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today’s era, the prevalence of micro business, open circle of friends to see, not to sell the mask, is to sell a variety of products. Circle of friends seems to have become another Taobao position.

many people always have such complaints: every day to open the circle of friends to see a number of selling masks, selling products, every day to brush circle of friends to sell mask, really annoying!

I personally think that the prevalence of micro business, selling mask what can not? People are struggling for the ideal of micro business, you do not buy, do not have to go on the line!

why there are so many people in the circle of friends have joined the selling mask industry in the


reason is only three words: high profits! A mask cost $5, generally sold to 50! A box of 6, cost $30, sold to 200-300 block.

why is the price so high?

price is so high, things can not be good? Women will think so, the seller will think so: high prices equal to high value. As a result, the mask seller who is constantly higher prices, mask prices remain high!

mask business that fire, which sells the mask people how to do? How in a short time detonated mask Market? This is a circle of friends to sell the core product: recruit agents, ask the agent to sell.

so, specifically how to do it?

first step: have their own investment model

can not serve in the experience of the people, to recruit agents before a similar product agent, the only way to understand other people’s agency policy, investment model, and then copy it over, you can learn to be improved.

second step: join the circle, and circle members do a good job

with the agency policy, how to let others become our agent?

general agency policy is to give money to take goods, and then become agents, agents earn the difference in the sales process. Whether your products can make the agent to take the goods cost or risk? In other words, your policy should have an absolute difference, as you give others a proxy "justification", what others want to choose to become rather than other brands of agency for your


the most simple, low-cost approach to recruit agents only one move: into the circle.

now has a lot of circles on the network, each circle is formed by the circle of the main theme and culture of each circle is not the same. As long as we choose some suitable for their own circle, into it, in the circle of moderate activity.

third steps: to contribute to the value of the circle, the establishment of trust, thus acting

join the circle, you have to find ways to contribute to the circle, so that people like you. You continue to provide value to the circle, so that people admire you. With this premise, it is much easier to develop agents

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