Profiteering industry small profits website

as the saying goes: the election of the industry to make a lot of money! Website, the truth is the same, but very much now the network entrepreneurs do not understand this sentence, always do what what industry hot industry, the result is keep going by painstaking effort. Here to share some of the small profits I saw some small industry sites, may give you inspiration.

first, pharmaceutical investment

pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative industry, pharmaceutical related websites is profiteering, you can search "Medicine Merchants" on Google, and then look at the row in front of the site, do not, basically on the page are all packed ads, these ads are costly. I have a student to do such a site, the flow is not large, every day thousands of traffic, but the word drug investment in the top5, so the monthly advertising revenue easily a few million. Of course, some of the company’s relatively good operation, there are a lot of millions per month. read more

Master Meng Bing West Entrepreneurship repeatedly sell hamburger has been successful Tencent abandon

yesterday, in the "China entrepreneur" conference, founder of the West master Meng Bing made a speech, he said that he had dropped out in the business, the Tencent spent 1 years, and then went to the middle of the Baidu, a technology company, has also done a lot of other projects have failed, only to sell hamburger is successful, after the success of the old club by mind, said to resign sell hamburger shameful waste of resources.

The following

for Bangladesh soldiers speech excerpts: read more

nternet era open shop

intends to open the shop a lot of friends, but most still hesitant. They start from their own specific circumstances, there are many concerns and confusion.

1- full-time or part-time?

for those who have a physical store, an increase in the expansion of online sales channels is an extension of nature, do not need to consider this issue. For students who are working or need to carefully weigh. Unless you have a great grasp of good supply channels, familiar with the related industry, relatively abundant funds, otherwise, pertinent suggestions are part-time business gradually started, do a good job full-time too late, calmly think more, reduce business risk, give yourself a road is a wise choice! read more

Some advice to the novice webmaster do Wangzhuan


said I was a webmaster, but I do is the time is not very long, I also began to turn to the forum, but sometimes I found some of his date of birth is also written in the writing and the stationmaster, the money has nothing to do, but he wrote what has nothing to do with me, the key is thinking. Find a good idea. I think there are many owners still do what CPC, CPS, CPA, CPM, advertising, and try to see who is also doing the webmaster write this kind of article, others write like who are more than blowing cattle, cut income, simply said, is extremely simple, simply leaving the QQ number to let others with his Q, or send an offline address in this connection, I want to tell those who are reading these articles webmaster friends. Please leave now! read more

2014 top 10 trends and Entrepreneurship

our obsession with technology is increasingly confusing us. When we are immersed in technology and more on the "net" of life at the same time, we have to begin to miss the past more low-key and easy life. We are closely connected with the technology, but we will also be confused about the future.

is like a teenager with the same symptoms.

we treat these emotions of technological change will also have a direct impact on 2014, our needs and ways of thinking.

, director of the new focus of JWT advertising company in New York Ann Mack cited in 2014 and after the development of science and technology in the direction of. For entrepreneurs looking for ways to promote their business model forward, or are thinking about the direction of their startups potential entrepreneurs, you can look at the top ten JWT entrepreneurial inspiration: read more

The breakdown of several key details of Taobao money off

if this is a Wangzhuan era, as it is the popular Taobao off the Taobao era, customers this year really can use Han Qiaosheng’s words "Thunderbolt" classic lines to describe the. A lot of people from the Taobao business, Taobao from the guest family, through the Taobao off day to earn one hundred yuan, thousand yuan is not a few, even the Qingdao SEO Taobao customers when this part-time can earn hundreds of yuan, of course, not every day this month, earn two thousand or three thousand or no problem, personal feeling is more satisfied. So, those who can do a full time Taobao guest can imagine, certainly more than I earn. There is so much interest to, who can not be tempted? Naturally, let more people to engage in the occupation of the guest of Taobao, Taobao has become a leader in the guest Wangzhuan project will be not at all surprising. read more

What is the biggest tragedy of Entrepreneurship do the whole company to do a product but no one last

do the company’s strength to do a product, but no one in the end, this is the biggest waste of start-up companies.

text / Li Shanyou

I have a student, is the founder of the hotel tonight, any special Xin, in recent years, with the central European business camp two students to share, he talked about an important starting point for entrepreneurship.

in their early ready to launch this project, they more reference to the similar foreign products mode, the focus for business travelers, looking for several cooperation hotel in a city, the establishment of online payment system, the use of prepayment mode. As a result, for a period of time down, the business situation is very bleak, the amount of orders every day to be able to count the number of fingers. At first they thought it was the right thing to do. Until six months later, they finally wake up, in fact, the initial assumptions are problematic. But half a year’s time has been wasted. read more

Make every day a hundred and eighty thousand yuan P flow station still April

IP day, eighty station can make money on the part of the webmaster, it is difficult to do, especially the month earns 1000 yuan. I think that a small number of people may earn more, I do not know what way they earn, but here, I would like to say how I do.

my station is the station, selling computer paper, the number of no more than 500 articles, ZhengZhan page number is about 1000, of course Baidu, GG included is pitiful, every day from Baidu, GG IP is so dozens, plus friendship connection brought traffic and the occasional propaganda brought do online traffic together are not more than 100 IP, so to the site from now, always is such a poor little flow situation. read more

Forum community advertising should be as fair as TV commercials

has been, how to make money and advertising community forum is a problem that we are very concerned about, a lot of webmasters have experienced this, the forum is too little profit, relying on the traditional click advertising is also very little.

I think the advertising community should be like TV ads, with monthly, weekly, day billing.

community has loyal users, but also has a lot of traffic, relying on the traditional click advertising is really not fair.

is particularly like a picture or Flash advertising, advertising itself to the owner to the brand influence, image, popularity and other aspects of the role of publicity, so it should be in the show at the same time pay publicity. read more

Shao Jun entrepreneurs do entrepreneurs behind

Sjolund, has invested in harbor networks and Suntech Wuxi Shao Jun: do entrepreneurs behind entrepreneurs.

      "the establishment of Ronco did not want the biggest reward is Suntech." Sitting in a Shanghai restaurant in downtown, Shao Jun said neither fast nor slow.

      Shao Jun is now the identity of the German capital partners. March 2006, and old partner Tian Lixin co founded with the capital. At that time, two people in Shanghai where the industry’s DragonTech ventures are in intense media attention, the investment of private enterprises in Wuxi Suntech landed in New York stock market soon, when its founder Shi Zhengrong was chasing the interview, behind the scenes of the investors are from behind the push to the front of the stage, Shao Jun has become the object of the spotlight chase. read more

Ever adhere to industry ethics refused to lure the interests of The horse refused to start from o

Adhere to industry ethics, reject the temptation of profit. The horse refused to, start from our webmaster.

A, preface

if you installed antivirus software can monitor the machine main directory. Then you will find. In the course of the day when you surf the Internet, there have been many times when you open the web page, there will be.Exe.dll files to your computer. You have to worry about whether the QQ will be stolen. Online banking security. The next game equipment will not belong to you. Whether you and intimate photos will not easily become among the joke of others. The speed of the machine is more and more slow, and every time the anti-virus is always alarm. Some poisonous card, even if you nuodun, Jiang Min, rising all are not deleted. Your poison is much higher than before. You can’t say for sure that your machine has no virus.

how the virus is so rampant poison really make us part geometry, and in this field to make the game the desperation of the majority of Internet users and hated plays what role?The

two, horse, interest?

a game account password mail is an envelopeHow much is an envelope

to several angles ranging from 5 yuan from 3.5 yuan, of an envelope.

they found the website home page has always been to no avail. Horse killing using a variety of tools. Change and add. Added and changed. Under extremely depressed redo system, but still be changed. Helpless in the home page message. The man contacted me. I just know what happened in the end.

Second, Trojan my machine in

every three steps, who won the server I manage the account name and password through the Trojan

Fourth, the change of web page trojan. To get the game account to sell stolen equipment. While selling envelopes to make money. Just this week. He has earned more than 20 thousand!

read more

Google Adsense is no longer the cradle of our money

Google Adsense, has given many grassroots to bring hope, take the dream. Now, I personally think, Google Adsense is no longer the cradle of Chinese grassroots dream. Now the Google Adsense a month to not No. 20, in the title, the owners of hard-earned money obviously not cheating, cast to the wind, you say what the invalid clicks, for this letter for you, can you give it what?! we except in the depressed, but many friends said that writing can be restored and now it is one of the few, not by mail reply, you need to submit online, submit, only return to a auto reply, I want to do this, and Baidu mailbox is a kind, just to give you an automatic reply, there can be no people to see the letter, to see your question, nobody will give you a reply read more

Flash site money

In Chinese Flash, FlashEmpire and flash are two unavoidable name.

since 1994, just 10 years, Chinese Internet has created too much wealth miracle, NetEase Ding Lei, Royal Chen Tianqiao, Sohu, Tencent, Zhang Zhaoyang Ma Huateng, Robin Li Zhou Hongyi, Baidu 3721 Alibaba Ctrip James Liang Ma, etc…….

In an interview with the

we launched in the thirty-sixth version of the B1 hao123 station LIXINGPIN, caused a strong reaction of the reader, we are eager to know what Chinese, people may become the next "millionaire"? From the beginning of the current period, "Computer News" will take you to find…… read more

Taobao plans to build the blue whale blew elite webmaster


Alliance Program ( the blue whale is to provide a variety of special service for the VIP website, including special advertising optimization services and data analysis services, as Taobao alliance partners, to experience the Taobao diamond quality advertising group, e-commerce certification to maximize the value of the advertising value of the CPX mode, Taobao authority, have the opportunity to enjoy Taobao the high-end party and give priority to participate in the training of right. It is reported that the "blue whale plan" will be put on the original mode of doing more new attempt, including targeted optimization of various directional big brand launch, display, according to the website visitors search product tracking advertising record lasted for the classification of vertical sites by the new service, many webmaster involved in online recognition. read more

People com cn intends to spend 100 million in Shenzhen Qianhai Jintai venture investment company

securities code: 603000 securities referred to: People’s announcement number: pro 2012-010 Limited by Share Ltd on the establishment of Taiwan Investment Company Limited and foreign investment announcement


board of directors and the directors to ensure that this announcement does not contain any false records, misleading statements or material omissions, and its contents bear the authenticity accuracy and completeness of individual and joint liability.

important content tips: read more

A strong entrepreneurial team requires 3 prerequisites

joined the start-up company for more than a year, the biggest feeling is: no matter how good the individual must be integrated into a suitable team, to achieve maximum value; no matter how many outstanding individuals, must be the same direction, consensus, understand cooperation, into a strong team, have the opportunity to succeed.

this time, I have been thinking, how to burnish a strong entrepreneurial team, whether it is the company level, department level or project level. The reality is often, the company does not lack direction, no shortage of opportunities, lack of just one and another to be able to turn the vision of reality into a good team. How to polish a strong entrepreneurial team, combined with work experience, I have the following considerations. read more

Liu Erchuang Adwords content network is the greatest wealth

has been operating with a couple of friends Adwords search for, as we all know, the search to the flow of every day is limited, and there is a fierce competition of the natural products of the effect is not good, a piece of cake for 1 people completely eat a piece of cake, 10 people eat completely enough to eat, so that test day Google content network, will have the following contents: Liu Erchuang: Adwords network is the biggest wealth.

twenty-first Century, the network at present has been well developed, many people already have some judgment on the network of the true, the same product, display in a different page, who can win the market? The Google content network in China share so far at least 60%, can be said to unlimited traffic, a natural flow easier, then producing creative, OK, test the Google content network investment of around 800, the test results about 15 single transaction, the average profit per unit is less than 400, that is pure earn more than 3 thousand, some people say that the content network volume not, I admit. It is a search network, but the network price is low, personally think that the search network is better than completely (relatively more fierce competition, before the first contact with the product) When playing with industry the amount of traffic to operate a Adult supplies, but playing the amount of traffic is limited, but does not rule out the possibility of cheating, then spent 70 yuan a week flow also did not finish, only one day over more than and 100 IP, 500IP in a single turnover of about 70 yuan, a total turnover of 3 a single, single profit of around 300, net profit of around 800, during the course also do other things, concrete is not introduced, we should know not to hang in a tree. read more

Taobao customer site to promote some of the experience and skills to share


first off is not a simple matter, in fact, those who master skills not only skills, everyone has their own practices, in accordance with their own ideas to do, the results are successful, this is the so-called master skills! And don’t approach to the promotion of their revealed the. Just a personal point of view:

1 rational use of home page to do Taobao search

just started off without Taobao search, the main reason is that the individual has little effect, and later through expert advice, said the impact on income is relatively large, but also pay attention to search a bit, not too advertising, and to combine the good website style, the search box in front of the Amoy word best removed the best selection of mall search box, a single rate is relatively high. read more