CWC should appoint interim chief then hold party polls for top posts

first_imgNew Delhi: Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Sunday said the CWC should appoint an interim president immediately and then hold polls for the party chief’s post as a leader elected by workers will be empowered and have more credibility.His remarks came hours after his party announced that the Congress Working Committee (CWC) will meet on August 10 at the AICC headquarters here. “When we spoke with Rahul Gandhi, he said ‘I believe in a culture of accountability’. If Rahul Gandhi has done this, then it is relevant for everyone. This principle is not just for one person,” Tharoor said addressing a press conference after the national executive state leaders’ meet of the All India Professionals’ Congress (AIPC) which he heads. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’He said the AIPC, in its meeting, also urged the senior leadership of the Congress, particularly the CWC, to urgently follow the “wishes of the Congress President” and the processes established in the Congress constitution to bring certainty to the millions of faithful party workers and others who want a robust opposition. The urgent appointment of an interim president followed by internal elections to the senior leadership positions in the party will strengthen the credibility and legitimacy of the Congress nationwide, he said. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KAsked about Milind Deora suggesting the names of Sachin Pilot and Jyotiraditya Scindia for the post of party president and calls for Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to take over as chief, Tharoor said he has not talked about individuals, but about a process that needs to be followed in electing the president. “I had suggested and the AIPC also endorsed it that polls should held in the party. The constitution also says that the CWC should appoint an interim president and then hold polls. The only question is whether there should be a smaller AICC or expanded AICC,” Tharoor said. “There is one AICC with around 1,000 delegates and the other of about 10,000 in which PCC members are also there. In my opinion if 10,000 workers elect someone, that person will be more empowered,” he said, adding that he has full faith in the workers that they will choose a president who will work for the betterment of the country and the party. He said the AIPC resolved to request the CWC to settle without delay the selection of an interim and provisional president and then to open that position and other leadership positions of the party to internal elections. The professionals feel that this will add credibility and legitimacy to whoever wins, he said. On Pilot, Scindia and Priyanka Gandhi’s names, he said “these are all very fine candidates, there may be more, my point is not about any specific candidate, but how do you arrive at that candidate”. “If it is a small group of un-elected people choosing a person who is then not open to challenge, there may be some unnecessary resentment within the party. If they do choose a person quickly and give him or her the authority to work, but then subject them to an election by the party workers, I think it will be satisfying all the concerns,” Tharoor told reporters. Asserting that “lack of clarity” over leadership following Rahul Gandhi’s resignation was hurting the Congress, Tharoor had last week said the way forward for the party could be opening up all key posts, including the CWC membership.last_img read more

Trump praises Danish PM he called nasty over Greenland row

first_imgWashington: President Donald Trump heaped praise on Denmark’s prime minister Friday, two days after he cancelled his state visit to the country and slammed her for dismissing his idea of buying Greenland as absurd. The US leader said he got a call from Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who he had previously called “nasty” when she rejected his idea of buying Greenland in the latest spat involving Trump and a traditional US ally. But on Friday he appeared to reverse course, calling her “a wonderful woman.” Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from US “We had a great conversation,” Trump told reporters as he prepared to leave for the G7 summit in France. “We have a very good relationship with Denmark, and we agreed to speak later. But she was very nice. She put a call in, and I appreciated it very much,” Trump said. The row had earlier prompted Trump to call off plans to visit Copenhagen next month after Frederiksen said Greenland, an autonomous region of Denmark, was not for sale. Frederiksen said she was both annoyed and surprised that Trump cancelled the visit. But, she added, “Denmark and the US are not in crisis, the US is one of our closest allies” and the invitation to visit was still open. In his remarks late Friday Trump said nothing about resurrecting the trip.last_img read more

Duchess Of Cambridge Attends Fundraising Launch For East Anglias Childrens Hospices

first_imgThe Duchess of Cambridge attended the launch of a fundraising campaign this week to help East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) build a new £10 million hospice in Norfolk.The Duchess of Cambridge meets the Cottis family during the launch of the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices Norfolk Capital AppealCredit/Copyright: DukeAndDuchessOfCambridge.orgHundreds of guests at the appeal launch attended from across Norfolk and beyond including individuals, businesses, charitable trusts, voluntary and community groups who had the opportunity to learn about the appeal and see how they can help.Among them was Leigh Smith, a 33-year-old physiotherapist from Norwich whose daughter Beatrice died from a rare heart condition after just 89 days, who said that The Duchess of Cambridge wrote personally to console her following the death of her baby daughter after she wrote a letter to Her Royal Highness outlining her story.Mrs Smith said: “I was so surprised to receive a letter with such personal comments and signed by her. I was touched that she had taken so much time to carefully read my letter and then to reply herself – it shows how much she cares.“When I met her today she remembered the letter and said it was an honour to meet me. I was completely taken aback – for me it was an honour to meet her.”The new hospice for Norfolk would be called The Nook and be built on a woodland plot near the village of Framingham Earl. The charity’s current Norfolk hospice in Quidenham is one of the oldest in the UK and is extremely restricted in its facilities and development. A new hospice for Norfolk will bring the county in line with the services EACH offers in Essex, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.The Duchess of Cambridge has played an active role in the campaign and introduced ceramics manufacturer Emma Bridgewater to EACH and suggested a range of mugs could be designed to support the fundraising campaign.The Duchess also met Jack Cottis, six, from Colchester, who suffered a brain haemorrhage in the womb and has a range of associated conditions, including blindness. He uses EACH’s Treehouse hospice in Ipswich.His mother Tracy Cottis, 48, is a patient trustee at the charity. She said: “I met Kate when she visited Ipswich and her passion for the charity is clear for all to see.”The Duchess of Cambridge has been patron of EACH since 2012 – one of the first four Royal patronages Her Royal Highness took on following her marriage in 2011.The Duchess’s support of EACH reflects her personal response to this very moving issue, where she hopes her continued support will make a difference.The Duchess of Cambridge has spent part of her time on overseas tours focusing on issues that are of importance to her and where she feels she can make a real difference.In September 2012, Her Royal Highness visited Malaysia with her husband on behalf of the British Government in celebration of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, where they spent an afternoon at Hospis Malaysia, which is a leading hospice located in central Kuala Lumpur, to learn more about how the hospice movement works in Malaysia.The Duchess of Cambridge continued this tradition during the overseas tour of New Zealand and Australia in 2014. She visited the Rainbow Place in Waikato, New Zealand, and Bear Cottage in Sydney, Australia where she met families and gave a speech.Source:DukeAndDuchessOfCambridge.orglast_img read more

In new rule Trump tries to deliver a health care promise

first_imgWASHINGTON – Striving to fulfil a campaign promise, the Trump administration moved Thursday to facilitate the interstate sale of health insurance policies that cost less but may not cover as much.The proposed regulation from the Labor Department would provide more health insurance options for self-employed people and small businesses, but its success depends on buy-in from insurers, state regulators, plan sponsors and consumers themselves. Some groups already have concerns.Don’t look for revolutionary changes, said analyst Elizabeth Carpenter of the health industry consultancy Avalere Health. “The impact on the markets and on consumers really may depend on whether it is easy enough for the groups potentially affected to take advantage of the rule,” she said.No sweeping consequences are seen for the more than 170 million Americans with employer-sponsored coverage, or the nearly 30 million still uninsured.The complex proposal aims to deliver on President Donald Trump’s long-standing pledge to increase competition and lower costs by promoting the sale of health plans across state lines. Unable to repeal the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, the administration is pursuing regulations to change the marketplace.The new rule would make it easier for groups, or associations, to sponsor health plans that don’t have to meet all consumer protection and benefit requirements of the Obama law. Those requirements improve coverage, but also raise premiums.Insurance industry groups are skeptical of Trump’s idea, saying it could undermine the current state markets. Patient groups are concerned about losing protections. Some state regulators object to federal interference.In a recent interview, Trump predicted big changes would result from the combination of this expected proposal, known as “association health plans,” and the GOP’s recent repeal of the ACA’s requirement that most people get health insurance or risk fines.“So now I have associations,” Trump told The New York Times last week. “I have private insurance companies coming and will sell private health care plans to people through associations. That’s gonna be millions and millions of people. People have no idea how big that is. And by the way, and for that, we’ve ended ‘across state lines.’ So we have competition.”Trump appeared to be referring to current obstacles that deter an insurer in one state from marketing to customers in another state. Some of those barriers have to do with state regulations that differ in the kinds of benefits that insurers must cover. For example, one state may require robust coverage for children with autism, while another may not.Under the administration’s proposal, health plans sponsored by associations would gain enhanced status under a federal law that generally exempts large employer plans from state regulation. Experts are poring over the proposal to determine precisely to what degree such exemptions would apply to the new plans.The Labor Department said the proposal could benefit up to 11 million people who are self-employed or work for small businesses, and lack employer coverage. Association plans, called “Small Business Health Plans” in the proposal, would be open to small employers and sole proprietors and their families.The plans could be organized along the lines of an industry, enabling them to market anywhere in the country. Or they could be set up to serve communities, including major metro areas that span several states, such as the tri-state New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area.The department said such plans would not be able to charge individuals higher premiums because of health issues or turn down applicants with medical problems.“The Affordable Care Act’s ending of discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions has become almost sacrosanct,” said Larry Levitt of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.However, the regulations allow higher premiums based on age, gender and other factors, said legal analyst Timothy Jost. Interested parties have 60 days to comment.The main insurance industry groups, along with organizations representing patients and consumers, worry that the administration’s approach could siphon healthy people away from the health law’s insurance markets, creating a spiral of rising premiums for people who need comprehensive benefits.“We are concerned that this could create or expand alternative, parallel markets for health coverage, which would lead to higher premiums for consumers, particularly those with pre-existing conditions,” according to a letter last month to state regulators, signed by America’s Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.Even before Thursday’s development, Pennsylvania’s acting insurance commissioner, Jessica Altman, had her own concerns. “Generally speaking, these types of plans are exempt from state law and outside my jurisdiction,” the Democratic appointee said in an interview. “That means any issues that consumers have, I won’t be able to help them. More and more people would fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government, and I think state regulators would say we really do it better.”The administration plan won accolades from Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., long an advocate of association health plans. But groups on the political left denounced it as another attempt to sabotage former President Barack Obama’s health law.__Associated Press Health Writer Tom Murphy contributed to this report.last_img read more

In GM country workers arent abandoning Trump – so far

first_imgLORDSTOWN, Ohio — Since General Motors announced its decision this week to shut down its hulking Lordstown plant — the anchor of this northeast Ohio town — workers on the line have had nothing but questions. Will they have jobs come spring? Should they put in for transfers and move their families to Texas or Tennessee? How much should they spend on Christmas?One they haven’t yet answered: Who is to blame?It was working-class voters like these who bucked the area’s history as a Democratic stronghold and backed Donald Trump in 2016, helping him win the White House with promises to put American workers first and bring back disappearing manufacturing jobs. Whether they stick with him after the GM news and other signs that the economy may be cooling could determine Trump’s political future.For now, many people here are still behind the man who won them over with his sky-high promises. But they took those pledges seriously, and still expect him to fulfil them.“Do I feel like there’s still time to put down Twitter and stop doing what he’s doing and focus on us? Yeah,” said Tommy Wolikow, who followed in his father’s footsteps to work at GM Lordstown before he was laid off on the same day as Trump’s inauguration.The 36-year-old father of three was in the crowd at a 2017 rally in Youngstown when Trump boasted he would bring jobs back.“Don’t sell your house,” the president said — and Wolikow took him at his word. But things only got worse. He’s since started travelling to Trump rallies to draw attention to the troubles in Lordstown and elsewhere where he says promises haven’t been kept. But he says he will support Trump again if he sees action, not just words.“If you help get jobs back here in our community … you’ll have my vote,” he said.GM said Monday it would cut up to 14,000 workers in North America and marked five plants for possible closure, including the Lordstown plant, which previous rounds of layoffs already had left operating with just one shift. Once-full parking lots around the plant now sit largely empty. Assembly plants in Detroit and Ontario and transmission plants near Baltimore and in Warren, Michigan, also could be shuttered.Michigan, like Ohio, was among the states with large numbers of once-reliably Democratic union workers who backed Trump two years ago. But Michigan seemed to be swinging back to the left in the November midterm election, when Democrats won the governor’s office and other statewide races and picked up two congressional seats.Ohio seemed to be holding firm for the GOP. Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown — a possible 2020 presidential candidate — won re-election, but Republicans won the governor’s race and four other statewide offices for the third straight time, an outcome Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper attributed partly to Ohioans’ loyalty to the president. “The Trump factor,” he said.In northeast Ohio, where Democrats for decades took 60 per cent or more of the vote, the GOP picked up steam. While statewide Democratic candidates won in Mahoning County, where Youngstown is located, it was by much smaller margins than four years ago. County GOP Chairman Mark Munroe credits Trump and a “newfound sense of optimism.”“If anything, support for the president has gotten stronger,” he said. “People have an appreciation for what the president has done. I think he’ll do even better in 2020.”The Trump presidency has coincided with factory job gains, although not in some of the traditional manufacturing centres that he promised to revive. The number of people working in factories has not passed the totals of a decade ago, right before the 2008 financial crisis forced a crushing wave of layoffs.Ohio has shed auto-making jobs on Trump’s watch, while Michigan, California and Kentucky have seen growth.Trump does appear to be getting credit for the economy, even from those who aren’t personally benefiting.With low unemployment and a largely strong stock market until relatively recently, nearly two-thirds of midterm voters nationwide considered the economy to be good, according to VoteCast, the Associated Press’ survey of the electorate. And while just 44 per cent of voters said they approved of his job performance overall, 55 per cent gave him high marks on the economy.In rural and small-town America, the heart of Trump’s support, a solid majority — 58 per cent — of voters making less than $50,000 said they approve of his handling of the economy. That’s only a slightly smaller share than rural voters overall.In Ohio, backing for Trump and his handling of the economy was strong. Even as voters nearly split evenly on their opinion of Trump overall, 57 per cent gave him good marks on the economy.“I don’t think he can perform miracles,” said Lordstown Mayor Arno Hill, a Trump supporter who, like others in this community near Youngstown, is hopeful GM will assign the plant another product to replace the Chevy Cruze, a model workers here produce but the company is abandoning. He blames market forces, not Trump or GM, and says the community is otherwise doing well.“If we were giving out grades, I’d give (Trump) a B right now,” Hill said. “If Lordstown gets another product, I’ll give him an A.”Trump criticized GM and the company’s chief executive officer, Mary Barra, after the shutdown announcement, noting on Twitter that the company isn’t closing plants in China or Mexico.“The U.S. saved General Motors, and this is the THANKS we get!” he wrote. The president also said this week he wants to cut federal subsidies for the company, and signalled he may place tariffs on car imports.The White House has not clarified those comments, and there are questions about whether the president has the authority to act without congressional approval.Union leaders and Democratic officials say Trump should have done more, and sooner. After the latest round of layoffs in July, Union President Dave Green sent a letter to Trump asking him to get involved and noting a large number of union members voted for him. Trump’s silence on the situation, Green wrote, was “disturbing.”Trump this week pinned blame on others, including Brown, telling The Wall Street Journal the senator “didn’t get the point across” to GM. Brown said the president should stop “pointing fingers” and called on him to sit down and discuss ways to save the plant.News like the GM announcement could sway opinion and create a line of attack for a Democratic candidate. And there are other indications of U.S. economic trouble: Sales of new U.S. homes dropped in October by almost 9 per cent, and the number of unsold, newly built homes on the market reached its highest level since 2009.Tim O’Hara, vice-president of United Auto Workers 1112, says whether support for Trump continues is a matter of “wait and see, like everything else.” He said he believes a Democrat still has a chance to win in Ohio if that candidate talks about issues people care about, like jobs and trade.O’Hara, who backed Hillary Clinton in 2016, retired from the plant earlier this year after 41 years, though his wife still works there. He said a lot of people in the area “seemed to buy in to Trump” two years ago, and he agreed most are still with the president.“But worst-case scenario — let’s say the plant closes for good — I don’t know what their opinion is going to be at that point,” he said.___Associated Press writers Hannah Fingerhut and Josh Boak contributed from Washington.Sara Burnett, The Associated Presslast_img read more

Turkey bans tattoos, piercings in schools

France- Turkey’s Islamic-rooted government has banned pupils from wearing tattoos or body piercings in schools, a measure denounced by opponents as oppressive and unenforceable, reports said Sunday.While tattoos are frowned upon by conservative elements in Turkey’s diverse society, they are highly fashionable among secular urban youth, including school-age teens.The measure is the latest hugely controversial measure taken by the government in education, after it allowed girls in high schools to wear the Muslim headscarf, a move critics said eroded Turkey’s secular principles. The ban, which was published in Turkey’s official gazette on Saturday and reported by local media Sunday, also forbids the dyeing of hair, make-up, as well as moustaches and beards for boys.The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) co-founded by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seeking to restore traditional values in Turkey, a drive seen by opponents as a bid to Islamise the country.The head of the Egitim Is education union Veli Demir denounced the measure as impossible to enforce, given that tattoos could not be removed like a piece of clothing.“Are they going to strip off their skin?” he asked, quoted by the Radikal online newspaper.“What is going to happen to those (pupils) who already have tattoos? This is not a decision that a reasonable person can take. It is a decision taken without careful thought,” he added.“It is a decision taken by an oppressive mindset. Education is all about contributing to a child’s development and protecting them,” he said.Ismail Koncuk, the head of another major education union, Egitim Sen, was more supportive of the move, saying there was no need for children with existing tattoos to have an operation.He indicated the ban would apply only to children who want to get tattoos after it comes into force.“There will be a confusion about when the tattoo was done,” he admitted. “I believe that on this issue the school will take the initiative and help the child.”Erdogan has already made clear his distaste for tattoos, telling an up-and-coming young footballer in July to get rid of the tattoos on his arm.“What are these tattoos? Why do you harm your body?” he told Berk Yildiz of the Galatasaray team.“Don’t be fooled by foreigners. God forbid, it could even give you skin cancer in the future,” Erdogan said. read more

UN official exhorts countries to work harder to build climate change consensus

8 April 2011The top United Nations climate change official today urged countries to work harder for further progress on combating global warming this year, saying there were positive discussions on the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas emission reduction at this week’s meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. “Discussions in Bangkok under the Kyoto Protocol importantly included not only a focus on what should happen with regard to the future of the protocol but also how it will happen,” said Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), at the end of the six-day meeting.“It is significant that there is a strong desire to build on the Kyoto rules and a desire to find a political solution in 2011,” she added.The Kyoto Protocol is an addition to the UNFCCC that contains legally binding measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and whose first commitment period is due to expire next year. Negotiations on the second commitment phase of the Protocol continue.Picking up on the climate change agreements reached in Cancún, Mexico last year, governments began organising their work for 2011 in Bangkok, including activities under the long-term cooperative action negotiating track of the convention, which brings countries together to decide collective solutions to climate change.The UN climate change talks in Cancún concluded with a package of decisions to help countries advance towards a low-emissions future. Dubbed the “Cancún Agreements,” the decisions included formalizing climate change mitigation pledges and ensuring increased accountability for them, as well as taking concrete action to protect the world’s forests.Ms. Figueres said that while developed countries were mainly focused on addressing the implementation of the Cancún Agreements, developing countries wanted to ensure that those issues that were not resolved in Cancún yet are part of the comprehensive Bali Action Plan that governments agreed to in 2007 are dealt with in a balanced way.The result of this year’s work will culminate at the UN Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa, at the end of this year.“What is clear from this week is that in Durban, governments will address both the work to complete what was agreed in Cancún and the work which Cancún left unresolved,” said Ms Figueres.The Bangkok meeting was officially the first week of a three-week session, which will resume in Bonn, Germany, on 6 June.Ms. Figueres pointed out that while Cancún was a significant step, meeting the long-term challenge of climate change requires increasingly strong international agreements, backed by national policies that give incentives to all sides to take aggressive and collective action on a global scale.“The UNFCCC is the place where governments have committed to act together on climate change,” she said. “At home, under their different political systems, they need to back up collective action with strong domestic policies,” she added.The Bangkok meeting was attended by around 2,000 participants from 175 countries, including government delegates, representatives from business and industry, environmental organisations and research institutions.Cancun read more

Women on corporate boards better decisionmakers than male directors study

TORONTO — Women who sit on corporate boards are more likely to “rock the boat” and be more open to new ideas than their male counterparts — skills that often translate into better decisions and financial success for the company, according to a new study.The survey, recently published in the International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics, found that of the 624 board directors polled in Canada, women were more likely to use “co-operation, collaboration and consensus building” when dealing with complex decisions.While male directors more often made decisions by using “rules, regulations and traditional ways of doing business.”Study co-author Chris Bart said Monday that his research showed that the way women operate as directors often contributed to a company’s success, raising the question of why women are still in the minority in Canada’s corporate boardrooms.“Why would governance, nominating committees and board chairs not want to have that skill set, that competence available to them in abundance?” asked Bart, a professor of strategic management at the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University.“It’s no longer just a question of it being the right thing to do, to have women on the board… it’s the bright thing to do.”The finds, part of a larger study conducted between 2004 and 2012, presented morally conflicting scenarios to board members, asking them to solve them and explain how they came to their conclusion. Of those surveyed, 75% were male and 25% were female.Bart, who did the research with Gregory McQueen of A.T. Still University in Arizona, says the answers from female directors showed that they were “less constrained” in their problem-solving skills than male directors.It also found that women were more likely to take into account interests of multiple stakeholders and viewed fairness as an important factor in their decision-making.It’s no longer just a question of it being the right thing to do, to have women on the board… it’s the bright thing to do“Women seem to be predisposed to be more inquisitive and to see more possible solutions,” he said. “This quality makes them more effective corporate directors.”A recent study by TD Bank found that women only make up 11% of board members at companies on the S&P/TSX Composite Index, which represents more than 240 of Canada’s largest companies by market capitalization.Nearly half (43%) of the companies on the index reported no female board member and 28% only had one.Bart says the reality is that the “old boys” culture is still alive and well in corporate boardrooms across all sectors.“Men are pack animals and they are very much quick to recognize the hierarchy of the alpha males in the group,” he said. “They would be very unhappy with people coming in with different values or views to the board.”Bart says the study signals that boards, investors and shareholders, all benefit when there are more female directors.“There’s a huge pool of qualified, available women who would certainly be eligible based on their experiences to fill the boardroom seats,” he said.“(Companies) drum up all sorts of excuses as to why women aren’t being appointed to the board but they’re no longer holding water.” read more

US businesses boost restocking by 1 per cent in January despite 03

by Martin Crutsinger, The Associated Press Posted Mar 13, 2013 10:07 am MDT US businesses boost restocking by 1 per cent in January despite 0.3 per cent sales drop WASHINGTON – U.S. companies increased their restocking in January from December, an encouraging signal that they expect consumers will spend more this year and help the economy grow faster.The Commerce Department said Wednesday that business stockpiles grew 1 per cent in January. That’s up from 0.3 per cent growth in December and the biggest gain since May 2011.Total business sales fell 0.3 per cent in January after a slight 0.1 per cent rise in December.Weak growth in restocking was a key reason the economy barely grew from October through December. Since then, job growth has accelerated and wages have steadily risen. The combination could lead to greater consumer demand, prompting more business restocking and economic growth.A separate report Wednesday showed that retail sales rose 1.1 per cent in February, providing evidence that consumers are being helped by the stronger wage growth.Retail stockpiles also increased 4 per cent. Wholesale stockpiles grew 1.2 per cent, the biggest gain in 13 months. Stockpiles held by manufacturers rose 0.5 per cent.The economy grew only 0.1 per cent rate in the fourth quarter. Still, sharp defence cuts and sluggish restocking, both volatile factors, were the main reasons for the weak growth.Economists say faster restocking in the current quarter should help lift growth to around 2 per cent in the January-March period.Demand could rise even further if employers continuing hiring at a brisk pace.The economy added 236,000 jobs in February. That capped a four-month hiring spree in which the economy averaged 205,000 net jobs per month. And it pushed the unemployment rate to a four-year low of 7.7 per cent, down from 7.9 per cent in January.Strong auto sales and a steady housing recovery are spurring more hiring, which could trigger more consumer spending and lead to stronger economic growth. Auto sales rose in January and February after reaching a five-year high in 2012. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Preventing and resolving conflicts must form backbone of collective efforts – UN

He explained that prevention is also a political instrument that that saves lives, as well as making good sense economically. Pointing to the UN-World Bank study, Pathways for Peace, he maintained that prevention could save countries an estimated $34 billion.One “strong sign of support” for the doctrine could be seen in the central role of peacekeepers, as endorsed by 151 Member States so far, in the form of the Action for Peacekeeping initiative.“These benefits are compounded over time to reach over $140 billion after 15 years,” he argued.Moreover, the UN is tackling root causes of conflict, said the UN chief, including ethnic and religious divisions; inequality and exclusion; and the marginalization of women, young people and minority groups – that render communities vulnerable to violence. Mr. Guterres upheld that these are interlinked and exacerbated by climate change, migration, transnational crimes and global terrorism.He also flagged the importance of partnering with sub-regional and regional organizations, noting the UN’s relationship with the African Union (AU) and Agenda 2063  to build a prosperous, united continent.“From climate change to inequality, today’s challenges cannot be managed by any single State or organization,” emphasized the UN chief, urging world leaders to use the 2030 Agenda as a universal roadmap to recommit to multilateralism and embrace complementarity.Underlining the need for “courage and political will,” the Secretary-General stated that early action, collaboration, prevention and resilience “must form the backbone of our collective efforts.”Noting that latent tensions transform into open conflict, Moussa Faki Mahamat, Chairperson of the AU Commission, observed the obstacle that while sustained prevention was “of crucial importance,” African States often viewed early intervention as “a breach of their sovereignty.”For his part, Jean-Claude Kassi Bro, Commission President of the sub-regional Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), said the UN and AU’s support was important for its work. He also reiterated the unwavering commitment of ECOWAS to consolidate and build peace for sustainable development. “Low intensity conflicts have increased by 60 per cent in the last ten years,” Mr. Guterres told the Council, which was considering how nations and small international bodies below the regional level, can work better with the UN in preventing and resolving conflicts.“Complex links” between threats cannot be seen in isolation, the UN chief remarked, citing conflicts, natural disasters, pandemics and possibly new technology.“Preventing conflict is our collective responsibility,” he said, calling regional and sub-regional organizations “critical” to a multidimensional approach “commensurate with the scale of the challenge.” Rather than manage crisis and conflict, “we should put far more effort into preventing them,” he asserted, and “invest in reducing the need for aid.” read more

Grenfell Tower 255 people escaped the inferno police reveal

first_imgFirefighters from Kensington attend a minute's silence at the site of Grenfell Tower Police have revealed that 255 people escaped Grenfell Tower on the night of the fire, as they dismiss conspiracy theories about the number who perished in the inferno.Scotland Yard said they still believe that around 80 people are dead or missing, despite suggestions from some independent experts that the death toll could be over 100.The “Stay Put” advice will be examined by the criminal investigation into the fire, along with the cladding and fire exits, detectives said. Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy said: “We have identified over 60 companies and organisations that have had some involvement in either the construction, management or refurbishment of Grenfell Tower.”He said they have taken hundreds of thousands of documents, seized thousands of hours of CCTV footage and has begun interviewing hundreds of people about the blaze in which at least 80 people died.According to investigating officers speaking at a briefing on Monday, thirty two victims have been positively identified, with 55 post-mortem examinations having taken place. Tenants illegally subletting flats in Grenfell Tower have been urged to come forward to allow emergency services to establish the true death toll from the blaze. The Government has said no-one from the block would face charges for illegally renting out their flats.It is feared the scale of the tragedy has not been captured by official figures due to many residents living in the building off the books. The Home Office has already said it would not conduct immigration checks on survivors and those coming forward to with information. Some bodies may never be identified due to the damage of the fire, detectives said, adding that the Grenfell Tower investigation is the biggest the Metropolitan Police has conducted outside of counter-terrorism operations.Investigations have revealed that 350 people should have been in the Kensington tower on the night June 14, but police believe that 14 residents were not in the building. Due to the significant damage caused by the fire, police have been left with the painstaking process of sifting through debris which may include human remains. The first phase of recovery involving dogs and bringing out identifiable body parts ended last week.Detectives have consulted experts from Austria about “cutting-edge” technology that could be used to the help identify victims, and spoken to experts who were and still are involved in identifying 9/11 victims.DNA may need to be taken from relatives to help identify some of those who died. They may also be asked details about fractures or anything else that may help. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img  Extensive damage is seen to the Grenfell Tower block which was destroyed in a disastrous fire, in north Kensington, West LondonCredit:Hannah Mckay Officers have spoken to residents from 106 of the 129 flats in Grenfell Tower and have not been able to speak to anyone from the remaining 23.Mr Cundy explained the investigation would look at all kinds of potential offences, ranging from the most serious – manslaughter and corporate manslaughter, right the way down to more low level crimes.He said: “We believe that around 80 people lost their lives as a result of the fire, that quite frankly, should not have happened “You can’t listen to the families and to the 999 calls and not want to hold people to account for a fire that should not have happened.” Firefighters from Kensington attend a minute’s silence at the site of Grenfell TowerCredit:Eddie Mulholland for The Telegraph  Extensive damage is seen to the Grenfell Tower block which was destroyed in a disastrous fire, in north Kensington, West Londonlast_img read more

Zdravko Zovko as a Pioneer Breaking prejudice about Russia

One of the most sucessful and most payed coaches from the Balkans is Zdravko Zovko, who entered the Russian market as a substitute of Evgeny Trefilov in Zvezda Zvenizgorod. How tough job will be to back title in Zvenizgorod after fourth place in Russian League last season, showing problems with Serbian Jagodina (31:21 – 29:34) in the Round 3 of Cup Winners Cup. Zovko gave very interesting interview to…– There are totally different handball methods in Russia. We lost Sen and Vetkova last summer, without findind equal replacement. That is huge problem, but we are searching.  It is still problem to buy players from Europe, even from Balkans. Prejudice about Russia still exist. Zvenizgorod is suburb of Moscow. Moscow is one of the biggest city of the World – Metropolis. TOP Handball is playing here. I will tell you, better than in Denmark.Do you have problems with “opposition” in Russian handball as the first coach – foreigner.– I am to experienced coach to know that I am here because of title or at least, Champions League qualification. Of course, problems exist everywhere. I felt a “silent resistance” from Trefilov and Federation, when I came to Zvezda. It is always difficult to work after, fo rme, the best coach with Marit Breivik in women’s handball in the last decade. We talked and now, everything is going on. It is not strange for men. I also had same situation, when I was in Hungary. They also thought there, that domestic coaches are the best – said Croatian coach and add:– This is a real challenge for me and my coaching staff. Russia will be open for other players and coaches, if we make something good here. This is very interesting country with extraordinary handball.Men’s League in Russia is playing with 35 seconds per attack. How is that looking for you?– Very good, brilliant. Handball is very interesting. We watched Krasnodar against Chelbynsk and it was really nice game. I think that this a future of handball. We didn’t see refferes. After 20 minutes, Vlado Sola (goalkeepers”s coach) asked me: “Where are they?”About Russian Championship, Zovko said…– There are six very good, proffesional teams. Besides Lada, who is the biggest favorite for me, Rostov, Zvezda and Dinamo Volgograd, also, Krasnodar and Astrakhan are good teams, ready to fight with everybody. Russian handballZdravko ZovkoZvezda Zvenizgorod ← Previous Story Serbian Women’s NT has a new Team-Manager – Milan Stankovic Next Story → Norway without two more girls for the WCh in Brasil read more

Barca beat Vardar in derby of the Round 11

← Previous Story Janc saves Kielce in Flensburg Next Story → Strong PSG Handball performance in Celje! FC Barcelona Lassa extended battle for the first place in Preliminary Round of the VELUX EHF Champions League which leads directly to the quarter-final of the elite handball competition. Team of Xavi Pascual beat reigning champions RK Vardar Skopje 29:28.29 – BARCELONA:Pérez de Vargas; Ariño (2), Tomás (2 p.), R. Entrerríos (4), Mem (2), Sorhaindo (2), Morros (4); Rivera (1 p), Aleix Gómez (1), N’Guessan (4), Jallouz (6), Dolenec, Syprzak (1), Borges. Lanz.28 – VARDAR:Sterbik (Milic); Borozan (4), Cindric (5, 2 p), Dibirov (3, 1 p), Kristopans (7), Shishkarev (3), Stoilov (1); Abutovic, Cañellas (1), Maqueda (1), Ferreira (1), Karacic (2), Marsenic. That used HBC Nantes to come closer to the leaders with away win against IFK Kristianstad 31:26.STANDINGS:1. Vardar 11 8 2 1 299:253 182. Nantes 11 8 1 2 323:303 173. Barcelona 11 6 2 3 326:302 144. Rhein-Neckar 11 4 4 3 322:305 125. Szeged 11 5 1 5 334:321 116. Wisla Plock 11 2 2 7 295:317 67. Kristianstad 11 2 2 7 278:333 68. PPD Zagreb 11 1 2 8 274:317 4 read more

Irish WWE fighter could be playing Darth Vader in new Star Wars

first_imgUpdated 6.15pmIRISH WWE WRESTLER Sheamus O’Shaunessy is staying cagey about reports that he’s playing Darth Vader in the latest Star Wars instalment.Responding to a story in today’s Irish Mirror which hinted that he might have signed on to play some version of the Star Wars villain in JJ Abrams’ movie O’Shaunessy said: A passenger helicopter and one with a mounted camera has captured footage and images of cast and crew travelling to and from the island off the coast of Portmagee and Valentia: Source: themoviebit/YouTube Base camp on Valentia Island Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet Naval ship patrolling the area amid high security O’Shaunessy has previously played the character of Vader on a promotional tour for episode one of the Star Wars franchise.He had posted a picture of himself at the Cliffs of Moher yesterday, saying he was on his way to Skellig Michael where Abrams and his crew are filming scenes for Star Wars VII.However Shaunessy was spotted having dinner in a restaurant on Dublin’s George’s Street last night. The plot thickens.There’s confusion over whether or not Darth Vadar is even going to appear in the latest instalment of Star Wars (in the form of a flashback).The original Vader costume maker posted a Facebook status earlier this month saying that he was back working on the set, but then deleted it.Brian Muir said at the time that he was under a “strict contractual agreement not to reveal any details” reports Earl Jones, who played the voice of Darth Vader said in May that he would not be returning to the franchise.Jones’ fellow Star Wars veterans Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are all involved though, with Hamill in Co Kerry at the moment filming scenes on Skellig Michael. Crew arriving back to the mainland after a day filming on Skellig Michael yesterday Security stationed in fields around base campAll images used with the permission of Here’s everything we know so far about Star Wars filming in Co. Kerry>last_img read more

Énergie solaire le plus grand complexe du monde verra le jour en

first_imgÉnergie solaire : le plus grand complexe du monde verra le jour en CalifornieCalifornie, États-Unis – Le gouvernement américain a donné son feu vert à la construction du plus grand complexe d’énergie solaire au monde. Un site qui verra le jour en Californie.Ken Salazar, le ministre américain des Affaires intérieures, a annoncé lundi le lancement prochain des travaux visant à édifier le plus grand complexe solaire au monde. Cette installation accueillera quatre centrales solaires de 250 mégawatts chacune. Elle devrait permettre de produire jusqu’à 1.000 mégawatts, soit l’électricité suffisante pour alimenter 300.000 à 750.000 foyers, s’est félicité M. Salazar.Réalisé par la société Solar Millennium LLC, le site s’étendra sur quelque 2.842 hectares près de Blythe, en Californie, créant 1.000 emplois au plus fort de la construction. Ce sont ensuite 300 personnes qui devraient être employées par le complexe de façon permanente. Pour mener ce chantier, Solar Millennium pourra bénéficier d’un prêt conditionnel de 1,9 milliard de dollars émanant du ministère de l’Énergie. Ce projet prouve une nouvelle fois la volonté de l’administration Obama de faire des États-Unis un pays leader en matière d’énergies renouvelables. “Nous allons montrer au monde que nous pouvons avoir de grands projets solaires ici aux États-Unis, qui vont constituer l’une des grandes sources d’énergie pour le pays”, a souligné Ken Salazar. Cinq autres projets de centrales solaires ont par ailleurs été proposés, pour prendre place en Californie et au Nevada, deux États particulièrement affectés par la crise économique.Le 27 octobre 2010 à 08:49 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Veterinarians Discover 19 Baby Pacifiers Inside Dogs Stomach

first_imgStay on target Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferWatch: Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Billows Like a Circus Tent’ Veterinarians at an animal hospital made a shocking discovery when they examined an ill dog: The canine, which was reportedly taken there for nausea treatment, had swallowed 19 baby pacifiers.Back in April, Emily Shanahan, Mortimer’s owner, noticed that the 3-year-old doggo started getting queasy before eating meals, Boston 25 News reported.Once Mortimer was brought to the vet, he was prescribed some medicine to take care of the health problem, except, it didn’t help him out and he just stopped eating. When Shanahan brought Mortimer to Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston and veterinarians administered an X-ray, that’s when they found out the real culprit: a bunch of baby pacifiers.center_img “This is a bulldog who’s about this big the pacifiers occupied as much space in his belly as there was room for,” Rob Halpin of Angell Animal Medical Center told Boston 25 News. “It could be a complete obstruction of the digestive track or it could be a rupture of the digestive track.”Veterinarians at the center think Mortimer might have stolen pacifiers from Shanahan’s two kids for a couple of months. Thankfully, all the baby pacifiers were removed and Mortimer has fully recovered from the incident.More on of the World’s Rarest Whales Recorded Singing for First TimeColossal 12-Foot Alligator Caught Walking Across Florida HighwayStrange ‘Cat Fox’ Found in French Island Could Be New Specieslast_img read more

Klopp is happy about Liverpools current run

first_imgThe German manager says he was not worried about his team slump in the English Premier League, as the Reds won 1-0 against Brighton and Hove Albion.On Monday, Wolverhampton Wanderers defeated Liverpool 2-1 in the FA Cup Third Round.This was some days after the team was defeated 2-1 by Manchester City in the English Premier League.And for manager Jurgen Klopp, yesterday’s 1-0 win against Brighton and Hove Albion means Liverpool is back in track.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“We did not make a big fuss of it,” Klopp said to The Independent.“It was two defeats. The City game was an open game, and then you cannot just [change] because you lose to Wolves, after the manager made 10 changes. We never really spoke about the games before. We just concentrated on this game, to take all three points.”“The performance was good, but it was not the best performance of the season,” he added.“It’s so important. On a good day, everyone can win football games. On an average day, only a few can win football games. And today was difficult.”last_img read more

Four new destinations for Turks and Caicos airline company interCaribbean says routes

first_img Sneak peek, guess who’s got dazzling new plane! interCaribbean Airways introduces new Providenciales -Tortola Flights Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, December 8, 2017 – Providenciales – Increased airlift for InterCaribbean Airways announced the TCI airline company taking the cities served to 22 across the region.    Beginning in February 2018 interCaribbean will begin non stop flights from Tortola’s Terrace B. Lettsome International Airport to St. Thomas, USVI; to St Croix, also in the USVI; Sint Maarten and Dominica.The astounding expansion of the 25-year old airline company started by Lynden Gardiner of North Caicos continues to undergo growth with Trevor Sadler, CEO at the helm.    Sadler in a media release announcing the new destinations said, We believe interCaribbean is the first schedule airline to offer 7 nonstop destinations from the British Virgin Islands.    Mr. Gardiner said, The plan to connect the Caribbean and the wider international market continues to grow and is coming along nicely.  There are now a lot of connections between residents of the destinations we serve, and, by offering new connective options we hope to stimulate an increase in tourist and business travel in the region.#MagneticMediaNews#interCaribbeanAirways#fournewdestinationsforTCI Related Items:#fournewdestinationsforTCI, #interCaribbeanAirways, #magneticmedianewscenter_img Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Federal judge weighs Fairbanks Four civil case

first_imgA Fairbanks Four banner at the 2015 Alaska Federation of Natives Conference. (Photo by Mikko Wilson/KTOO)It’s up to U.S. District Court Judge H. Russel Holland to decide if a federal civil rights suit filed against the city of Fairbanks will proceed. Holland heard attorneys argue Wednesday in Fairbanks on a city motion to dismiss the suit filed by the Fairbanks Four.Listen nowGeorge Frese, Marvin Roberts, Kevin Pease and Eugene Vent allege racial bias drove police misconduct — including coercion of false confessions and fabrication of evidence — that led to them being wrongfully convicted of murder.New evidence pointing to other suspects in the 1997 beating death of John Hartman resulted in a fall 2015 hearing, and an agreement with the state, under which the Fairbanks Four convictions were vacated. City attorney Matt Singer said the agreement does not meet the standard required to sue for damages.“There’s a United States Supreme Court case that requires that before somebody comes to federal court in this kind of lawsuit, a malicious prosecution lawsuit, they first have to show what’s called a favorable termination in the criminal case,” Singer said. “And to do that, you have to show that you were — essentially, that you were found innocent.”That’s an issue in the Fairbanks Four case because although the agreement vacated the men’s convictions, it did not make any determination about actual guilt or innocence. New York-based civil rights attorney Anna Benvenutti Hoffman argued on behalf of the Fairbanks Four. She contends the agreement with the state agreement constitutes a positive determination, and leverage for a civil suit.“Once someone’s been exonerated, once they’ve been — their conviction’s been vacated, you know, they don’t have any further incidences, they can vote, then that’s when they can bring suit in federal court,” Hoffman said.Judge Holland will decide which interpretation is right, according to precedent. Another Fairbanks Four attorney, Mike Kramer, calls the matter tricky.“There’s, you know, many, many similar but not identical cases out there that both discuss these types of, you know, release dismissal agreements,” Kramer said. “As well as what was discussed as the favorable termination rule. Very few cases have ever involved this type of situation.”Kramer said he expects Judge Holland to issue a ruling on the city’s motion to dismiss the case within a short time frame. Marvin Roberts, one of three of the Fairbanks Four who was in attendance at the oral arguments, expressed optimism following the proceeding.“We just hope for a positive outcome and we just like to thank all of our supporters that got us here,” Roberts said.The Fairbanks Four are seeking damages from the city for 18 years they spent in prison. Under the 2015 agreement they signed with the state, the men agreed not to sue, but they signed the deal under duress.last_img read more

Jeff Bridges Touts Success of Little Rock Program for LowIncome School Kids

first_imgLITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Actor Jeff Bridges visited with students Monday at a Little Rock elementary school to highlight the success it and the state has had in distributing more breakfast to low-income children.Bridges, an Academy Award-winning actor, is the spokesman for the No Kid Hungry campaign, which is trying to increase participation in school programs that provide meals for children, including its “Breakfast After the Bell” initiative in Arkansas and many other states.Bridges talked with the kids at Stephens Elementary School over breakfast and joked later in a library assembly, “I had breakfast with a lot of you guys, and I already feel smarter.”Almost all of the 400 students at the school qualify for free or reduced-price meals, principal Sharon Brooks said.Bridges also led a calisthenics session with students in the school’s library, asking them to clap three times if they ate a good breakfast and to jump up and down if they believe breakfast makes them feel more intelligent.Since the school began offering breakfast in the classroom about three years ago, Brooks said she’s seen a decrease in trips to the nurse’s office and discipline issues.”In the morning, it is rare for me have a discipline problem with a student, because they eat breakfast with their teacher and classmates that offer them a positive start before they get into the learning,” she said. “Whatever’s bothering from home when they come in, they get to sit in a positive setting.”The “Breakfast After the Bell” initiative asks schools to switch breakfasts out of the cafeteria and into the classroom. Campaign officials say children who come from low-income backgrounds often don’t eat the free breakfasts offered at schools because of the perceived social stigma. They also say transportation limits prevent kids who need the meals from receiving them.Both Bridges and Bill Shore, the CEO of the nonprofit group Share Our Strength, are speaking with other governors and schools in the forthcoming weeks in an effort aimed at providing breakfast for 1 million more children in the next two years.last_img read more