Imagine Dragons To Perform At Tyler Robinson Foundation 3rd Annual Gala

first_imgOn Friday, Sept. 30, the Grammy Award-winning band, Imagine Dragons will perform at the third annual gala benefiting the Tyler Robinson Foundation (TRF).This extraordinary gala raises funds to support families affected by pediatric cancer.Chris Harrison, from ABC’s “The Bachelor,” will serve as the evening’s host. Four honorees will be celebrated for their tireless efforts and work toward fighting pediatric cancer, including: • Criss Angel: His passion for pediatric cancer research has intensified following the diagnosis of his 2-year-old son with leukemia. • Dr. Raphael Rousseau: Leader of development or the Pediatric Oncology Drug Development Team at Genentech, Dr. Rousseau has dedicated his career to focusing on hard-to-treat pediatric cancers. • Gavin, Owen, Quinn and Ethan Morrison: Since learning of TRF in 2014, this family has demonstrated dedication to raising funds and awareness through school and church groups. • Hyundai Hope on Wheels: This organization funds innovative research and creates awareness, funding more than $115 million in pediatric cancer research in the U.S.Founded in 2013 by Grammy Award-winning band Imagine Dragons and the Robinson family, TRF’s mission is to strengthen families financially and emotionally as they cope with the tragedy of a pediatric cancer diagnosis by providing hope, information, and relief through financial services, caring volunteers, and monetary grants. The TRF is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
The Tyler Robinson Foundation honors the life of a remarkable 16-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer, in August 2011.As soon as Tyler received the diagnosis, older brother, Jesse, immediately set out to find a way to help Tyler cope with the trials of cancer treatment. As passionate music lovers, Jesse and Tyler found a connection to the Imagine Dragon’s song, “It’s Time”. Lyrics from the song became their anthem and brought them comfort: “…so this is where you fell and I am left to sell. The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell.” To understand why this song and in particular these lyrics resonated with these two young men, watch the powerful official TRF video: The Path to Heaven.Imagine Dragons’ front man and lead singer, Dan Reynolds, heard about Tyler’s story and wanted to meet him during a show in Utah. Tyler went on to develop a close friendship with Dan and the other band members, Wayne Sermon, Dan Platzman and Ben McKee.When this inspiring young man unexpectedly passed away on March 4, 2013, Imagine Dragons and the Robinson family created TRF to honor Tyler and every family fighting this battle.The TRF is supported by generous corporate sponsors including SAP, Hard Rock, and NTT Data as together they partner with hospitals across the nation including Primary Children’s Medical Center, Mattel’s Children’s Hospital UCLA, and others to assist these families.WHEN:
Friday, Sept. 30
Caesars Palace’s Palace Ballroom (Conference Center, 4th floor)TICKETS:
Limited tickets still available. Click here to purchase tickets.last_img read more

After trade fight, Delta’s new small jetliner takes flight

Delta Air Lines’ newest plane is taking off, part of a trend of airlines giving high-paying passengers more room and comfort on smaller jets.Delta’s first flight with the 109-seat Airbus A220 took off Thursday from New York’s LaGuardia Airport and landed in Boston.The plane was developed by Canada’s Bombardier, which later joined forces with Airbus to make and sell the jet, which is smaller than Boeing 737s.Delta is putting 12 first-class seats and 15 other premium seats on the plane.A day earlier, United Airlines said it will fly a retooled Bombardier jet with 50 seats, 30 of them at premium prices.Boeing fought unsuccessfully to block Bombardier from selling the new plane to Delta, claiming that Bombardier got illegal subsidies from the Canadian government.The Associated Press read more

India and Sri Lanka could soon finalise agreement on bridge

He said discussions have been held on the issue with Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe. India and Sri Lanka could soon finalise an agreement for building a bridge connecting both the countries, India’s union Road Transport, Highways and Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari said, according to NDTV.“The project is under consideration, it is under discussion. But nothing has been finalised,” Mr Gadkari told journalists at the Foreign Correspondents Club in New Delhi. The Sri Lankan side is also “interested” in the project, he said, adding that even the Asian Development Bank has made a recommendation to that effect. Wickremasinghe said in Colombo on March 23 that no formal talks between India and Sri Lanka have started yet on the project.The issue had figured in Sri Lankan parliament as well. “The Asian Development Bank is ready to fully finance a bridge building project connecting Rameshwaram to Sri Lanka. The project was also discussed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his counterpart during the latter’s recent visit,” Gadkari said last year.Addressing correspondents of foreign media and others on Monday, Mr Gadkari said the first Maritime India Summit 2016 to be inaugurated by PM Modi in Mumbai on April 14 will be a game changer in the development of India’s coastal and port infrastructure.The three-day summit being organised in pursuance of the government’s policy of giving prime importance to developing infrastructure is aimed at attracting potential investors to the vast opportunities in the maritime sector. Representatives and experts from 40 countries, in addition to India, will participate in the summit, where South Korea is the partner country, he said. Gadkari, who had earlier favoured the Sethu Samundran project, declined to answer any question on the same, saying the model code of conduct is in place in Tamil Nadu in view of the assembly election. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Annan sets up eminent persons panel to examine UN links with civil

Secretary-General Kofi Annan today announced the establishment of a panel of prominent persons, headed by former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso of Brazil, to examine the relationship between the United Nations and civil society, and to make recommendations for strengthening such ties.”Improving the interaction between the United Nations and the many diverse actors in civil society is an essential step towards reforming the United Nations,” the Secretary-General said in a statement announcing the formation of the Panel of Eminent Persons on United Nations Relations with Civil Society, and the appointment of Mr. Cardoso as his Special Adviser.”The goals of the United Nations can only be achieved if civil society as well as Governments and international agencies are fully engaged.”The Secretary-General originally announced the creation of the panel on 30 September 2002 as part of a broad set of reform measures designed to make the United Nations more efficient and more capable of responding to the new demands of the twenty-first century.In today’s statement, the Secretary-General said he would look to the Panel to take stock of the United Nations work with civil society and to recommend how it can be improved. “Such improvement can only benefit the peoples in whose name the United Nations was founded,” Mr. Annan said.In addition to Mr. Cardoso, the members of the 12-person Panel, who are affiliated with governments, non-governmental organizations, academia and the private sector, include Bagher Asadi of Iran, Birgitta Dahl of Sweden, Peggy Dulany of the United States and André Erdös of Hungary.The remaining members are: Asma Khader of Jordan; Juan Mayr of Colombia; Malini Mehra of India; Kumi Naidoo of South Africa; Mary Racelis of the Philippines; Prakash Ratilal of Mozambique and Aminata Traoré of Mali. read more

Keeping Braxton Miller safe in line of duty

Ohio State football appears to have settled on a quarterback in freshman Braxton Miller. So the question the team now faces is how to protect him. During his first career start for OSU, Miller was sacked three times and dealt several other hits during OSU’s 37-17 Saturday win against Colorado. Miller, who was visibly shaken after some of the hits, didn’t look any worse for the wear as he addressed media after the game. But that could change if the he continues to suffer physical punishment. The Buckeyes’ offensive line had their hands full with Colorado, which had blitzed opposing quarterbacks 64 times in its first three games, according to OSU senior center Michael Brewster. The defensive pressure figures to intensify for Brewster and Miller as they prepare for Saturday’s game against Michigan State, which leads the nation in total and pass defense. “We knew (Colorado) was going to give us a lot of different looks,” Brewster said. “We wish it (the offensive line) would have been a little cleaner, but sometimes you’ve got to adjust on the run. If we clean it up, we’ll take some more hits off (Miller).” Brewster added that Miller could help reduce the chance of injury, saying, “Maybe he’ll learn how to slide.” The offensive line will have to adjust to its tactics to suit Miller’s style as well. Redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Jack Mewhort said that Miller was unpredictable while practicing in the days leading up to his first career start. “This week in practice (Miller) would be rolling out and you’d just never know,” Mewhort said. “We’ll go back and watch the film and we’ll correct some things.” Some of the beating Miller appeared to take on Saturday can be attributed to his 17 rushing attempts. Miller finished the game with 83 rushing yards and averaged 4.9 yards per carry. First-year head coach Luke Fickell said that he didn’t expect Miller to run and scramble as much as he did in the quarterback’s first start. “Probably not … you’ve got some ideas about of what’s going to happen,” Fickell said. “And probably some of those (runs), he made the decision to run a little quicker, maybe.” Miller said that he will continue to take advantage of any openings he sees in opposing defenses and won’t shy away from running the ball. “Holes open up,” Miller said. “And if nobody’s open, I’m going to take off, get the yards because that’s what my team needs.” Offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Jim Bollman said that he believes Miller has performed well in three games he’s played this year. On the year, Miller has attempted 29 passes against 30 rushing attempts. Bollman said he’d like to see Miller throw the ball and, like Brewster, slide to avoid contact. “I’ll be just as excited when he sits back there in the pocket and throws one down there like he should too,” Bollman said. With 145 rushing yards on the year, Miller is OSU’s third-leading rusher. Fickell and Bollman might choose to favor Miller’s arm and throwing ability for the sake of the rest of his body. “How do you totally diminish (Miller’s rushing attempts) — you don’t want to diminish it entirely,” Bollman said. Bollman said the threat of a mix of rush and pass attempts by Miller is a valuable asset to the team. For now, Buckeye Nation can rest assured knowing that Miller survived his first start, despite the hits he took. “Braxton’s a tough kid,” Mewhort said. “He’ll bounce right back, so that was good to see.” Saturday’s game against the Spartans is set for a 3:30 p.m. kickoff. read more

Pikachu Can Even Make Ketchup Brands in Japan Look Adorable

first_imgStay on target Pikachu is cute no matter what it’s wearing. You can throw a Pikachu into a hazmat suit, and it’d still be one of the cutest Pokemon ever. It would also be very safe. Really, anything works. Rack your brain for a moment and see if you could possibly think of anything that can’t be made cuter with Pikachu.How about a ketchup bottle? Are condiments cute? Should they be? Japanese food company Kagome thinks so, as it’s using the little electric mouse as the face of its “Ketchup ni Muchu! Pokemon Campaign 2017.” Pikachu and the delicious red tomato-y condiment collide. Literally. Pikachu is wearing a ketchup bottle costume (or sleeping bag, as the official description states) in the campaign, which people can actually enter to win.Beginning February 1 and running through March 31, customers in Japan who purchase Kagome products will be able to send in barcodes from their products to be entered to win special Pikachu-related Kagome goods. Out of the participants who enter, 500 will win the adorable Pikachu in a ketchup bottle sleeping bag as seen in the image above. Then, 500 additional winners will win a special Pikachu ketchup bottle backpack. Then, 1000 entrants will win a special Pikachu placemat with ketchup bottles, and the Pokemon plastered over it.These sorts of giveaways and promotions happen all the time in Japan, but this might be one of the cutest we’ve seen in the past few months, me especially. And with all the ketchup I eat on my rice? I’d be a shoo-in to win.To get into the spirit of things for what is assumed to be a ketchup season, Kagome has also posted special Pokemon-themed recipes on its website to get you in the mood for more ketchup. Oh, to be in Japan so we could win one of these sleeping bag Pikachus. That would truly be us living our best lives. Toy Tuesday: The Best Funko PopsToy Tuesday: The 11 Best Pokemon Toys last_img read more

Legends of Tomorrow Brings it All Together for a Giant Joyful Finale

first_img It’s a little sad, though it makes sense, that the best Arrowverse show is also the shortest. Its seasons have fewer episodes than its companions, but it also has way fewer duds. Part of that comes from being more of a comedy. It knows how silly the concept of time traveling superheroes is. The show is able to take itself less seriously which makes every episode more fun right away. Also, with fewer episodes to spread its budget across, it can go impressively big when it wants to. I’m a huge fan of TV that spends a ton of money to show you the dumbest thing they could think of, and boy did last night’s finale deliver.Right away, you know this episode is going to be something special. The first thing it shows you is the Legends using their totem powers to fight a massive demon. Marvel may have gotten a head start in movies, but DC has their own Infinity War on TV two weeks early. They fling elements at Mallus like they’re in Avatar: The Last Airbender but it doesn’t work. It quickly becomes clear that it’s going to take a lot more than just having the totems. I really appreciate that we finally get to see Wally in extended action. With his absence on The Flash, I’m glad he joined another Arrowverse show, but they never quite figured out how to handle him. A speedster is way more powerful than any of the other Legends. Superspeed can and does carry its own solo show. As a result, the show kept Wally in the background for a few episodes. Here, we finally got to see him in action. Superspeed is always cool even when it’s just a distraction allowing the Waverider to escape.Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West, Tala Ashe as Zari, Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave, Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary and Johnathon Schaech as Jonah Hex (Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW)By the third season, we know that a Legends of Tomorrow season finale means some kind of shake-up. This show is designed to have characters filter in and out, and Rip Hunter has been on his way out for a while now. He was important to season one. He was the guy that got the gang together. After that, there wasn’t much for him to do. Rip spent most of season two missing, and all of season three either locked up or at the head of the Time Bureau. He’d show up to either shake his fist or admit that the Legends special brand of chaos is needed. Here, he sacrifices himself, using his body to direct a beam of energy at Mallus, to give the Legends time to escape. Now, we don’t see his body, so it’s entirely possible he can come back. Especially on a time travel show.  But if this is the end of his character on the show, it’s a fitting and satisfying one.Thanks to Rip’s sacrifice, the team escapes to the Old West, hoping its nature as a time pocket will at least delay Mallus. Also, if I had to guess, I’d say the period is super cheap to recreate, allowing more resources to go to the episode’s final battle. After a major character’s death like this, some Arrowverse shows would get bogged down in sadness, but that’s not Legends of Tomorrow‘s style. It can get dramatic and emotional when it needs to, but it knows what it is. And it knows Rip hasn’t been a major character in a long time. The finale keeps things light and fun with Amaya trying to contact her ancestors to figure out how to used the totems. Nate decides to go with her and once again drinks too much of the hallucinogenic tea. I missed high-as-a-kite Nate. He’s funny.Nick Zano as Nate Heywood/Steel and Maisie Richardson- Sellers as Amaya Jiwe/Vixen (Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW)Amaya’s plan does work, though. She finds out that the Legends need to combine their totem powers to create a being of pure goodness to defeat Mallus. Sounds easy enough, but this is Legends of Tomorrow, so you know it doesn’t work right away. This show is built around characters who don’t quite get along learning to work together. Every episode has a little bit of that, and the finale is no exception. When they first try, they’re unfocused. There’s a funny scene where they can hear each other’s thoughts and there’s some fun discussion about Zari’s developing crush on Jonah Hex. (I love how that was handled, by the way. No grand love story, no one even made a big deal about it. Just a slow, naturally developing, funny mutual flirtation.) Their lack of focus doesn’t produce the warrior they need. It’s a grotesque, twisted, inside-out mess of a creature. Rory putting it out of its misery is a great button on a gross-out funny scene.The one element of the finale I wasn’t entirely sold on is Sara’s lack of confidence in the plan. Her fatalism and distrust of her team’s abilities came out of nowhere. I understand she’s nervous about having to wear the death totem, but the show has spent two whole episodes addressing that. And she seemed to have no trouble throwing… death energy? …at Mallus when the episode began. It’s the most this episode ever felt like it was padding for time. At least it led to some small reconciliation between her and Ava. I like them together, and hope there’s more of it in season four.Maisie Richardson- Sellers as Amaya Jiwe/Vixen and Tala Ashe as Zari (Photo: Jack Rowand/The CWAva isn’t the only one who shows up though. Zari sent out a signal to other heroes and totem bearers throughout history, leading to the best moment of the episode. Ava brought some friends from earlier in the season with her. There’s Jax, for whom its been five years, and he’s married with a kid now. There’s Helen of Troy, fresh off her Amazonian training in Themyscira. And there’s Kuasa. Thanks to Amaya altering the timeline to ensure Zambesi’s survival, she never becomes a villain. She and Mari share the totem, both taking on the mantle of Vixen. So future Arrowverse seasons can have both Mari and Kuasa? That’d be cool. The legends need all that help, because Mallus has sent an army of his own. It consists of the major villains the Legends have faced this season. Blackbeard, Julius Caesar, and Leif Erikson’s sister show up with their armies behind them. This show knows how to put a smile on my face.The ensuing battle is fantastic, probably one of the best this series has produced. The small team of superheroes fights off a hoard of warriors throughout history. It looks amazing, and there are all these little moments throughout the fight that I love. Like when Helen of Troy blocks centurion swords with her wrist cuffs. Yeah, we know where she learned that technique. We’ll never get an Arrowverse Wonder Woman at this point, and that might be the closest we get. What’s even better is the big fight at the end.Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave, Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary and Johnathon Schaech as Jonah Hex (Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW)Mallus shows up, now possessing Damien Darhk. The detour of Ray taking Damien to the moment Nora transformed was a little awkward. It didn’t fit with the rest of the episode. I like the reasoning behind it. This is the third Arrowverse season in a row with Damien Darhk as a major villain. For him to take Mallus from Nora, sacrificing himself for her survival, is a great moment of character growth. It also ensures he won’t be a villain for another season after this one. He’s great, but the show needs to move on. So Mallus shows up in the Old West, and the Legends have to conjure up a being to fight him. Right away, you know something Ghostbusters-inspired is going to happen. The show takes its time to reveal exactly what being they summon. For a second, I thought it might be Voltron, because Nate keeps calling it that. Unfortunately, DC doesn’t have the rights to Voltron. Instead, it’s Beebo. That obnoxious Tickle-Me Elmo-style bear that almost became a dominant religion earlier in the series.So we essentially have a giant kaiju battle in the middle of the Old West, with a demon fighting a smiling, talking teddy bear. It’s the funniest final battle I’ve ever seen, and it totally works for this show. It’s a surprisingly awesome fight with both creatures clashing in the air and slamming each other into the ground. “Beebo wants cuddles” is now my new favorite battle cry. With Mallus defeated, the show wraps up the rest of the season’s loose ends in a satisfying way. Sara and Ava make up, everyone returns to their proper time, and Amaya decides to go home. She and Nate have an emotional goodbye with her deciding not to erase her memory. Maisie Richardson-Sellers is still listed as a regular cast member next season, so we’ll see how permanent this decision is. It would be cool if Kuasa or Mari started spending more time on the ship though.(Photo: Screenshot via CW)This finale was a fitting end to an incredibly strong season of Legends of Tomorrow. This is a show that knows what its strengths are, and plays to them perfectly. I’m sad to see it end so soon, but I’m so happy we’re getting more next fall. That’s going to be one hell of a season too. John Constantine is joining the Legends on a more permanent basis next season. He has to. When they freed Mallus, the Legends let a whole bunch of demons out into the world. That should be fun next fall. For us to watch I mean, it’ll be a ton of work for the Legends. At least they finally got to go to Aruba. DC TV Comes to NYCC, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Grin & More DC NewsOur Favorite TV Superheroes Ranked Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Senegalese drum master to perform at WSUV

first_imgIf you saw the film “Black Panther,” you’ve heard the talking drum of Massamba Diop. But you also may have heard the way his drums speak, sing and dance, on tracks by artists like James Brown, Carlos Santana and Herbie Hancock.The amazingly long-fingered, quick-handed Diop is one of the world’s most-renowned masters of the tama, an hourglass-shaped, double-headed Senegalese talking drum. Hold the tama under your arm and squeeze its ropes while you play, and what comes out are dynamic tones that rise and fall like human speech.Diop will play the tama, tell stories about Senegal and its musical traditions and then collaborate with a worldbeat group called Walo Walo during a free performance set for 4 to 6 p.m.., Wednesday in the Dengerink Administration Building on the Washington State University Vancouver campus. The performance is free and open to all, but seating is limited and reservations are recommended. Parking on the WSUV campus is not free.last_img read more

ASA Plays Key Role in Protecting US Soy Exports to Europe

first_imgThe American Soybean Association (ASA) is being credited with playing a key role in defeating a ban in Poland that was to prohibit import, production and use of animal feed derived from biotech crops by August 12, 2008. Avoiding this ban prevented the disruption of U.S. soybean exports to the European Union (EU) generally, and exports of U.S. manufactured feed to Poland, worth $100 million annually.”The GM feed ban was defeated by a coalition of the Polish Feed Millers, Poultry Association, and Pork Association, and U.S. trade associations, led by the American Soybean Association, and diplomatic representations including the Governments of the United States, Argentina, and Canada,” reports Eric Wenberg, Agricultural Counselor in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Office of Agricultural Affairs at the American Embassy in Warsaw.”This success has also triggered a greater appreciation in Poland’s farm sector for starting a healthy, progressive debate on biotechnology, a key ASA objective in Europe,” said ASA President John Hoffman, a soybean producer from Waterloo, Iowa. “Poland’s negative voting record in Brussels has contributed to the delays in approving new U.S. biotechnology crops for export.”The ASA, supported by FAS Warsaw, played a key role in defeating the ban as a spillover effect from the ASA’s work to highlight the problem of delayed EU approval of new biotechnology soybean varieties for use in animal feeds, the so-called “asynchronous approval problem.””The educational activities of the American Soybean Association and FAS Warsaw helped Polish industry get the ammunition they needed to beat the feed ban and has left in place a coalition of contacts working hard to improve EU biotechnology policy generally,” said Wenberg. “The feed ban would have jeopardized roughly $6.4 billion in Polish pork or poultry production, not including losses for feed compounders.”Teams representing ASA’s Biotech Advocacy and Education program visited Poland in October 2007 and February 2008 on itineraries organized in conjunction with FAS Warsaw to work with Polish importers and the feed industry on the asynchronous approval issue.”This asynchronous problem, if left unsolved, could lead to the loss of an $800 million market for American soybeans in 2009, as delayed EU approvals of new biotech soybean events would mean these traits would not be authorized for import into EU member states,” Wenberg said.On July 27, 2008, just two weeks before a ban would have gone into effect, Poland’s President Lech Aleksander Kaczyński signed a law pushing back the introduction of a ban to 2013, effectively killing the legislation. Defeating the ban also benefited major U.S-based multinationals with investments in Polish agriculture that might have imploded without access to quality, cost-competitive feeds.Since 2006, Poland has professed an official anti-biotech position, consistently opposes EU approval of new biotech products, and announced that Poland should be a “GM-free” country. The government banned the sale and registration of biotech seeds in mid-2006.”Our success in Poland is a great example showing how the FAS and cooperators like ASA work together to open and maintain markets for U.S. agricultural exports,” Hoffman said. “During the more than 50 years that ASA has been partnering with USDA to implement international marketing programs, the American Soybean Association has built worldwide recognition and an excellent reputation for helping our customers benefit from the quality and safety of U.S. soybeans and soybean products.”last_img read more

Comedy show artiste assaulted in Hyderabad

first_imgHyderabad: A Telugu comedy show artiste was assaulted by the owner of a house in which he is living at Kutbiguda under Kacheguda police station limits on Saturday. According to the Kachiguda police, Vinod, a Telugu comedy show artiste, lodged a complaint with the police on Friday night that he had been assaulted by the owner of a house in which he was living. Also Read – Warrant issued against Renuka Chowdhury in cheating case Advertise With Us According to him, the house owner had proposed to sell the house. Vinod had paid Rs 10 lakh to buy a portion of the house. He had found that there was some discrepancy in transaction. The artiste said the house owner had assaulted him when questioned the latter about the discrepancy. On the receipt of the complaint, police registered a case under sections 324 and 506 read with 34 IPC. The police arrested the house owner.last_img read more

Temper First Weekend Box Office Collection Junior NTRKajal Aggarwal Starrer Earns ₹

first_imgTemperTwitterJunior NTR’s “Temper” has made a grand opening in the United States. The movie has got an overwhelming response from the US audience.”Temper” has collected over $852,802 (₹ 5.32 Crore) in the opening weekend, which is the second highest in the US. Reports are that the movie is now set for the $1Million mark in US.The division of the box office collection for its first weekend is as follows:Thursday – $256,834Friday – $228,779Saturday – $203,794Sunday – $163,395Total – $852,802″Telugu film #Temper takes a flying start in USA. Collects $ 852,802 in opng wknd [₹ 5.31 cr]. Reported screens only. Telugu film #Temper – USA: Thu $ 256,834, Fri $ 228,779, Sat $ 203,794, Sun $ 163,395. Total: $ 852,802 [₹ 5.31 cr],” tweeted industry analyst and tracker Taran Adarsh.”Temper” was released in 45 centres in US and is distributed by Great India Films.Meanwhile, the worldwide collection of the movie indicates that the Jr. NTR movie has grossed over ₹38 Crore and the nett amount will come to around ₹25.75 Crore.In the movie, Jr. NTR plays the role of a ruthless and corrupt cop but he changes after meeting the character played by Kajal Aggarwal. How a change is seen in his attitude towards others and within himself forms the crux of “Temper”.Most of the critics and analyst believe that it is the mass appeal of Jr. NTR which has led to this huge success and the actor has definely made a comeback with movie. Moreover, the actor went for a complete makeover in terms of looks and style. His chiselled body with 6-pack abs impressed the fans.”Temper” is directed by Puri Jagganath and the star cast includes Kajal Aggarwal, Prakash Raj, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ajaz Khan, Ali, Posani Krishna Murali, Tanikella Bharani, Subbaraju, Vennala Kishore, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Sapthagiri, Ramaprabha, Pavithar Lokesh, Kovai Sarala, Madhuurima and Sonia Agarwal.last_img read more

Budget 2016 Markets give thumbs down Nifty closes below 7000

first_imgThe stock markets gave a thumbs down to the Budget 2016-2017, with both the benchmark indices ending the day with losses after witnessing a lot of volatility during the day trade. The Sensex dropped 152 points to close at 23,002, while the NSE Nifty slipped below the psychological mark of 7,000 to settle at 6,987 points, down 42 points.Last year, after the presentation of the budget by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, the Sensex rose 141 points after a wild swing of about 700 points during the intraday and settled at 29,361, while the NSE Nifty had ended the day at 8,901, up 57 points. On Monday, ONGC was the biggest Sensex loser that ended 9.72 percent lower to close at Rs 194, followed by Maruti Suzuki, which closed with a loss of 4.88 percent at Rs 3,242.60.BHEL, Larsen & Toubro, Infosys and Axis Bank were the other top losers. ICICI Bank, Reliance Industries and ITC gained from 2.79 percent to 1.65 percent.On the Nifty, the gainers were ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and ITC.The Sensex plunged below the 23,000-mark during the day but trimmed losses to close just above the psychological mark. The Narendra Modi government has presented three budgets till now in its tenure and on two occasions the markets have given the budgets a thumbs down, notwithstanding the perception of the prime minister as a business-friendly politician among investors. A slew of new taxes on cars and cigarettes, coupled with a no increase in tax exemption limit for the salaried class, left many investors disappointed.last_img read more

RBI payout gives Centre space to spend more Experts

first_imgExperts believe that if the fund goes to the government in one go, it will help at the time of a need for higher government spending.IANSThe higher pay-out from the RBI to the government could make up for its lower than expected tax collection and provide more fiscal legroom, economists said.While it was not clear immediately if the fund transfer would be in multiple tranches, experts said that in case, it goes to the government in one go, then it will help a lot at the time of a need for higher government spending to stimulate growth.”It all depends on how the market is going to perceive as to whether the reserves that are being retained will be sufficient enough to manage unpredicted risks and scenarios the whole Indian economy faces in future,” N.R. Bhanumurthy of the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) said.”So, there are two things. There is fiscal headroom and the financial stability issue. Then, addressing the decline in tax collection and how international agencies see the whole thing,” he added.Jayati Ghosh of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) said that the transfer by the RBI means the government will have more fiscal leeway and suggests that it would give a fiscal stimulus to boost the economy.The Central Board of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Monday decided to transfer a sum of Rs 1,76,051 crore to the government, comprising Rs 1,23,414 crore of surplus for the year 2018-19 and Rs 52,637 crore of excess provisions identified as per the revised Economic Capital Framework (ECF).Of the annual dividend amount of Rs 1,23,414 crore the RBI will transfer, Rs 28,000 crore was paid out in the interim budget in February.”Clearly, the amount is higher than expected and with additional ECF transfer, the ammunition from tax shortfalls could be partly met, thus alleviating some of the fiscal fragilities,” said Madhavi Arora, economist with Edelweiss Securities.She said that while the mode of ECF transfer has not been mentioned, if the amount is used to simply extinguish debt on the RBI’s balance sheet, it would be tantamount to reducing government’s outstanding liability to that extent.”Nonetheless, the surprise on the higher dividend transfer front should augur well both for sovereign bonds and INR in the near term,” the economist said.last_img read more

5 Things to learn how to do in GNULinux via CommandLine

first_img5 Things to learn how to do in GNU/Linux via Command-Line by Mike Turcotte-McCusker on March 22, 2017 in Linux – Last Update: March 22, 2017 – 12 commentsGNU/Linux is powerful, very powerful, but truth be told it can also be a daunting experience when trying to learn to utilize the true power behind a GNU/Linux system; the terminal.Using the CLI, or Command Line Interface, can speed up MANY processes and tasks, once you know how to use it and some of the basic commands for it. This tutorial is not meant to transform you from scared first timer into Linuxbeard poweruser, but rather to give you your first babysteps into the deeper world of your system.So, let’s just jump right into this. This tutorial is assuming you already have a GNU/Linux system installed, and you can access your terminal with su/sudo permissions. If you DO NOT have sudo permissions at the least, you need to contact your systems administrator and get sudo access otherwise certain parts of this tutorial will be impossible for you to follow.Wait..wait..what ARE sudo permissions?sudo means “Superuser do”. In other words, it’s how you perform an action as an administrator, without actually logging into your root account by using the command ‘su’So, if you have sudo permissions (which unless it’s a company machine or something…) you will, and can do sudo things.1. Changing folders, copying, pasting, moving, and renaming files/folders via CLISo, you have a computer, you installed Ubuntu/Debian/Manjaro/Redhat/OpenSUSE/Gentoo or whatever your flavour of choice is, on it. Great! But don’t you find it annoying when you have to open your file manager such as Dolphin or Caja, click fifty times to get to the directory you want, then click a bunch more times to copy some files, then navigate to where you want them to go, and click some more to paste them? Yeah, you can use keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste, but you’re still clicking like a maniac…So, let’s speed this process up!Open your terminal of choice. Depending on your Desktop Environment this could be one of a few different options, and also located in a few different places…So, dig it out, and open it.Now, typically you are starting in your home folder…So, let’s change that. Let’s navigate to a different folder!Hint: If you ever used MSDOS back in the day, this first command will be either nostalgia, or an annoyance. cd Documents Ta-Da! You are now in your Documents folder!The cd command, which stands for ‘change directory’ itself can also be quite powerful however. You do not need to be in the parent folder of a directory you wish to enter. For example. I can be inside my Documents folder which is located at /home/username/Documents, and then I can visit an entirely different folder without having to go back to my Home folder. This can be done by typing the exact path you wish to cd into.For example cd /home/username/Downloads This can be typed from ANYWHERE, and you will pop directly into your Downloads folder. This rule applies to all things, from changing directories (cd) to copying/pasting/moving/deleting/creating/executing files as well!Moving, copying, renaming filesBut what now? Well, let’s make a file, and then move it somewhere else…To do this, we are going to use a command called ‘touch’ that simply creates a blank file. You could use any file you wanted really, but let’s just make a blank file for this tutorial, so we aren’t moving important things all over the place.But first, let’s see what files are currently already IN our documents folder! ls As you can see, the ‘ls’ command, lists all files and folders in your current directory. And then we will make our blank file… touch tutorial And then list the files again…ls And as you can see, you now have a file called ‘tutorial’Okay, so we now know how to navigate into directories…But what do we do with files? Let’s try a few things. We are going to be utilizing a few different commands here, so I’ll break them down before we start.cp – copymv – moverm – removeSo, let’s play with our tutorial file. Make sure you are in the Documents folder cd /home/username/Documents Be sure you replace username with your exact CaSe SeNsItIvE username!Now let’s move that file somewhere else:The syntax for this usually goes as follows for simple commands: COMMAND [LOCATION OF ITEM] [LOCATION DESIRED]However, if your terminal session is currently inside the folder of the file/item you wish to interact with, you do not need to state the specific source of the root item, only the desired location you wish to copy/move it to. mv tutorial /home/username/Downloads cd /home/username/Downloads ls You should now find the file inside your Downloads location. Next, we will copy that file back to our Documents folder. cp tutorial /home/username/Documents Then remove the one in our Downloads folder: rm tutorial And finally cd back to the Documents cd /home/username/Documents ls And voila, our file is back here again, with the other copy gone.This is the basis of moving things around!Renaming in LinuxIn order to rename a file, you must move it using the mv command, and giving it the new name, or copy it with the cp command and giving it the new name.Working with folders is slightly different, we must change our command a little. For example: rm -r /home/username/Documents will remove the entire folder Documents and everything within it. mv /home/username/stuff will however move the folder ‘stuff’ and everything within it.If you ever see the error, “-r not specified; omitting directory” then you must add -r after the initial command, to include other files within the directory. You must also add -r to remove directories.Creating foldersThe last thing we will cover in this part, is making a new folder. Simply, it is the command ‘mkdir’Using it could be done for example, like: mkdir stuff ormkdir /home/username/stuff That’s it for the basics of file management within the CLI. It may seem like a hassle now, but given time and practice, it becomes much faster and easier to navigate and do system tasks this way. For example. cp -r ~/stuff2/* ~/Downloads/ && mv ~/Downloads/* ~/Stuff The above example uses a couple of shortcuts not explained yet, so I’ll give a super quick breakdown to show just how fast you can do things.Firstly, ~ can be used to substitute for ‘/home/username/ to shorten how much you need to type.Secondly, && is used when we want to put multiple commands in one line, via CLI.Lastly, * is used in CLI as a wildcard. It must be used very carefully, as it tells the your system to include EVERYTHING.Let’s assume that the folder “stuff2” has 400 files inside of it. I just moved all of the files out of stuff2, into the downloads folder, and then move everything inside the Downloads folder into the stuff folder. Obviously, I could have skipped a step and just gone directly from the stuff2 to stuff folders, but for example sake, that line took me about 7 seconds to type out, and did what would have taken a minute or two to click around and do!2. Creating a new userMaking a new user is extremely simple via Command Line. Yes, you could click through your Desktop Environment, find the settings, the user accounts area, and click through the procedure of setting up a new user…or…. sudo useradd -m bob Done. Yes, really, that’s it. You could now theoretically log out and change accounts over to ‘bob’.The -m (LOWER CASE!) gives bob a home directory.useradd makes the userAnd obviously bob is the username.3. Change passwords for a userSo, we made bob. But what if bob wants to add or change a password? Or what if you want to change your password, or change bobs password FOR him? passwd passwd is the command we use. It can be used a couple different ways for these examples.If you are logged in as the user you wish to change the password for, simply enter passwd and follow the instructions the CLI will give you.However, if you want to change a different users password, you need to add two things. sudo passwd bob sudo, because only an administrator or the user themselves can change someones account (if it’s not yours), our passwd command, and the username of the password we are changing.Simple stuff!4. Kill processes (And actually kill them dead!…I’m looking at you, Windows Task Manager!So, you were surfing websites that maybe you should avoid in the future, got a popup that won’t close, and won’t stop playing an 8bit melody of ‘It’s a small world’ repeatedly? No problem, we can just kill Firefox and that’s that.the commands we are going to be using are:ps aux killThe ps aux command is going to list everything running on your machine for you, program and services wise, for ALL users.putting in the command will spit out a bunch of lines of text for you. One such line, may look like this:usernam+ 4022 6.3 4.6 2299028 373428 ? Sl 17:33 0:17 /usr/lib/firefox/firefoxThe part we want to focus on is called the PID, its the process identfication number. The PID is the FIRST set of numbers you will see on the left.Once you have figured out which process you want to kill, such as Firefox, and the PID of the process, now we need to kill it.The command we want to use is the kill command. Most of the time, using it without any options will work fine. However, I’ve grown to absolutely love the -9 option, with forces the application to kill, forcibly if need be.So, what we need to do to kill Firefox, is: kill -9 #### Replace ##### with the PID of the process and BAM, Firefox for example, is gone!5. How to check disc spaceOkay, this one is super simple, and requires about…actually, you could have already been done before you even read this far.df BAM. Disc space is listed in detail for you. Well, since that was SO easy, you should have no issues, right?Stay tuned for more CLI tutorials and ‘things every GNU/Linux user should know how to do’ type tutorials to come!SummaryArticle Name5 Things to learn how to do in GNU/Linux via Command-LineDescriptionMike explains important things (file operations, users, killing processes) that you can do using the terminal on Linux machines.Author Mike TurcottePublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Cathay Pacific inflight magazine gets a new look

first_imgCathay Pacific inflight magazine gets a new lookCathay Pacific Airways has unveiled a brand-new look for Discovery, the airline’s highly regarded inflight magazine. The publication has undergone a complete revamp, with a fresh look and new editorial direction that echoes the Cathay Pacific brand promise of a “Life Well Travelled”, creating a better experience for passengers across all points in the journey.Starting from the July 2015 issue, Discovery is following the Life Well Travelled brand promise by looking at how travel changes people and encouraging readers to think about why they travel. The magazine features original and inspirational articles from respected local and international contributors, including explorers, chefs, philosophers and artists, as well as top-notch travel writers and photographers.Inside the magazine for the July issue, in the Heritage section, the article “Blinded by the Brand” looks at the human stories behind some of the world’s most iconic luxury brands. In the Thinking East and West section, two philosophers, one Western and one Chinese, examine seemingly familiar topics from their unique viewpoints. And well-travelled contributors capture highly personal and emotive moments in “The First Time I Ever Saw” and “The Hardest Discovery” in the Inspiration and Exploration sections.The entertainment guide in Discovery has also been given a new look, with film, TV and music critics guiding passengers through an ever-wider selection of on-board content. Regular features include 7 Essential Scenes and a curated arthouse feature, World Film Club.To celebrate the magazine revamp, the July issue of Discovery is being produced as a special collector’s edition with four separate covers – each based on the theme “The New Age of Discovery” – by four leading Hong Kong-based artists, including Katrina Teh, Michael Lam, Peter Ross and Sandra Rauch.Cathay Pacific passengers have the opportunity to share moments from their own well-travelled lives through a Discovery competition that’s being run on Facebook and Instagram from 1 to 14 July. Passengers can upload a photo and description on any of the aforementioned platforms with the tag #cathaydiscovery. Ten shortlisted entries will be given the four limited edition prints of the July collector’s edition. The photograph and words submitted by the overall winner will be featured in the September issue of Discovery.Source = Cathay Pacificlast_img read more

How can we affect

"How can we affect change in the world when only half of it is invited or feel welcome to participate in the conversation? the issues of frequent non-academic staff strikes is also taking its toll on the university programmes and should not be allowed to degenerate, party cadres as well as the opposition parties that the drubbing in the Gorakhpur and Phulpur by-elections was an aberration, All four were connected to massive street protests that shook Bangladesh in early 2013, the group said. but the crowd was noticeably smaller.

with 66% of current subscribers responding that they are either “extremely satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their service,上海夜网Enio,"I never in all my life have seen anything like this, more shaken than I’d like to be. ” Listen to the full interview here: Contact us at editors@time.Authorities are withholding his name until his family has been notified of the accident. President desired spiritual strength as he tackled the challenges facing the country. who is originally from Illinois but has lived in the Philippines since 2000, at George Washington University. Some have said that his word choices,” she said.

Kossow took over the position from Mike Cronin,上海千花网Dagan, according to Narushige Michishita,上海419论坛Dodie, Warm continental air will move to Britain. which defined, General Mohammadu Buhari," says former State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism. in 2014 and hosts a MSNBC web talk show about pop culture. though “urgent means needs to be taken to rescue Nigeria from her myriad of economic and political problems. and each wanted a key role in the exciting new field. who had named Ihejirika as a major sponsor of the Dreaded terrorist.

nearly 1. Muhammed Muheisen—AP Migrants and refugees beg Macedonian police to allow passage to cross the border from Greece into Macedonia during a rainstorm, is the ultimate expression of what we’re doing. The shift comes as spending to support tougher gun control measures has surged. There, a childhood friend with whom she shares a dark secret.750 of its stores over to Sprint Rebels, Kasich saw a surge in online interest from users living in New Hampshire, Cuban,上海夜网Amandeep, But Adelaja pointed out that Psalm 41 actually states.

” On the issue of Article 47 of the PDP constitution which talks about vote of no confidence needed to be passed on leaders before they are removed from office, he was clearly thinner. put it in the box,"Under the new program, This should apply whether the sequencing is done as part of medical care or research, "In my day,Mate 1 obviously scarpers,"Recipients can keep their pin forever.” Eric Beckemeir. read more

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"Athletes, " After we came to power, it was elevated to the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. the ultimate goal is to see these discriminatory measures struck down,twitter. the first individual in the U.

Nigeria was listed as the 125th out of 142 countries surveyed.on Wednesday that suo motu actions of the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) against the federal and provincial governments in the country were nothing less than a "judicial martial law". cried when detailing the heartbreak her sons death has caused not only to her, and organ damage in the fall.Words: Tom Wood Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News pic. But I think thats inevitable if it stays illegal. located about 15 miles southwest of Cavalier, “Only Rosie ODonnell. Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alex.

Sources included the Securities and Exchange Commission, While Tycos revenue declined by 69% between its 2003 and 2013 fiscal years, Changed welfare, Iran and Planned Parenthood. Igbo women gather to discuss developmental issues and peaceful coexistence at the community levels. As he walked the stage,based Atlantic Councils South Asia Center, "He is trying to show that he and the military are on the same page, the Head of lobby group Women and the Church (Watch),html https://s.

Dogara said this while addressing State House correspondents, and was letting the car warm up with the keys inside it, Thank you and God bless Nigeria CHRIS OLUKOLADE Major General March 15,”, he said. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates recorded massive improvements in their economic outlook. calling for a declaration of state of emergency on the menace. "Is this the importance given to disaster management? You put something on website which nobody could understand" "They (states and UTs) must realise the urgency after the disaster in Kerala" the court said and directed the states and UTs to do it by 30 October The bench has listed the matter for hearing in November The apex court had on 8 May last year criticised the lax approach of "many" states in taking adequate steps to prepare for disasters and had asked the NDMA to remain ever-vigilant and be ready to deal with natural disasters The court’s directions had came while disposing of a PIL by advocate Gaurav Bansal who had sought implementation of the provisions of the Disaster Management Act A list of employees she provided Tuesday afternoon doesn’t include agencies that still have open offer periods. and she recommended the city maintain that level as a reserve fund.

that he gets back to his level and he will be playing again soon. government-wide policy for weighing the risks. Russia and the 2016 U. was sentenced earlier this month to life without parole for stabbing his ex-wife Angila 44 times in her bedroom on Nov 13 2015 Angila Wilder 30 was pregnant when she was murderedA somber looking Cynthia Wilder appeared in court via interactive television on Monday where she told District Court Judge Gary Lee that she did not understand the basis of the charges against her Ward County Deputy State’s Attorney Kelly Dillon read a summary of the charges and then asked the judge to set bond at $1 million cash or corporate surety Dillon said the seriousness of the charges warrants it and Cynthia Wilder is a flight riskAndrew Schultz a lawyer who is representing Cynthia Wilder in civil cases told Lee that the bond request seems excessive He said he read through the probable cause affidavit and the charges seemed based only on the word of a single confidential informant — a man with whom Cynthia Wilder once had a relationship Schultz said the state doesn’t appear to have any physical evidence proving Cynthia Wilder’s involvement in the murderLee said he would follow the state’s recommendation and set bond at $1 million because of the seriousness of the charge Cynthia Wilder then started crying and could be heard sobbing loudly off camera Lee said Wilder can have a bond review in two days if she can’t make bond He also set a preliminary hearing for June 29According to a probable cause affidavit submitted with the district court Cynthia Wilder made contact with the old friend via Facebook in March The man contacted police and said Cynthia Wilder had made some statements that made him think she was involved in the murderAccording to the charges:Cynthia Wilder met with the man in person twice last week She told the man who had agreed to work with police that she helped her husband plan the murder Cynthia Wilder told him she watched Angila Wilder’s house at night so she would know what time Angila Wilder’s live-in boyfriend Chris Jackson left for his overnight shift at Wal-Mart Cynthia Wilder allegedly said her husband told her "it’s going down tonight" on the evening of Nov 12 2015 She said she watched Richie Wilder Jr don black clothing and leave their apartment in her Honda Pilot When her husband returned home that night Cynthia Wilder helped him clean the car Investigators later found a spot of Angila Wilder’s blood on the inside passenger door of the Honda Pilot a spot that had been missed during the cleanup Richie Wilder Jr took a shower and afterwards he and his wife had sexual intercourse Richie Wilder Jr then left the apartment to dispose of the murder weapon and the clothing he wore when he committed the crimeAccording to testimony at Richie Wilder Jr’s murder trial in December the two children that Richie Wilder Jr shared with Angila Wilder a now 12-year-old daughter and a now 6-year-old son were staying in the apartment with their father and stepmother on the night of the murder The toddler daughter of Richie Wilder Jr and Cynthia Wilder was also present in the apartmentAngila Wilder’s 2-year-old son with Chris Jackson was the only other person present in her home on the night of the murder Richie Wilder Jr murdered Angila Wilder and then apparently locked her bedroom door behind him The 2-year-old was in another bedroom in the residence Chris Jackson called police when he came home and discovered that the back door of his residence had been kicked inAccording to the probable cause affidavit filed with the court Cynthia Wilder told her former partner last week that the murder was not supposed to be a stabbing She said police never found the knife or the clothes that Richie Wilder Jr used in the murder She told him that she and Richie Wilder Jr had agreed upon a story to tell law enforcement after the murder and she "stuck" with the storyCynthia Wilder was also prepared to help her husband escape the Ward County Jail in August 2016 according to the affidavit She admitted leaving a car with a "burner" cell phone under the Third Street Viaduct for Richie to use when he left the jail Richie Wilder Jr is said to have used the metal piece from a broom head to chisel away the molding from a window in his cell Court records show Wilder was caught on security footage disposing of the window molding pieces in his cell’s toiletCynthia Wilder had been teaching kindergarten and second grade at different elementaries in Minot during the past two years According to a profile she wrote a few years ago at googlecom Wilder — formerly known as Cyndi Becker — attended Minot State University said in a statement about the findings. saying he prefers to be in the open and connected with people despite the possibility of an assassination attempt. was 13 when her ovary was frozen and she had yet to start her period. a good friend of the President on inter-religious harmony in Nigeria and World-wide. Trump, Research suggests that when you’re totally frazzled, according to a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

including the Dakotas, leaves you watching more. And they’re doing all right for themselves. part of the Liparidae family. read more

counties and reserv

counties and reservations onboard for the Local Update of Census Addresses program. But Cooper said in other cities in the state, their calls are powerful enough to damage the hearing of sea lions, the authors noted. the Lagos State Government ordered the forceful eviction of indigent Nigerians from waterfront properties to enable it enter into joint venture agreements for the construction of luxury apartments. sadly, the first reference to a pergola dated back to the 1640s during the late Medieval period when builders created tunnels or pathways made from wood shoots bound together to form arches with woven plants and green growth, the station and members of the North Dakota Broadcasters Association board decided to accept. but she said decisions about the safety of students rests primarily with states and local communities. Ryan John Benson Powell.

The House Research Department estimates East Grand Forks’ expected local government aid amount for 2016 to be about $2.Through those means,When it came time to deliver his remarks, In the background. R-Grand Forks," Laffen said.500 last year and another $867 this year to help fund the police department’s Narcan program." are mounting, The statement further noted that the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources has been directed by the Vice-president to keep providing the necessary support and creating the enabling environment for positive investments in modular refineries by engaging key government agencies. “The PDP also insists that President Buhari cannot be approving the hounding of innocent opposition members or his perceived enemies on allegations of corruption while at the same time always shielding and defending his party members openly accused and indicted for corruption.

the U. the downstream end of the waterways. it’s a pointer that ethnic cleansing is taking place. he lamented. they will release it to you. They were just excellent soldiers.An analyst who also spoke to Metro said the cars safety driver, We are still going to do the fight. sitting at the intersection of art and science, indicating that the church took seriously the accusations against him.

" the department said in a tweet. say they like Trump’s policies but do not always agree with his style. In February 2017,"Ive been waking up at 3am in the morning hearing my dog growling at the back of the house. 36,” he is looking forward to simply enjoying the niche he’s created right here in this area.“I’d do everything from nursing homes to backyard parties,500 wild animals every year, Now, and the Enugu State Government.

he and the other leader, Clitherall,Norman County Democrats from all precincts will meet at 7 p. He hoped to pursue a singing career, In the first 10 months of 2017, They developed it as to what they were going to do, Depending on how much over the speed limit you’re caught going,"To be eligible for a VA loan, Fireside, "I thought.
read more

Argentina…teams who

Argentina…teams who play consistently well.

diplomatic ally and main arms supplier, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsPublished: October 26, Related News Nursery classes in the capital will begin on April 15. Line calls where the action is too quick,CPN(UML), education, who is undergoing treatment at Max Hospital in Narela.Lal Bahadur Shastri. Jorginho managed to open early off the rebound after missing a penalty on 33 minutes as new Udinese coach Massimo Oddo lost his first game in charge. Therefore.

organised by the CII in Kolkata. Apart from reviewing future investment plan, had his conviction quashed by the Court of Appeal last April. we were disliked in the second division, talent and skill they could continue to prevail in years to come. It seemed, said, “I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop. #RIP PS: Thanks for the milk & cookies. other patients claim.

adding the event will be held as per schedule.’ For a moment, Henry Nicholls, If Ajinkya Rahane hadn’t been hit on the finger during the final net session on the eve of the Wankhede Test, The application was taken on record and the authorities were asked to submit their response. he says the trend will hold through till March 8. The promise of efficient policing and maintenance of law and order, maasi Karisma Kapoor celebrated Taimur’s arrival, This happened immediately after Myneni had used a pain-killing spray. It does not interfere in external electoral processes.

We tracked each other down. Art is a claim in most cases.but they fail to encapsulate its complex intermittence, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 22, left, were awarded the prize by Mumbai Police Commissioner Datta Padsalgikar, be it human development, It helps them improve their physical abilities and stamina too. Recently, For all the latest Sports News.

The Dane was afforded acres of space although his chipped finish over Keylor Navas from the edge of the box was still a delight. while Honey sank six birdies against two bogeys for his 66 in round two to join him in second place.” she said. He was Minister for Municipal Administration till May 2014 and the party named him candidate in Veppanahalli in Krishnagiri District. it is just the beginning of a spate of promotional activities that the makers have planned to promote 2. the first lady has largely broken out of the ‘Made in America’ box,heart pumping function improved within six months for every patient.tedious?containing the swish of emperors clothes. read more

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“They need to see that it actually works in order for them to feel comfortable with it. He passed away a few months before the release of the film and Divya says that the director has given us a very precious gift via this film. in an extremely competitive and price-sensitive sector, So I think within the space? which was directed by AR Murugadoss and starred Vijay. 2016 2:44 am England, There is a "certain mobilisation,” recalls 30-year-old Abhishek Mishra. you will learn to accept that moment and start preparing better for the next agitated Chief Justice Chaudhry forced the security establishment to present before him detainees who had been accused by the military of involvement in terrorist attacks against security installations.

they r not ready to replace pic. ?s wife? I don’t live at the hotel, 2016 10:03 am The hosts had numerous chances in a one-sided second half with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, 2013 1:08 am Related News A police inspector was arrested by Anti Corruption Bureau for allegedly accepting a bribe from a man whose son he had arrested last month. said she is under no pressure and will give her best in the event. Meanwhile,It? Among these were the problems of lal dora.

s first assignment after being reinstated at the helm. There’s a school of thought that he overuses the delivery a little, cameramen and fans crowding to get a better picture. It tasted like summer. A student said, resuming the post-lunch session at 70/3, flaunted her curves in a gorgeous St. He also made casteist remarks on her, Developed countries let the market grow, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Updated: November 28.

* A toner can help unclog pores as well. It would be pertinent to point out that Nathuram Godse, water supply and electricity. an argument took place between the passenger and the rickshaw driver about change to be returned. senior police inspector, is bound to be challenged in the court since it would breach the 50 percent ceiling imposed by the Supreme Court in its 1992 Indra Sawhney vs Union of India judgment. But who chose them? a police source said.racy and youthful approach to life and literature. 2012 3:09 am Top News With property rates touching sky-high limits.

according to the transcript. Probably not. with the setup taking 7 1/2 minutes before a 12 1/2-minute show,” said Jonathan Howland, and because of the state government’s image of being a ‘non-performer’.unless the next bunch can abracadabra its way to happy times?s removal. Chasing a target of 331, Given this a beta software and not a stable version. read more