All-Star Musicians Come Together For The 40th Anniversary Of “The Last Waltz”

first_imgForty years ago, an all star group of musicians got together to celebrate the final performance of The Band. They called it The Last Waltz, which quickly became one of the greatest live shows, and subsequently one of the greatest concert films, of all time. The show has been recreated many times over since its 1976 debut, but the 40th anniversary has certainly inspired a whole new host of The Last Waltz celebrations.Earlier in the year, Bob Weir, Dr. John, Lucinda Williams and more were on hand for a Last Waltz celebration. Another celebration took place in Colorado last weekend, with Paul Hoffman leading a beautiful version of “Forever Young” (Watch here). Last night, it was The Capitol Theatre’s turn to host, and they put together an astounding lineup that featured Phosphorescent, Nels Cline, Jeff Chimenti, Scott Metzger, Sam Cohen, Natalie Prass, Joe Russo, Dave Dreiwitz, and so many more!Fortunately, Sean Roche was on hand to collect videos from this one-of-a-kind showcase. Take a look at his footage below.last_img read more

Vulfpeck’s Cory Wong Releases Hilariously Deadpan Video On How To Be A Successful Smooth Jazz Artist [Watch]

first_imgCory Wong is quickly becoming one of our favorite guitarists in the live music scene. A frequent collaborator with fan-favorite minimalist funk ensemble, Vulfpeck, Wong is known for his pristine and rhythmically-oriented lead guitar style, his animated performances, and his charming onstage demeanor. Outside of Vulfpeck, the guitarist keeps himself busy with his work with Vulfpeck spin-off The Fearless Flyers as well as his own solo career touring with the Cory Wong Band.However, listening to Wong and seeing him perform live, it’s clear how much he and his Vulfpeck bandmates have in common. Outside of their funk-focused musical sensibilities, Wong shares Jack Stratton and company’s deadpan sense of humor, crowd-pleasing retro proclivities, often intentionally cheesy aesthetic. In a recently released video, Wong showcases his deadpan leanings, offering up throwback green screen-style video on what it takes to be successful in the wild world of smooth jazz.Pulling from Cory Wong’s monologues during his live shows with the Cory Wong Band, the guitarist has expanded on his poker-faced spiel on the Dave Koz Cruise. Titled “An ethnographic study into the top 3 ways to make a successful contemporary jazz artist in the 21st century,” the video finds Wong rocking a new ‘stache and explaining how exactly to appeal to the “smooth jazz crowd.” A self-proclaimed “Internet ethnomusicologist,” in the video, Wong walks fans through the three necessary and obvious traits of any prosperous smooth-jazz musician: a mustache, white pants, and gold jewelry.Chockful of amazing one-liners, you can check out Cory Wong’s hilarious new video below. If you’re liking what you see, luckily for us, the video is marketed as “Episode 1” in a new series dubbed “Extreme Smooth Jazz Makeover,” so here’s to hoping we’ll be seeing more from the famed Internet ethnomusicologist. Plus, Wong will be releasing his new solo album, The Optimist, on August 17th. For more information on the new album, head here. For a full list of upcoming tour dates, head to Cory’s website.Cory Wong – “An ethnographic study into the top 3 ways to make a successful contemporary jazz artist in the 21st century”last_img read more

This Week’s Picks! Bright Lights, Jersey Boys & Broadway Bares

first_imgIt stinks you probably didn’t get tix to see Idina Menzel at her sold-out concert at Radio City Music Hall, but please stop sobbing. And put away the vat of Chunky Monkey. We don’t have time for high-calorie regret. There’s too much stuff to do, including the cinematic arrival of Jersey Boys, the return of Broadway Bares, and awesome additions to Once and Motown the Musical. It’s all part of this week’s must-see list! Watch Pippin Return to Pippin June 20, Music Box Theatre Welcome back, John Rubinstein! The original Pippin (and Tony winner) begins his run as Charles, Pippin’s father, as he steps in for Tony nominee Terrence Mann. Rubinstein will be there through July 27. Perhaps he can tackle another role afterward. Or perform Pippin as a one-man show with a hologram of Bob Fosse providing direction. That’s ridiculous…The Fossegram should only handle choreography. Click for tickets! Meet Boys at the Cineplex June 20 in movie theaters nationwide Today, the multiplex belongs to the Great White Way! Jersey Boys, directed by Clint Eastwood, arrives on the big screen. For those still shaken from Russell Crowe’s warbling in Les Miz, it’s safe to enjoy the cinematic version of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons’ tuneful travails. The cast abounds with veterans from the musical, including John Lloyd Young, who won a Tony when he originated the role of Valli on Broadway. Click for tickets! Get Rocked at Broadway Bares June 22 at Hammerstein Ballroom Some things—like sultry, writhing nude hardbodies—never get old. For the 24th time, Broadway’s hottest dancers strip for charity in Broadway Bares. The latest edition, “Rock Hard!,” celebrates the rich history of rock and pop. Let’s be honest. Broadway Bares could salute to the metric system and the production would still be a super-fun, sexy time. The show, running at 9:30PM and midnight, benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Click for tickets! View Comments Relive the ‘80s with Bright Lights June 16 at 54 Below For one evening, Rock of Ages isn’t the only ‘80s-themed rock musical in town. Get ready for a concert version of Bright Lights, Big City, which returns to NYC after a 12-year absence. Paul Scott Goodman’s ode to greed-decade excess (based on Jay McInerney’s novel) features the show’s original musical director, Michael Greif, and Tony winner Alice Ripley, Violet’s Colin Donnell and Matt Doyle star. Click for tickets! Welcome Two Newbies to Two Faves June 17 at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre & Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre Change rocks. It’s led to safer cars, summer Fridays and tastier, cheesier pizzas. So embrace the new as Josh Tower takes over as Berry Gordy in Motown, and Jessie Fisher makes her Broadway debut as Girl in Once. Please don’t ask us which performance you should see. That’s like asking a parent who their favorite child is. Just see them both. You’ll thank us. Click for tickets!last_img read more

Brazil Will Assist in Liberation of FARC Hostages if Objective is Humanitarian

first_imgBy Dialogo June 24, 2009 The government of Brazil is prepared to facilitate the liberation of hostages held by the Colombian FARC guerillas so long as the purpose is humanitarian and not political, the Brazilian chancellor, Celso Amorim, indicated in an interview published in Bogotá on Tuesday. “If the opportunity arises without any political intentions, in a purely humanitarian operation, we would do it, as we have before,” the chancellor – who recently visited Colombia – told the daily El Tiempo. Amorim indicated that at the moment there is no process of facilitation ongoing, and he emphasized that any Brazilian cooperation would need the the blessing of the Colombian government and exclude “the taking on of any roles that are not immediately useful.” In February, Brazil granted the use of its helicopters and pilots to receive two politicians, three members of the police, and a soldier who were in the FARC’s power in the Colombian jungle, after a request made by President Álvaro Uribe’s government. On April 16, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) announced the unilateral release of Army Cpl. Pablo Emilio Moncayo, kidnapped 11 years ago, but his release has not taken place due to Uribe’s refusal to allow opposition senator Piedad Córdoba to attend the handover, as demanded by the rebel group. Besides Moncayo, the Marxist guerrilla group holds another twenty-one police and military personnel and demands for their release a humanitarian agreement envisioning an exchange for captured members of the group. Brazil has offered its territory for carrying out this process, Amorim recalled.last_img read more

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Review: Quantity Over Quality

first_imgCurrying favour is crucial to your survival in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The Raven’s Clan is new to England, home to four different kingdoms and a multitude of Saxon bandits, and they will need friends to help the clan exist and expand. You can’t possibly fight everyone by yourself. To that end, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla lets you forge alliances, which involve helping them in their quests.assassins creed valhalla review drinking Assassins Creed Valhalla reviewEivor (right) takes part in a drinking contest in Assassin’s Creed ValhallaPhoto Credit: UbisoftAssassin’s Creed Valhalla combatThere are some new (and returning) aspects in the combat department as well. Unlike most action-adventure games, your character’s health doesn’t automatically regenerate outside of combat in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You must find food or berries to regain health and heal yourself (which you can do during combat too.) Equally important, you can’t endlessly dodge attacks as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla brings a new stamina bar to the series. During combat, stamina is spent dodging and performing heavy attacks, and only gained when you perform light attacks. Outside of combat, stamina regenerates itself. Hence, you must be careful not to run out of stamina while attacking, as you’ll leave yourself vulnerable in defence. You’ve to arguably take more care of stamina than health.Additionally, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gives players the option to dual wield most weapons available in the game — unless the weapon you pick is heavy enough that it requires both hands. Speaking of weapons, the Assassin’s Creed series staple “Hidden Blade” is back, allowing you to do what the title of the franchise promises: assassinations. Alongside this, we also have the return of walking stealthily among crowds by donning a cloak and a hood. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla also offers a range of new combat abilities — up to eight abilities, four melee and four ranged, can be assigned at a time — such as a hail of arrows or axes. These are learnt by discovering “books of knowledge” hidden around the game world. Finding the same book of knowledge of one type greatly enhances that ability.But for all the changes, combat is annoyingly clunky in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There’s a certain stiffness and a lack of fluidity to the way your character moves and swings their arms. Attacks often feel laborious and lack speed, even when you’re using (comparatively) lightweight axes. Strangely, that’s not the case when you hit the dodge button, as your character jumps back and shifts around like they suddenly have no weight. I never quite got the sense that I had a handle, and always found myself on the back foot in combat. By comparison, Ghost of Tsushima — another game set in the medieval period — handles its equally complex combat system much better, in introducing how it works and teaching you how to best navigate it with the tools at your disposal.Battles, more so assaults, can also get fairly chaotic on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and it’s not always easy to identify who the enemy is. This is historically appropriate though, and thankfully, friendly fire isn’t a thing at least. And if you throw yourself in the deep end, you can expect the game’s NPCs to try and catch up with you to support you.Assassin’s Creed Valhalla PC System Requirements Revealedassassins creed valhalla review story Assassins Creed Valhalla reviewA story NPC called Ivarr in Assassin’s Creed ValhallaPhoto Credit: UbisoftAssassin’s Creed Valhalla storyThe central tale of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla follows Eivor — whom you select as a man or woman — who had a traumatic childhood thanks to Kjotve the Cruel and which led them to earn the nickname Wolf-Kissed. Eivor has grown up with their brother Sigurd, the prince under King Styrbjorn. After Sigurd returns from roaming the world, Eivor and Sigurd take on Kjotve with the backing of a young King Harald. Harald subsequently unites Norway under one rule, but Eivor and Sigurd decide they would rather be their own masters and take off for England, with two of Sigurd’s friends from the Brotherhood (who call themselves the Hidden Ones). They have been missing from the English Isles for four centuries, and the Templars (Order of the Ancients) have grown in power in their absence.The story, at least for the first several hours, is disjointed, unimpressive, and boring. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla builds up characters only to suddenly discard them, for it has willingly trapped itself in a narrative that must shift to England as early as possible. The bits in Norway are like a prologue; the title screen shows up when you set off for England. Even though you’ve control over Eivor’s actions, you’ve no choice in deciding whether you wish to move to England to begin with. You will also spend some time outside the Animus — the in-game magic thingy that allows people to relive the lives of beings from centuries ago — as a Muslim-American trying to solve a planetary crisis. Since it’s set in 2020, Ubisoft Montreal has included throwaway mentions to COVID-19.The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla narrative also suffers due to technical and continuity troubles. For a summit of kings, Harald decrees a truce between all warring Viking kingdoms. But Eivor has a bone to pick with someone and marches into their camp. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wants you to do this stealthily and avoid the guards — but you don’t have to. After I was detected, I chopped five guards to death before confronting the person I was there for. Harald’s guards walked in to prevent me from killing them and remind me that anyone who broke the peace would be thrown out. Okay, I already did that. Did no one see that? Does that not count? It’s like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has no memory outside of cutscenes and completely ignores whatever you may do.Speaking of what happens outside cutscenes, it’s surprising to see that the engine is still unable to realistically portray body language, even after so many Assassin’s Creed games. All the hard work by the voice performers, in modulating the intonation of their voice, is spoiled by the sheer lack of variety in the body language of the people who are talking. It completely takes you out of the experience.assassins creed valhalla review stonehenge Assassins Creed Valhalla reviewEivor approaches Stonehenge in Assassin’s Creed ValhallaPhoto Credit: UbisoftQuantity over qualityAs with Ubisoft’s recent Watch Dogs: Legion, there are bugs in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at launch too. On one occasion, I had to dive through a trap door into a pool of freezing water beneath a floating house to get at some treasure. But the game wouldn’t let me jump back out, with the jump button refusing to work in the upward direction it ought to, even though the entrance to the trap door was a foot away. It was a dead end and I had been consigned to die of hypothermia. After some button mashing, I somehow emerged from the ground but then got stuck because the game believed I was still in water. I was standing on land but I couldn’t move more than a foot or two in either direction. Eventually, I just had to fast travel out to a different spot to rescue myself.The new Assassin’s Creed game has a microtransactions-driven in-game store as well, just like the new Watch Dogs game. It allows you to buy new weapons, resources, silver (the primary in-game currency), and maps (that reveal locations of all hidden treasures). You can also pick up cosmetic upgrades for your character, ship, and settlement. Or get yourself a new animal companion. The in-game store runs on “Helix Credits” that can be bought with real money.Ultimately, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is so expansive that it feels rather aimless. The story gets lost in the hours you spend wandering around chasing side quests — which offer endless variations on a finite number of templates — all in the hopes of levelling up the infinite global power tree or finding gear that you will then need more resources for to upgrade it. And for all the explanations on the new mechanisms offered in the menus, it lacks in clear instructions at times, be in with resources, exploration, or the importance of side quests. If you make them important, you can’t call them “side” missions anymore Ubisoft.Does Assassin’s Creed Valhalla need to have so much to do? Some series fans do love it, which is why Ubisoft is sticking with this approach here. But I suspect most people won’t see more than a fraction of what Valhalla has to offer. And you can’t blame them either. While video game developers have begun justifying the exorbitant price of games — Rs. 3,999 / $60 to begin with — by infusing them with hundreds of gameplay hours, there are still only 24 hours in a day. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is too much of the same thing, and it’s not nearly engaging enough.Pros:Assaults are lively, strategicMini-games are enjoyable and/or have purposeAdded realism in combatCan dual wield weaponsHidden Blade returnsGood NPC support in combatCons:Too much bloatCookie cutter side questsCombat is clunkyStiff character movementLaborious attacksConvoluted, uninteresting storyNarrative lacks continuity logicBody language missing in conversationsMicrotransactionsBugsRating (out of 10): 6Gadgets 360 played Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the Xbox One X. The game is available November 10 worldwide on PC, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X, and November 12 on PS5. It costs Rs. 3,999 on PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store, $44 (about Rs. 3,250) on Epic Games Store, and €60 (about Rs. 5,300) on Ubisoft Store. You can also get Assassin’s Creed Valhalla as part of UPlay+ (soon to be Ubisoft+) for €15 (about Rs. 1,300) per month.Affiliate links may be automatically generated – see our ethics statement for details. But as you travel across Norway and England, you will discover that many regions around you are out of your reach. Not physically, but in terms of your capabilities. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla comes with a new global power level. As you gain XP and level up, you will earn skill points that can be assigned to a sprawling skill tree that lets you pick from three directions: “raven”, “wolf”, and “bear”. All of them offer stat buffs and new abilities, some even superhuman. They are slightly different — favouring melee, stealth, or range — but the stat buffs tend to overlap more often than not, many of which are essentially meaningless at times (for example: “+1.7 damage”, “+2.4 resistance”) and feel like padding the game length.Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has regions that have a “suggested power” value of 340. It took me around 10 hours to cross level 25. I admit I’m a slow player so even if you take half the time, you’re looking at another 70-hours in-game just to step into the most powerful region.Everything You Need to Know About Assassin’s Creed ValhallaRaids, assaults, and settlement- Advertisement – For what it’s worth, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla introduces some new elements into the familiar mix. The most talked about one, given the presence of Vikings in the game, has naturally been raids. But let’s talk about assaults first. The centrepiece of Valhalla, assaults are the biggest battles you will witness in the game, which require you to make your way through multiple gates, with the help of a battering ram and your Viking crew. You will deal with waves of enemies and encounter some special ones that require unique, smarter approaches. While the enemy is prepared for assaults, in raids, you and your Viking crew will happen upon an unsuspecting settlement, ransack and pillage the place, and take what you like, which in turn helps you grow your settlement.After you arrive in England, you will establish the settlement of Ravensthrope — named so because you’re known as Raven’s Clan — that brings base building back to Assassin’s Creed after a while. You can construct a barracks or a trade market, upgrade homes (to throw a better Viking feast) or the blacksmith (to make you better weapons), or even spend your resources towards a tattoo parlour. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla goes beyond armour and gear customisation to allow players to ink their skin too, in addition to changing hairstyles and facial hair. You even have your own room at the Ravensthrope settlement, where you receive letters, advice on what to build next, and can even go to bed for a good night’s rest.At your settlement or other friendly settlements, you can take part in mini-games. There are the drinking contests which require timing, precision, and balance. You can play a game of dice called Orlog that needs some strategy and luck (naturally, since it involves dice). And most importantly, you can take part in Viking rap battles, known as Flyting. You’ve to choose from options provided to you, to match cadence, suit the rhyme, and remain on topic, all to cleverly insult your opponent with your words. You might be wondering why I called this the most important of the three activities. That’s because winning Flyting match-ups increases your charisma, which unlocks dialogue options during story missions that help you in myriad ways, from avoiding a fight altogether to paying a lot less for a favour.- Advertisement – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is — like other recent entries in Ubisoft’s long-running action-adventure stealth franchise, AC: Origin and Odyssey — just too much. Every settlement you step into has half a dozen side quests and activities. Every time you complete an objective, five more of the same kind show up on the map. There are not one but two worlds to explore: Norway and England, and you will also step foot in Asgard and Jotunheim for a little while. That wouldn’t be a bad thing if the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla universe was full of life and variety, but it’s usually all too repetitive. Climb to the top of a tall structure. Unlock a door. Find a hidden passage. Listen to a boring tale. Shoot something down. Rinse and repeat.You don’t have to do every side quest in Assassin’s Creed games, but Assassin’s Creed Valhalla does its best to push you towards them. Most conversations end with NPCs (non-player characters) informing you they will be waiting for you nearby while you spend time in the town. The game is literally speaking to you through its characters and telling you to explore. In other cases, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will task you to meet someone at a new location some distance off. While there is a fast travel option, it is severely limited (at least in early-game) as the map is huge, which means you have to manually journey for the most part. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla does this so that you may encounter even more side quests and activities en route to your destination.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

The number of cruise passengers has increased

first_imgThe number of trips, passengers and days of stay of foreign cruise ships has increased In the period from January to August 2019, 58 foreign cruise ships entered Croatian seaports, which made 466 cruises. There were 733 thousand passengers on these ships, who stayed in Croatia for 929 days, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The port of Dubrovnik (339 visits) had the most visits of foreign cruise ships, followed by the ports of Split (175 visits) and Zadar (77 visits). The largest number of trips was made by ships flying the flags of Malta (137 trips) and the Bahamas (79 trips), while the largest number of passengers arrived by ships flying the flags of Panama (184 thousand passengers) and Malta (182 thousand passengers). Port of Dubrovnik, a leading destination for foreign cruise ships Source: CBScenter_img Out of a total of 466 cruises, most trips were realized in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County (59,4%) and the Split-Dalmatia County (26,2%), which is a total of 85,6%. The remaining 14,4% of trips were made in the following counties: Zadar (6,2%), Istria (3,9%), Primorje-Gorski Kotar (2,8%) and Šibenik-Knin (1,5%). Related news: In the period from January to August 2019, the number of trips of foreign cruise ships increased by 3,3%, and the total number of days of stay of ships increased by 0,2% compared to the same period in 2018. The number of passengers on these ships in the said in the period of 2019 is higher by 6,9% compared to 2018. DUBROVNIK EXPECTS OVER HRK 10 MILLION IN REVENUE FROM THE TOURIST FEE FOR CRUISESlast_img read more

MAS Domnik 2012 to be launched January 28th with Massive Street Parade

first_img Share Tweet 127 Views   one comment 2009 Carnival queen Marcia Baptiste and Calypso Monarch Gregory Riviere at the Carnival Opening Parade in January 2011. Photograph by: Abigail Antoine.Roseau, Dominica: January, 2012—— Dominica’s 2012 Carnival Programme will be officially opened for festivities this Saturday January 28th with a massive street parade on the streets of Roseau. The opening show case featuring some of the best young bouyon bands in the country at an action-packed show at Carnival City, Pottersville .The opening parade and show for Mas Domnk 2011 kicks off at 3: 0 p.m. from Victoria Street in Roseau and will move along the Roseau Bayfront right through to Carnival City at Pottersville Savannah where …the real Mas’ will be showcased.The streets of Roseau will be transformed into a huge carnival atmosphere with more than five hundred participants and masqueraders parading a mix of carnival forms, moving along the streets to the music of lapo kabwit, steel band, live music and sound systems. The parade will highlight a range of advertising floats, costume bands, traditional masquerade groups, the color and splendor of Dominica’s carnival.Flag wavers in performance at the 2011 Carnival Opening parade. Photograph by: Abigail AntoineThe parade culminates with revelers and patron moving in to Carnival City for an evening of speeches and entertainment that will herald the start of the 2012 carnival final competitions and celebrations in Dominica. The official programme includes speeches by Ministers of Government and the Mayor of the City of Roseau, as well as officials from the Dominica Festivals Committee and Headline sponsor, LIME. This year the entertainment package includes performances from young up and coming boyoun bands, along with presentations by contestants and competitors of the various shows for the carnival season. Displays by Flag wavers, and performances by several calypsonians including reigning Calypso Monarch, Tasha P. Traditional bwa bwa dancers at the 2011 Carnival Opening parade. Photograph by Abigail Antoine.Mas Domnik dubbed The Real Mas because it is considered the last remaining bastion of true authentic masquerade forms in the Caribbean, runs from January 28th through to Carnival Monday and culminating on Tuesday February 21, 2012. The signature events beginning with this Saturday’s Opening Parade include Pan FESTIVAL celebrating on February 7th, the Ole Mas and Sensay Festival in Grand Bay on February 8, Mr. Dominica February 10th, Fete Fanatik on February 11th, Teenage Pageant February 12th, National Queen Show on Feb 17th, culminating in the Calypso Monarch Competition on February 18th, with Kiddies Carnival. J’Ouvert on February 20th was huge last year with many Dominicans putting on fancy costumes and filling the streets. The season also includes Princess Show, Junior Calypso Monarch Competition, the Mas Camp and Stardom Tents and other events. Several villages also host their own carnival programme including the town of Portsmouth, Mahaut, St. Joseph, Grand Bay and Marigot.The 2012 Mas Domnik is organized by the Dominica Festivals Commission with the coordination of the events by volunteers on the Carnival Development Committee. The Government of Dominica is the main sponsor while telecommunications firm LIME is the headline sponsor.Press ReleaseDominica Festivals Committee LocalNews MAS Domnik 2012 to be launched January 28th with Massive Street Parade by: – January 24, 2012center_img Sharing is caring! Share Sharelast_img read more

Lady Tigers Whitewash Lady Pirates In Soccer

first_imgThe Greensburg Lady Pirates hosted the Class A #1 ranked Lawrenceburg Lady Tigers Saturday morning and lost 6-0 in the EIAC contest.The Lady Tigers got on the board a minute into the game and added three more goals in the first half as they dominated possession throughout the contest. The visitors out-shot the hosts 33-2 on the day.McKella Lynette made 27 saves in the loss for the Lady Pirates. Taking shots on goal were Danielle Schroeder and Cara Zeigler. The Lady Pirates defense did cause 9 offsides in the match to slow the offensive attack of the Lady Tigers.After the match the Lady Pirates honored their seven seniors and parents on Senior Day. A big thank to the senior class for all their hard work anddedication to the team and school. Seniors this year are: Sierra Aylsworth, Stephanie Bruns, Savannah Harrison, Sarah Martin, Molly Redmon,Danielle Schroeder and Cara Zeigler.The Lady Pirates JV squad will be in action versus Milan on Monday at 5PM and both squads return to action on Thursday as they play their lastEIAC match of the season against Connersville.Courtesy of Pirates Coach Mike Myers.last_img read more

Linfield seal Euro progress

first_img The game was already up by that point, but the prolific Peter Thompson added a third for good measure on the hour-mark. Linfield will head to Greece next week, with the second leg to be played the week after. Leading 2-0 from the first leg a week ago, David Jeffrey’s men completed a comprehensive aggregate win to tee-up a second-round meeting with Greek side Xanthi. Michael Gault opened the scoring five minutes before the break, with Jamie Mulgrew adding a second shortly after it. Linfield ensured comfortable progress into the second qualifying round for the Europa League with a 3-0 victory over IF Fuglafjordur.center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Adrian defends Cech performance

first_img “We have a lot of players in attack who can cause problems for other teams. With the old players and new signings it is a stronger squad. The last season at Upton Park is an emotional one for everyone.” As well as Cech, another goalkeeper attracting plenty of attention is Manchester United’s David De Gea – as his future remains unclear with a move to Real Madrid still on the cards. The 24-year-old is from Madrid and was dropped from United’s opening day victory over Tottenham as manager Louis van Gaal said the Spaniard’s head was not in the right place. Adrian has played in the Primera Division for Real Betis and believes De Gea would be a perfect fit for Real Madrid as they look to replace Iker Casillas. “It is a strange situation for him,” Adrian said. “It is his decision – the transfer window is open until the end of August. He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and I’m sure that if he goes to Real Madrid he could make the same performances or better. “I haven’t seen De Gea in training but it was Van Gaal’s decision, I think De Gea wants to finish his bad situation – whether that is with Real Madrid or still at Manchester United.” Despite plenty of criticism, Cech had the backing of Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger and Adrian was also keen to defend a man who he holds in very high regard. “That is the life of a goalkeeper,” the Spaniard said. “The goalkeeper can leave with a save or a mistake, sometimes you are the hero and sometimes you are the worse keeper. “But Petr Cech is one of the greatest keepers ever. You can have a mistake but the last seasons from him at Chelsea he has been outstanding. He is a great goalkeeper and I’m sure he will show his best in the next game.” The victory at Arsenal followed an unexpected early exit from the Europa League after manager Slaven Bilic took a much-depleted West Ham squad to face Astra Giurgiu in Romania last week. Despite that result, Bilic has made a positive early impression on everyone at the club, with Adrian enjoying working under the former Croatia and Besiktas coach. “It was a great start to the season,” he said. “We have a lot of confidence to keep working for the next game on Saturday. We were solid in defence and in attack we were so affective. It has changed a little, Slaven wants to play the ball more from the goalkeeper to the defence, keep possession. West Ham goalkeeper Adrian has defended the performance of Arsenal’s Petr Cech in Sunday’s Premier League meeting between the two sides. Press Association Cech, a new arrival at the Emirates Stadium following a summer move from rivals Chelsea, had been heralded as the man the Gunners needed to help mount a sustained title challenge this year. But the 33-year-old was guilty of conceding two soft goals as West Ham recorded a shock result of the opening weekend – with Cheikhou Kouyate and Mauro Zarate both beating Cech with efforts the Czech Republic international would have been disappointed to concede. last_img read more