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first_imgRichard TaylorTalking TravelThe Travel Industry Hub Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Travel Industry Hub, Richard Taylor notes that there needs to be more support for people coming back to the industry after a spell away from the industry.“It’s something we aim to address with our industry coworking spaces, where we plan to offer desks and resources to returning parents, career changers or indeed anyone wanting to forge either a new or next career in the industry.”The Travel Industry Hub is a totally new concept for the travel industry. The company, founded by Richard Taylor, Luke Crawford and Natasha Faithfull, found that many industry people and companies are moving into coworking spaces across the region, and came up with an idea to bring the industry together in travel and tourism focused spaces that promote networking and collaboration.Travel Monitor catches up with Richard for a chat about the industry in Talking Travel this week.What does your job involve?Currently we’re starting a business, so that means everything from accounts to websites to software to marketing and myriad of other elements. It’s eye-opening to say the least and you quickly learn that you need help from good people. When our Sydney space opens I’ll be engaging with visitors, help people make connections with others, ensure our office runs smoothly and drive our expansion plans forward.What do you enjoy most about your profession?Linking people together. A coworking space is simply an office – what will make it a fantastic place to visit and work in will be the potential for collaboration and knowledge sharing to improve people’s lives on a personal as well as professional level.What are the biggest challenges for you in your profession?Awareness. Around 70% of people we speak to have not seen or experienced coworking, and with us starting something new it’s imperative that word gets out that there are coworking spaces specifically for our industry that will be great environments in which to work.What do you think are the biggest challenges the industry faces?I’m a little biased here, but for me it revolves around how and where we work into the future. The industry has shifted beyond all recognition in recent years, and in this region so many of us work either from home or from a variety of different locations. Travel is a social industry and face-to-face meetings and relationships count for a lot. Many people tell us that whilst having the flexibility to work at home is great, we need interaction with others.What do you think will be the biggest game changer in the travel industry in the next 12 months’?Us. Alright perhaps that’s a little ambitious as we start out, but certainly into the future we can make a positive difference and get many people involved. We must realise the extent to which millennials will come to dominate the workforce and have different wants and needs, and also support startup ventures in our region.Where is the support for startups in our industry? Where do they gain meaningful industry relationships, knowledge and experience? How can they offer relevant products faster? What options are there for investment? How can we keep the best of them? These questions and more are things we aim to tackle in the next five years, as well as growing a great network of offices for anyone to work and network in.Who inspires you most and why?Anyone that goes out and does their own thing. It’s seriously hard.Who would you invite on your next holiday if you could choose anyone and where would you go?The Grampians in Victoria, with my wife. I was fortunate enough to be taken there by Visit VIC a couple of years ago, and it’s beautiful. We could take a long weekend break without our children, which would be the very first time after seven years hard labour.Contact Email    Richard@thetravelindustryhub.comlast_img read more