The son says something that sina certified Shanghai dragon training


4, with a case to explain the real strong. (which Shanghai dragon training combined with the case, this is the advantage of

2, with search engine optimization experience of super large portal network. (there are a few people can go to "super large portal", optimization and optimization of enterprise portal station station, personal station, electronic commerce station?)

There is the famous Shanghai dragon Autographed

5, Sina certified training certificate issued by Shanghai dragon. (this is what Dongdong? Do not know is not legitimate!) read more

The site is not included in non full content problems should be balanced development on

web content is not recognized by search engines there is such a reason, the keyword is the site of the excessive accumulation of excessive accumulation of the keyword of the website search engine spiders in Web crawl crawl to almost as like as two peas keywords, thus causing a bad impression for the website, search engine will think this is a spam sites will not be accepted, so the content is wasted, emergence of this situation is the best solution to clean hands immediately reduce the proportion of keywords, keywords, let the content look to comply with the site correlation and no repetition rate too much. read more

For high quality content and low quality content understanding

It is

for search engines and the content, and all the mass production, the original purpose is to cast a wide net, as far as possible to increase the amount collected, to capture more keywords, but this method is not applicable. But for their users, has not read the collected content is good or bad, did not pass strict screening casually issued. Another point is now the search engine can determine whether your site is very similar to most of the content and a website, or the website all the information on the Internet has a lot of, this will only increase the burden on the database search engine, and will not have any optimization effect. read more

A shares new three board why the box office downturn listed companies profits blowoutLook at how

The first half of this year

so rapid growth, it is inevitable that people produce a conjecture: the new three board film and television company will counter attack the motherboard, the birth of the next light Huayi? The answer may be cruel, not

motherboard film and television company "Fengyun changes": new boss

Author: phantom

the first half of 2016 24 billion 686 million domestic box office and the growth rate of 21.2% for all to feel the film industry collective weakness, but the entertainment capital but by comparison, the film industry in 2016 non deduction of the top ten listed companies net profit compared to last year, the main business is to make money, the average non deduction net profit reached 294 million, while net non recurring net profit before only 155 million, if the deduction of non net profit is lower, which can imagine the deduction of non net profit growth rate. read more

One of the basic skills of website optimization data analysis

for the webmaster, data analysis is a big project, but an analysis of the site can not be ignored is healthy, whether there is the basic operation breakthrough space. Normally, so the website data are displayed by the statistical tools, and this requires owners to use statistical tools to effectively analyze the data carefully. Data analysis is a very boring thing, but it is also able to reflect the operating conditions of the site as a whole so that the analysis is in the operation of the site owners have learned data. Today I want to talk about what data analysis method: read more

How to track webmaster site outside the chain

2, the chain has the skill.

domain command to query the number of the chain is wise, of course, the chain chain is brought about by the query is not, but the number of friends of the chain you are clear, there is no need to care about.

Shanghai dragon, the millennium change theory is "content is king, the chain for the emperor". So the construction and tracking of the chain is very important, only tracking inspection outside the chain, can be summed up to the release of the chain quantity and effect. The construction of the chain we are not here to say, there are many A5 webmaster about the release of the chain skills, here we introduce how to check the number of the chain, the chain tracking. read more

Command the four search engines must master


< > command

. My website has 75 links.

four: inurl

is contained in the query path. This query is very easy to use. For example, I want to check all contain the BBS forum website. Inurl:bbs

related domain query instruction. We usually call the check chain. Query link address on the Internet of information.

three: intitle


query. For example, we query a title which contains "excavator". Input   intitle:

we do Shanghai dragon. We must master the most commonly used search engine instruction. The reasonable instruction can improve our search efficiency, and through the instruction we can acquire more resources. For example, we need to find some related site ah, can find some outreach forums, blog platform. Can be accomplished through instruction, so I come to tell you the four most commonly used. read more

Given the success of the details how to place the blog Tag Optimization

can not add more than one column or a column labeled

obviously, verb and adjective is not a good way to carry on the localization to the content of the description of the contents of the article, is to tell the readers that the content is about what the term will convey this concept clear. Such as "four skills" website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to follow, labels can be a very clear description of Shanghai dragon skills or how to optimize the site optimization, these are descriptive terms small talk. read more

And the love of Shanghai deal to the webmaster to hold live

three, professional terms – love Shanghai Encyclopedia

two, long tail keywords – love Shanghai know

four, increase the chain – love the experience of Shanghai

for an industry website, long tail keywords bring traffic is very accurate, but also more targeted, more targeted, the conversion rate is very high, which is very good for the website, do not know if you have not found the mining the long tail keywords and obtain a secret way of ranking, Shanghai knows that is love love Shanghai, clever use of the search box, love Shanghai related search, can obtain precise long tail keywords, and then make good use of the love of Shanghai know, website can get good rankings, as shown below: read more

Analysis of word segmentation and noble love Shanghai baby stem technology

Look at the following

he will put the word as a word matching, the snapshot is marked on, and then search the love inside Shanghai: Apple tore, see figure


Shanghai dragon knows noble baby stem technology and love Shanghai word, about his careful explanation of love Shanghai baby or noble can find many, this is not to say, today is said about how that noble baby stem technology and 100 segmentation technology. I just according to some small experience, hope you can better understand the difference between stem technology and segmentation technology, in the future to help optimize. I believe Shanghai dragon Er have used noble baby administrator tools, look at the pictures in my blog: for example, read more

A registered trademark of the old station was out of the reason

until some time ago, a Guangzhou registered trademark for the old station key is down right, is hard to drop right. From then on, I suddenly became a good webmaster. The Guangzhou trademark is an old station, the optimization time is long, the optimization for so long, has been ranked very well, but why an old site will be pushed down the new station. Here I give you talk about the Guangzhou trademark registration network was eliminated, give us some reference for.


, website content quality variation read more

Be sure to be a comprehensive solution to the site defects to reduce access pressure spider love Sha

misleading spider

analysis methods IIS log diversity, and trust in your webmaster not unfamiliar, but now is not the author introduce how to analyze IIS log, but want to share with you what website weaknesses make love Shanghai spiders access pressure change. Well, say no more nonsense, get down to business now.

I suggest, if the owners have the ability to produce their own site map will produce their own, after all, you will be more familiar with your site than some tools; if you make out, then choose some authoritative tool to produce, such as love, the webmaster Webmaster Tools > Shanghai read more

From the user Shanghai dragon two angle benchmark URL construction optimization details

static URL problem is always a concern, although sometimes we are forced to choose some dynamic URL, but only to chance I suggest you choose the static URL, although the dynamic effects of URL on the search engine is not great, but the static URL can effectively shorten the length of the address also, make a web site search engine can effectively avoid risk fall into the black hole. But when it comes to static URL, we must say that the parameters of the problem, because we all know that in order to accelerate the speed of the site visit we will. read more

For the special case of the regional differences in Shanghai love in search keywords

love Shanghai update, for individual webmaster is a few happy worry. In May 13th, Shanghai love update, Henan rise a few key words of this forum: Henan college, Henan college rankings or in second, basically not much ups and downs. However, a keyword as "a day to rise only this" single page but disappeared, some time ago, Shanghai has been ranked in love second or third, this update has appeared a strange phenomenon: I am in Henan city every day search friend upgraded in love no trace of the sea. In Shanghai and Xi’an friends search is still ranked second. read more

From its website ranking change analysis algorithm to adjust the trend of Shanghai in the near futur

third, even the quality of growth and frequency must be very good grasp. Even the author has not seen what a big change, according to the website even outside the performance fluctuated, the author thinks that even the release of the connection quality is our foundation, high quality single import web site weight will continue to increase in the Admin5 method of single import high weight connection is undoubtedly a recipe we Shanghai Dragon er, hope that we can make good use of it, some low quality BBS signature, blog, sending even leads to instability of outreach, the main factors of the second, even the update frequency is not stable, but also lead to the website weight and website ranking is not stable, even back to the snapshot > read more

Google’s PR value less valuable for friends of the chain can be ignored

PR can change Links reference is actually a pseudo proposition, because the love of Shanghai and not a Google search engine in China, fell in love with the sea accounted for the largest market share, now Google is even more than the sogou. Shanghai ranked sex friend in fact is also not necessary to refer to the Google PR value, in fact, Google ranking is not by this, so some new friends don’t change Links to see each other website PR value. Some time ago I often met in time for Links on such a problem, say what your site is not PR, in fact, generally as long as this is the case I will not explain, but my site is now PR, and new friends exchange up each other also ease some. read more

Confused because we will over Shanghai dragon apotheosis

it is never too late to learn, there are three points to learn. This sentence is all right, because that day every webmaster from the line on the website is called Dragon and Shanghai on the strength, the article with keywords, outside the chain of attention to relevance, every action we are focus on the Shanghai dragon, but no matter what we do, we are not close to the point of God do not let yourself, Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology rise to an ideal state, and the update event 6, the two month of the 7 is so many owners more confused about the Shanghai dragon, even at a loss. read more

From the history of the development of links to teach you how to judge the quality of the chain

1997 Robin Li, founder of love Shanghai "patent application system and method of hyperlink document retrieval. Since then, the number of super chain began to become one of the factors affecting the search engine ranking. Here is the anchor text hyperlink, we commonly known as the "Shanghai dragon ER". The anchor text links to the influence of the rankings, is the main web page ranking based on not completely see themselves how to say, but to other pages to give evidence. That is to say, a web page ranking, should have more anchor text links to other web pages to show his true value. Here, I believe that all the Shanghai dragon ER should understand why the chain to do the anchor text chain? Here, but also explain the search engine for the statistical method of the anchor text of the chain. When YAHOO trans inquires the system no longer reflect, many Shanghai dragon ER feel the anchor text search engine for the number of web pages has been unable to statistics. In fact, each search engine has its own library for the statistical number of anchor text, rather than through the chain of YAHOO data statistics. Also, YAHOO reflected in the chain number, it is only a part of the website chain number, the data is not true. So, I hope all the Shanghai dragon ER can understand, although you release the anchor text chain can not query, but each search engine can still very accurate statistics to. read more

Meng Bing founder of the West master hamburger hamburger counterattackThree key tips for success on

wants to draw attention to is: only 25% of the Kickstarter game project is successful, why Seattle company so successful, we can see some Ni end:

these are:

and I wrote an article, do a review in 2014 31 of the time, I think that a few questions, before a thing success we really need experienced many failures, before a burst of bamboo, how many roots, when a person wants to change their fate, in the end there is no possible. Almost 15 months ago, I just got out of sh419 and we started a business together. Initial establishment of the company, our business has not been concerned about the market, our account has basically bottomed out, when we face the problem, next month’s rent has been handed to the team can not afford, only a few people, but the meal has become a very big problem. So this time I feel very confused, as a 24 year old CEO, I think the state of this state is only helpless and hopeless. read more

Now look at the relation between search engine and users from the 3B war

disappointed? ?

Qihoo 360 Shanghai grab love search engine market war, has risen to a climax, the common goal is: to snatch Chinese search engine market, finally snatch users. Obviously, 3B war is bound to all the search engines will be involved, Sogou search engine, has been described. So, Google will intervene? SOSO will come to share? What users eventually trust what search engine is in love with the sea, with, or 360 footing, and perhaps Google has resigned, or SOSO to take this opportunity to expand? As everyone knows, love Shanghai, Google, SOSO, Sogou search four the engine has China search engine market share share of melon completely, so what is Google, SOSO, Sogou search engine with three love Shanghai crackdown 360, or Google, SOSO, Sogou joint 360 grab Shanghai’s "love mouth meat" read more