Liu Qiangdong electricity providers do not do entrepreneurs platform

Jingdong store Liu Qiangdong (Sina Technology Lianwei Han / photo)

              Sina Francisco July 20th morning news, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said today at the 2012 annual meeting of faction generation e-commerce, electricity supplier entrepreneurs never take the platform road, because it takes too much money.

Liu Qiangdong said that a few years ago, because Taobao did not have a big seller to do their own platform and fall, then the industry agreed that the big seller should promptly create their own platform. But now, he began to oppose the electricity supplier entrepreneurs do platform, because it requires too much money. Liu Qiangdong this position reminiscent of Jingdong mall platform strategy. Since last year, Jingdong mall began to expand the category, the introduction of third party electricity supplier brand, so the platform is very clear intention. However, at the same time, Jingdong mall has long been faced with operating losses, huge funding gap questioned. read more

iplus Pu people stop the promotion network

This promotion network Po people came to an end in August 21st, please advertising owners in August 20th before 23 to withdraw advertising, a new phase of the campaign will be launched in September, please pay attention to the specific circumstances of news alliance. Thank you for your cooperation!

Boss you do not understand the network marketing what to save the enterprise

the rapid development of the Internet, so that we have a habit of using her to find our needs, what is difficult, you ask Baidu on the line. In the face of the next 10 years, China’s e-commerce growth of 250 times the market, enterprises should seize this opportunity. But now a lot of companies do network marketing, doing business on the Internet, just open a Baidu promotion account or a network manager, thought it would be good to pull a lot of customers online.

companies in the field of traditional businesses are now calling too difficult to do business on the Internet to do business is shouting too big competition. In fact, this is just a superficial phenomenon, we do not really pay attention to business owners network marketing, there is no real to dig their own market. The market will always be there, but your market is swallowed up by opponents. The boss does not understand the network marketing, but also what to save the enterprise? Or to look at a small series of friends’ personal experience, perhaps when you read you will feel. read more

Ringing landing calls dotting the platform of paid advertising surfaced

      in March this year after the launch of "dotting embedded advertising, advertising operators dotting also launched a advertisers advertising after receiving according to how many calls for new effective online advertising model advertising fees paid — ringing call advertising. The day before, the advertisement has cooperation in ad more than 2 thousand network media line dotting.

      reporter in the article page dotting alliance website found that the original or clear color "dotting the floating window advertising advertising has quietly emerged with a ringing sign free advertising phone number and call back box, users can directly call the toll free number directly with advertisers Communication Advisory Service personnel, also to call back the way. In the latter way, the user simply enter their phone number, you can receive a free call to the advertiser call. read more

Et Qi Xiu network advertising line put a lot of welcome

Hello! Fanchon Jixiu advertising line, welcome webmaster actively launch, believed to bring good returns for the webmaster! Please contact customer service opening. Customer service qq:183288818 319035197

data return: return

in real time

settlement cycle: Zhou knot

advertising price: 10 yuan /1000IP

audit: media audit.

site requirements: 1, ranking

2, type: Entertainment priority

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047 read more

Online money method summary

said it will give way to make money online to collect, in fact there is not much possibility, because the way to make money online too much, simply summarized up, here is mainly a summary of some ideas; to analyze, find a suitable Wangzhuan method of our own; and by their innovative new make money online mode, people’s thinking is infinite rotation, this network, the more you deeply the more you find yourself ignorant, so innovative people can find a world self on the internet.

today we feel better way or mode to share with you, and I hope we can have more exchanges. read more

The limited flow into RMB

The rapid development of

IT industry, prawns are obvious to people. Maybe you are still busy with increasing traffic; maybe you are still staying up late to update the website; maybe you are praying for the union account. But do you know how to convert the limited flow into RMB?

flow is the first productivity "may seem outdated, when we make a website after the construction, maintenance of normal removal, should consider more realistic problem, that is how to make money?

may also be fixed in your mind to rely on advertising or alliance to make money, a small part of the webmaster because a IP may earn 3, the number of four, or even the number of 5. For example, ADMIN5 Trading Forum to rely on domain names and other transactions charged intermediary fees; learn to rely on the recommendation of the wave of education network to earn service fees tutor; Chengdu gift network to earn profits by relying on gift orders. This also indicates that the future of IT’s most promising career is network marketing. read more

Baidu alliance favored vertical website T and automotive class certification

      "the first stage, the focus of Baidu’s first site rating will be placed on the vertical site." In the face of a reporter’s inquiry, Baidu spokesman said.

It is reported that the first batch of Baidu

, through the green, gold and diamonds and other various levels of certification including 25 car car network, the super rabbit website and software, most of which are vertical sites. This figure is only 15 of Baidu’s alliance partner list is still a very small part of the list, but also reflects the Baidu rating on the site using a very stringent standards. read more

Lele the third week 02 11 02 17 Commission and bonus will be settled on February 2008

alliance members Hello everyone!

The third week of February 2008 (02

11 -02 on day 17) and "cash rebate Commission ringtones" activities will be held today (2008 02 bonus 18 July) settlement, remittance, in order to ensure you can receive commissions, please check your bank account carefully, and pay attention to the account, if you are in 02 month 22 days have not received our commission please contact us, such as individual members can invoice, please send the following address or telephone contact with us: 010-62637286-32 read more

Why is Taobao Wangzhuan infernal guest Wangzhuan ultimate way

more and more owners complain that their sites do not make money or not to earn money, but also have many webmaster to these sites did not gain hard every day to wait until the first update, found himself lost in the time domain, space money is lost and finally give up the industry in.

network in the world is boundless, since the road to nowhere we can find another way to go, has been a fiery Taobao guest I think every webmaster is already heard, why don’t you think why Taobao will be so fire? Yes, it is for Taobao customers very violent and return rate is relatively high, the relative site, Taobao off violence is unmatched by many industries. EAEA Tao family some customers website just site have income, if you hang GG or Baidu Adsense ads, or sell sell Links, then, cost recovery is the most simple. I haven’t seen a cat. read more

Search engine optimization SEO money mode sharing

SEO money sharing mode. This article describes the search engine optimization (SEO) to make money in 6 modes, the 777 network is simple and we share the money SEO mode!

1, search engine ranking services to provide money:

service object: SME website

suitable object: SEO novice

make money flow: the customer provides the site’s FTP management authority, and then to the overall optimization of the site, and then help the customer’s core keywords in Google, Yahoo and other search engines on the left of the top 10. And maintain a year. read more

Hand Pulled Noodle Entrepreneurship 5 methods very careful in reckoning

talking about CEO, most people may think it means a bright and spacious office, a large company meals, as well as unlimited use of corporate credit cards. In fact, this is not the real situation of most U.S. companies CEO, especially start-up companies CEO. In many cases, the company’s capital is directly related to the founder’s personal checking account, and CEO’s corporate credit cards are often used with them to buy commodities is a card.

When a food company

into a simple Hand-Pulled Noodle, lunch is just enjoy peanut butter sandwiches on a small table, then it may mean that you are in the start-up stage, had to be very careful in reckoning. Here are 5 ways to help you save money without sacrificing quality and opportunity: read more

Lei Jun and Wang Xing why they can two entrepreneurial success

Chinese people have been a bit of a taboo against failure since ancient times. The so-called Losers are always in the wrong., Chinese values have been following the worship of "success", and shunned for failure. In the thirty years of China enterprise, numerous entrepreneurs are revelers and media holding on the altar, but once the problem will soon be relentless criticism, up and down.

I went to Silicon Valley in 1999 for the first time, it was the first wave of the internet. At that time, the whole world regarded Silicon Valley as the holy land of global innovation. But in Silicon Valley, one of the most important words I’ve heard about the success of Silicon Valley is "tolerance for failure."". Silicon Valley is particularly encouraging young people to start a business, because in their view, young entrepreneurs have nothing to lose. The worst thing you can do is find a job. As for venture capital, the most amazing thing is that they will tell you that they will lose. If a run to change entrepreneurs resume too good, life has not met failure, VCs will probably beat a retreat. On the contrary, for those who have failed experience, but can have a profound review and Reflection on the failure, and so that venture capitalists have been considered to have been more popular venture capitalists. read more

Millet’s large business 10W red rice flour

text / knife denier

millet company put out 100 thousand units of red rice mobile phone, 90 seconds will be robbed of light. This is the one from the outset to be guessed at the end of the story, the company should be very clear, quad core smart mobile phone 100 thousand units 799 yuan where all is a few minutes sold things, 90 seconds or 180 seconds,


last year, millet on Sina micro-blog for the first time to try to social sales, 5 minutes and 14 seconds to sell the amount of millet mobile phone 22 million 330 thousand of the amount of 50 thousand micro-blog also forwarded the most forward sina. That being the case, why not continue to sell millet Sina micro-blog red rice, or find a popular platform, such as Taobao, for example, just opened the payment function of WeChat. read more

Feline tinea refers to earn millions of years behind

yesterday, Kingsoft Cloud Security Center released virus warning, said the recent uproar in the Internet "feline tinea" (aka "silly cow") is using the latest Microsoft vulnerabilities to further enhance the power of the virus. Anti virus experts remind users to repair vulnerabilities. It is reported that the virus behind the finger pushing refers to the annual income of tens of millions.

Why can make money

why? Because the user needs to meet, why? Because the source code was released. Why? Because I spent a little time doing promotion.

one by one:

the first to meet the needs of users as we all know, but first you have to find the user needs, the competition is too intense or simply do not have the ability to do not think. At this stage, the basic needs of the masses have been excavated by the ancestors almost, we have no chance to compete. So I think we found that the user needs will not be too extensive user needs. In view of the national conditions, I have found a lot of online proxy site is very fire, he also made a try. That is now the crazy proxy network read more

Elephant condom Liu Kenan 90 entrepreneurs entrepreneurial logic

fourth 12 floor micro share invited "elephant" condom founder Liu Kenan, a very warm atmosphere, full of 150 people in the WeChat group as in the past.

our enthusiastic friends "ancient Jizhi" finishing the share of mad praise! Everyone in all aspects of our subsequent micro sharing are involved in the organization, when we can give everyone a display space, this is we enjoy the feast of the rhythm of


"you can look down upon our youth, we will prove that this is who’s age". This is Wei Chen’s "I speak for myself", used in the "elephant" condom founder Liu Kenan body, it is appropriate. read more

What is a good project

Hello everyone! Alibaba attention for a long time. And most like Ali’s entrepreneurial forum, where there is no lack of good work and experience, but the longer the time is concerned about what the shortcomings of what. My personal view is the real opportunity is actually very simple, it is the sentence: in the right place at the right time to master the use and possession of certain resources. This may be too general, but we think it is the rationale.

read more

Domain parking and road station profit

              domain name now, with more and more expensive, I believe that many owners hands have several or more idle domain name, the domain name, I don’t lose too, can rest, after waiting for a buyer to sell, may be able to earn some money can be used, these owners have not thought about, you don’t use idle domain name domain parking may give you a not a small sum of money.

              domain name parking, where sacred? read more

Wangzhuan full time engaged in to give yourself a reassurance

in recent years China the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people to join the army which has a lot of friends online, choose a full-time do Wangzhuan, I was one of them. However, do Wangzhuan is not easy, because there are too many uncertainties.

a few days ago a friend complained to me, said a project before the operation of the dead, now every day is very confused. Just a few days ago, he was elated to show off his achievements, when his highest income reached several thousand dollars a day. Wangzhuan have one of the biggest risks is very unstable, any wind sways grass are likely to affect the higher people’s income. Sometimes a good idea to let a few people make a lot of money in the short term, but once the network environment has changed and the violence project also will come to an end. read more