Brock Paddleheads raise 850 for Wellspring Niagara

The Brock Paddleheads in actionBrock’s dragon boat team, the Paddleheads, has raised $850 for Wellspring Niagara.The team of about 24 members placed 23 out of 35 teams at the St. Catharines Dragon Boat Festival at Henley Island on July 24. The team’s time was seven minutes and 12 seconds.In addition to the Wellspring Niagara donation, their registration fee supported the St. Catharines Museum.The team was also filmed for a St. Catharines Standard video, shown with the article Padding for a cause. Kristen Smith, Community Connections community services co-ordinator, was also quoted in the article. read more

Pub that banned exsoldier from bringing in his pet ferrets accused of

“We had been receiving complaints for a good few months – people were asking to move tables and some were not willing to even eat here any more because of the pungent smell of the ferrets.“In fact, I didn’t tell him just how many people had complained and for how long as I knew it would upset him.”Edmund Inkin, one of the owners at The Old Coastguard, added: “Being a good community pub matters to us and is something into which we have invested an enormous amount of time and energy.”So our decision to ask Tim not to bring his ferrets into the building or its garden was only one we’d take after much thought.”Mr Pender said the ferrets go everywhere with him and were the only therapy he found had worked since he was diagnosed with Combat Stress.He said: “They give me love and companionship like any other pet. I don’t know what I would do without them.”I thought they were extremely popular at the restaurant and that everyone loved them. I have never had any negative feedback at all so I was very shocked.”Mr Pender is now regularly drinking with his ferrets in the King’s Arms in the neighbouring village of Paul. Mr Pender The Old Coastguard has requested that Mr Pender does not return with his pet ferretsCredit:Cornwalllive / Commenting on the moment he was told he could not return with his ferrets, Mr Pender told the Telegraph: “I was devastated. I felt sick – it was like I had been punched in the guts. It feels like I’ve been discriminated against.“I take my ferrets everywhere I can. They are my companions.“The pub allows dogs but not ferrets – that was the biggest feeling of discrimination. It’s totally unfair.”Mr Pender said that he thought people were “delighted” when they saw his ferrets inside the pub, adding: “They are very intelligent and affectionate creatures very similar to a dog.”They are as good as gold. They love music. In fact, they were enjoying some bluegrass in a pub last night.”The pub’s general manager Louis Vanhinsbergh said he approached Mr Pender in a sympathetic manner to ask him to refrain from bringing in his ferrets, adding: “They had escaped off the lead in the garden which is a health and hygiene issue. Plus, we allow dogs, and ferrets and dogs don’t get along that well. Mr Pender said he felt “physically sick and upset” after he was asked to stop bringing his pet ferrets to the pubCredit: Cornwalllive / The Old Coastguard When a former soldier from Cornwall took his three pet ferrets – Joy, Grace and Jason – into his local pub every week for four years, he thought they were popular, cuddly attractions for his fellow drinkers.But, much to his disbelief, the animal’s “pungent smell” has led to them being barred.Tim Pender, 57, from Mousehole, Cornwall said that he feels “discriminated” against after the owners of the Old Coastguard asked him not to return with his furry pets because they received several complaints about their odour from other diners.Mr Pender said that it was “totally unfair” that the pub still allows customers to bring in their pet dogs, but will not permit him to bring in his ferrets.The ferret owner, who served with the Royal Signals between 1984 to 2003, said that he suffers from agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder which means he struggles to leave the house. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more