As the nternet elite platform in the know how to marketing

introduction: because know almost a partial elite community, if the user for your product endorsement, it would form a very high credibility. That is, because you know, you can influence people who have influence.

this is a topic I discussed with my friends in the WeChat group a few days ago.

we are aware of a relatively early batch of users, on the know almost more, almost know the ecology of the relatively well understood. So, when we talk about this topic, are more excited.

know almost a real network Q & a community, because the first two years on the line, almost know the use of the invitation system registration, so know almost the user is connected to the elite of all walks of life. In March 2013, almost open to the public registration. Less than a year, registered users quickly climbed from 400 thousand to 4 million.

although the user base continues to rise, but because of the beginning of the invitation to guide the operation of the system, active in almost all of the users are aware of the high quality of the crowd. It is the difference between a maximum advantage in Baidu know is here, the activity and quality of content are very high, every user is very seriously to share professional knowledge, experience and insights, answer more rational and objective.

is precisely because of this, know almost for enterprise marketing value. In order to facilitate the reader to think, I divided into three questions to interpret.

the first question: what is the user population know how it is


know almost the user is relatively high, it is a partial Internet elite community.

actually, it’s about the genes involved. Because almost all of the early teams are basically the Internet circle, and the early introduction of the real name system is recommended, so know almost the beginning of the basic is an Internet exchange community. Even later, due to the knowledge can often appear in some of the boutique TMT analysis articles, leading to a lot of content has been reproduced by the major technology media.


is now almost open, and know that the team is also trying to know almost to other areas of development, but because of the impact of its initial users, and now most of the users are aware of the Internet or most of the circle.

of course, due to the expansion of the user base, known now users begin to touch to other industries and fields, such as emotion, life, politics, physics, chemistry, and even college students also began to enter the know.

common users know almost is the thirst for knowledge is very strong, and they are basic proficiency in a particular line. They come to know almost two purposes: read the answers, export the answers.

so, it is almost impossible to know that the Internet is not an elite community.

second questions: do you know how to do marketing?

actually answered the first question to answer the question.

because it is almost an elite exchange community, if its users for your product endorsement, it is bound to form a high

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