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saw the Jingdong Shopping Festival, the major electricity supplier leaders have jumped out to make some sound. But that is most concerned about Jingdong Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing is quiet in recent days. Lee, micro-blog, causing the outside world to the level of capital speculation.

speculation is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. The day before the media broke the news, Dangdang is seeking to sell price of three billion dollars, but ultimately unsuccessful negotiations. At the same time, micro-blog has been active in Li Guoqing during this period no updates, seems to have confirmed the speculation: Dangdang really important things to happen.

as a veteran of the domestic companies, while Dangdang is the earliest listed electricity supplier in the shares, but the scenery is very short, compared to the domestic Alibaba, Jingdong, vip.com mall, the United States and other electricity supplier companies, now in the market, Dangdang business scale and development strategy and other aspects greatly behind these game player.

from the initial online selling books, to expand the category, the introduction of third party platform, and then to the transformation of fashion electricity supplier, LOGO went to the library, now will focus to the digital reading and try to cross-border electricity, Dangdang "busy", but always seem to be allowed to step on step, followed everywhere "".

Dangdang said that this year, the important thing is to develop digital reading business, as well as cross-border electricity supplier. But look around, Dangdang is still not the most prominent company. Analysts said, in the capital flow and the absence of the best possible, Dangdang is the "prostitute", otherwise "only a day after day decline down".

digital reading: the advantage is not big

at the beginning of 2015, when a letter of "you and me" for the minority, people read "countless" begin to challenge Kindle.


at the Kindle market has become the electronic reading error Pathfinder, also revealed two signals, one is Dangdang in the reader and the client, the client to choose the direction of development; two is Dangdang plan to establish ecological circle of readers and authors, including the three party platform.

in January this year, Dangdang digital business officially the establishment of an independent department, plan to establish the value of ecological cycle to copyright as the core, personally by Li Guoqing, Dangdang become a department goal is within three years of occupation of genuine digital reading market 60% market share.

"is the root of Dangdang book business, we are now in the development of library business outside, dangdang.com executive chairman Yu Yu in the analyst meeting stressed the digital reading business Dangdang is now the focus, and is launched many reading related applications, and the first quarter of this year’s loss of 60 million yuan, it is also used for the layout business.

at present, Dangdang digital reading products including the flagship application of "reading books, Dangdang" partner "H5 bookstore", the focus of original reading novels "when reading a novel, lightweight reading application turn papers", and for the children’s book market "book" and other 5 products.

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