chain widely degree. In general we chain release, a forum for example often our release platform is very monotonous, such as 28tui, tui18, the laggards and so on, although its weight is relatively high, but the connection form is single, there is a summary of the chain from the three forum, the author thinks that the construction of outside chain ten stations each station would give you a connection to a station issued dozens of connection, because the love of Shanghai is most concerned about the nature and recommended. The higher the widespread nature is more likely to be recognized and to calculate the weight of love in Shanghai. Obviously, stationmaster net soft contribute to effectively compensate for the shortcomings of a single chain too. Secondly, after the chain of soft Wen submitting reprint rights is more important than the forum page weight high post. As everyone knows the chain the core point is to judge the quality of voting rights, most generally a lot of soft platform is reproduced the webmaster platform, and the analysis of these platforms are mostly local portals, or industry portal site, the number of reading and browsing is much higher than that of the forum, because forums is very large, even very valuable articles, will be in a very short period of time by the new posts flooded, its durability is far less than the portal news site, so the voting rights and the value after the site of the industry and the news source of the voting rights obviously than reproduced forum. Finally, the soft article submission can effectively enhance the brand value and the influence of shaping the personal website. Mainly because stationmaster net flow is very large, soft, once after the audit, the audience is very much, if unremittingly to contribute, whether it is shaping for the value of the site or for their personal brand promotion is be of great advantage, because often write, any industry has a mixed > " read more

Analysis of the causes of close understanding of the forum by light years light years close a

‘s open forum has been unable to see the light of the content, but only one off the page, it seems wrote, "light years forum closed in October 20, 2012, the Chinese Ping teacher lists the following reasons, the following screenshot

b) large company of Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner, slowly site’s ranking will do it, but because it is not a network company, you only need to be responsible for a web site, so you need each operation to you do detailed analysis, after all, there are some things you can only submit to the technical department to modify, you can to do is constantly, constantly, because a large website is not can be solved by the chain, you can go to the web site directory submission, you > read more

Search engine optimization in link link analysis

贵族宝贝xlenny贵族宝贝/n> blog

in website optimization, often referred to the content is king, the link is emperor "has now more than two such, in addition to the user experience, comprehensive factors, content is king, the link for the emperor, and the user experience is the three generation of search engine look at their focus, which is also the link analysis used the most the fire, in a lot of black hat Shanghai dragon also has many techniques are based on the analysis of link vulnerability to amplification by. Today Chengdu Shanghai dragon will sum up the link analysis algorithm of search engine. The two most important algorithms in the analysis of search engine links to belong to PageRank and HITS algorithm, two are transfer from random walk model and propagation model two subset model to calculate the weights of the links. read more

Su Di Kang Sohu measured whether micro blog Shanghai spider love shield

finally we see the third part, this part of the use of wildcards defines all search engines, not allowed to crawl the root directory (the equivalent of not allowed to grab any URL). Here we also need to pay attention to the interpretation of love Shanghai search help center. Love Shanghai official documents said: special attention is needed for the order of Disallow and Allow is significant, robot will according to the first, the success of the Allow or Disallow line to determine whether access to a URL. So, the third part of the prohibition of instruction, to love Shanghai spiders, is invalid. The first part of the love of spiders in Shanghai according to the requirements, you can grab all the URL. read more

Gao Yong Shanghai dragon combat pyramid structure keywords layout

!The number of ! Keywords

author Gao Yong in a new paper * * *:" Shanghai dragon of importance to optimize the internal construction of the website, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon friend said my writing is too vague, the topic is too broad, the author detailed the share keyword layout [pyramid structure], presumably a lot Shanghai dragon had never heard of this structure, ha ha, just to see this article

four tower structure keywords layout, may see the written content, are a little bit confused, I was an example of a station I do! I do is Beijing wedding photography industry such as home station, I can put on the wedding photography, wedding photography, wedding Beijing Beijing this is the three studio, I do the main word, then a column page can be set for my wedding photography style, wedding photography location, wedding photography, wedding bride, forum and so on. " read more

Share the webmaster how to grasp the details of processing from the ranking of Shanghai Dragon

end user behavior will be record: This is a focus of this paper, I feel is a future direction. With the development of the Internet, after the search engine will be more intelligent, to determine the user’s search intention, so as to provide a more accurate search results to the user. Different users search the same key words, want to find the results may be different, so the search.

page generation Abstract: our own website and found the description information not to develop their own individual, but the search engine from your own web page dynamic grab, we should not be surprised, this is normal. Especially for the noble baby, this phenomenon often happens. Many owners do not understand this phenomenon in the beginning, that is their own website optimization problems sets or, after seeing the show is not synchronized, will post everywhere asked or modify description, actually not. This is the good performance of the search engine through more ways to show your website. read more

The 2012 forum signature chain will continue to awesome

usually better for those weights and can take signature forum, is undoubtedly the most loved by all the webmaster. Because the chain chain forum class compared to other types of labor, save time, and, the effect is very good, Shanghai included strong love. It is true, because these forums everywhere we can see some Adsense figure, after all, as the Internet increasingly fierce competition, only from the site of the internal optimization have been far can not meet the needs of webmaster hand site, so the chain is released to a hot climax, but after all because of many limitations, many of the forum after we released many posts, one day will find their signature links for the revocation, resulting in substantial loss of the site outside the chain, the site is undoubtedly a fatal blow, I believe that many owners will know. Then there is the signature which forum can let us these sites can be hung outside the chain of sleep without any anxiety? The author to share your forum link resource. read more

So why has the live fire to do Shanghai Dragon

what money what to do, this is the vast majority of friends practice. Especially Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are all-around talent website slower, so with the help of the platform bigger is not quite easily realized? So the electricity supplier up, personal blog column up, new media, since the media platform up up, live it, can go faster by boat.

don’t know what time from the beginning, we have mentioned the Shanghai dragon is dead, and the two years to basically have rarely seen the word stationmaster, Kun yuan guardian found that the rapid development of new media, since the media platform, the rapid introduction of live hot already let the station left the line of sight of people. read more

The first half of the first love to share the experience of Shanghai occupy

summary: there are many reasons for the rankings, the key point is to insist, in five months time, I also have a loss, hesitated, is not always adhere to high quality content and high quality of the chain will be really effective, but I persevered, will ever rise to start the policy, I think as long as the efforts will be fruitful, God is fair, reach a goal! The webmaster friends, content with the chain rule is absolutely not wrong, as long as you do it and stick to it, success is inevitable. This paper consists of ( read more

See Google update more and more attention from the original May 3rd pr

Last night

actually understand current trend, search engine to the original are paying more and more attention, as long as you the careful analysis of recent search engine change can see.

of course, the original ratio is high, the chain site natural PR is better.

article by kotsuru the original address: Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝hj.Cn/NewsContent343.html, please indicate the copyright and incidental links.

from the current master of the situation, the content of the website of the original of the proportion of PR increased, also shows that Google is paying more attention to the original. read more