Tmall afraid Double 11 and home stores do not dare to play O2O

Alibaba will become "good"? After the boycott last year was double 11 Home Furnishing hypermarkets, by Tmall’s efforts in the O2O this year was significantly weakened.

a Home Furnishing stores electricity supplier manager told billion state power network, on the eve of this year 11, Tmall did not like last year will reach Home Furnishing stores, not only do not have access to Alipay now offline payment, nor be set up.

Tmall last year, ‘bite’ is a false alarm, a lot of low-key." The source said that this year, Tmall O2O almost did not deploy any deployment in the home, the action is much less, almost can not see the Tmall online double 11 any publicity.

According to

billion state power network understanding, last year’s double 11 Eve, Tmall has put up a pageantry and brands, retailers make a fuss on O2O. Including the line of stores furnished with double 11 ad Yilabao, and supported by the Alipay mobile phone two-dimensional code scan code payment, while still a number of department stores, shopping malls and supermarkets were laid to pay Tmall POS machine.

, however, is Alipay to enter the line, it was combined with Home Furnishing hypermarkets to resist. Home Furnishing chairman Che Jianxin giant Redstar issued three ban, prohibited Meikailong line store promotion Tmall double 11 promotion.

addition, jbmm, Yoshimori Ikuni, Jimei, Kinmen and Matsu triumph, ouyada, star, Chengdu bajith, Shaanxi pearl, Xi’an Daming Palace, Xianghe golden key, Guangdong Le Louvre Museum, Harbin red, Chengdu Sammy etc. Home Furnishing leading enterprises are not clear to become Tmall offline experience places, and claims without the store allowed, allowed to carry out the propaganda use of trademark and trade name stores; will be allowed to store business to him at the transaction by the electricity supplier of mobile POS.

, according to a person in charge of the home store, said the reason for the 11 pairs of Tmall last year, so much conflict, mainly concerned about flying single". "The store is still a middleman landlord way, collect rent and rebate, once the business itself through the Tmall POS online payment, it will cause the line to reduce water, store revenue will also be affected."

obviously, Tmall wants from the line for online diversion plan, online retail traditional view, can be easily seen through. Stores after passive cheese frenzy ", also really let Tmall O2O in advancing the strategy become thoughtful and prudent.

from the deployment of this year’s 11 double Tmall’s situation, only around the department store, shopping malls and other places to get through the line to open up the joint promotional activities, did not get involved in the intention of home stores.

in addition, Tmall is not just a strategy to attract traffic from the line to converge to the line, but for the traditional retailers designed to help more people return line route. For example, Alipay red envelopes, online and offline Internet; for example in the department store Tmall flagship store stores send gift cards and electronic membership card, to encourage users to.

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