LaVar Ball Isnt Backing Down from Michael Jordan Says

When LaVar Ball says he could beat Michael Jordan one on one and even challenged him— Chris (@Sports_FanChris) August 2, 2017Some saw it as a win for the outspoken NBA dad.Jordan responded to Lavar ball about him beating him in a 1 on 1 😂😭😂😭😂 Lavar ball wins again— Spank Horton (@SpankHorton) August 1, 2017 Not convinced LaVar could beat Adonis Jordan.— Russ Bengtson (@russbengtson) August 1, 2017 Six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan has finally responded to LaVar Ball’s claim that he could beat the retired baller one-on-one, leading Ball to issue yet another headline-grabbing remark that’s even more outlandish than the first.“C’mon, I didn’t even play basketball in the pros and they’re talking about me and Michael Jordan,” Ball tells The Really Big Show on ESPN 850 per Sports Illustrated Tuesday, Aug. 1 of Jordan’s response before chalking it up as “all entertainment.” “That’s what I’m talking about. He tells me he can beat me with one leg. Well, guess what: I can beat him with one hand. Now we both look like we out there like we can’t play.”During a Q&A session at the Michael Jordan Flight School camp Monday, July 31, Jordan responded to Ball’s statement that in his prime, he “would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one.”“You got to understand the source,” Jordan said to the Santa Barbara, Calif., crowd, according to The Washington Post. “I think he played college, maybe? He averaged 2.2 points a game. Really? It doesn’t deserve a response, but I’m gonna give it to you because you asked the question: I don’t think he could beat me if I was one-legged.”Ball had bragged about how he could ensure he would win against Jordan, telling USA Today Sports he “would just back [Jordan] in and lift him off the ground and call a foul every time he fouls me when I do a jump hook to the right or the left.”On Twitter, users celebrated Jordan’s witty response to Ball.Michael Jordan to Lavar Ball— Medium Rare (@StickAForkInYou) August 1, 2017 LaVar Ball really had Shaq drop a diss record towards him and Michael Jordan respond to him, this man is winning right now— Okera J (@OkeraJ) August 2, 2017Ball’s Big Baller Brand had this to say in response.Michael, you vs Lavar | 1 v 1 | you with 1 leg, Lavar with 1 arm. Has to be on Pay-Per-View. Let’s make it happen. YOU WON’T.— Big Baller Brand (@bigballerbrand) August 1, 2017And folks chimed in on how the match would turn out.Come on. We all know how Michael Jordan vs. LaVar Ball would turn out … (via @theScore)— Chris Walder Frey (@WalderSports) August 1, 2017 Michael Jordan would stir fry LaVar Ball 1 on 1 😂😂— Gilbert Arenas (@GilbertAgent0) August 1, 2017 Lavar is a genius. Got Michael Freaking Jordan to talk about him. Unreal— 🍒Joe L. Kinsley🍒 (@imjoekin) August 1, 2017 read more

Charlotte robot tells the world where its not going

first_img( —A resourceful thinker who likes to learn as he goes, Kevin Ochs started out on a project with the intention of brushing up skills in C++ programming. He has come up with something quite interesting as a result. He has a six-legged robot that talks about its progress while navigating obstacles. “This robot project was a mental exercise for me,” he said, on “My Raspberry Pi Robot Called Charlotte,” his Web page. “It had been several years since I had done anything with C++ and I needed to shore up that skill set.” The distinctive edge to Charlotte is that it not only can avoid obstacles by moving out and away from them but can talk about its navigations with the added twist of an open source speech synthesizer, eSpeak. According to the eSpeak site, this is a compact software speech synthesizer for Linux or Windows, which uses a “formant synthesis” method. This allows many languages to be provided in a small size. The speech is clear, but has limitation in that it is not as natural or smooth as larger synthesizers based on human speech recordings. © 2013 Explore further The Ochs creation, Charlotte, moves about and talks, a design making use of a kit then custom-fashioned by Ochs. First, he turned to the robot shop Trossen Robotics, a business with an ample variety of robot kits and parts. Ochs chose a hexapod robot kit. “I found a robot kit sold by Trossen Robotics that visually seemed interesting and was powered by a Arduino-based controller. I purchased the kit and began learning how it was controlled with the stock code they provided.” He then proceeded to make modifications. Mainly, he gave it a “brain” in the form of an overclocked Raspberry Pi computer. (“To note the Rpi is overclocked to 1000Mhz,” Ochs said.) The Raspberry Pi resides in between the Trossen-supplied body. Ochs also applied custom C++ coding with the aid of the Raspberry Pi, his own code based on or inspired by what was done in Phoenix code. He also used openNI (defined as the standard framework for 3-D sensing) and openCV to develop a heads up display and collision detection; openCV stands for Open Source computer vision. It provides a computer vision and machine learning software library, with over 2500 optimized algorithms. Citation: Charlotte robot tells the world where it’s not going (2013, June 3) retrieved 18 August 2019 from More information: This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Kondo Robot releases a hexapod robot kit (w/ video)last_img read more