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2010 annual meeting and Expo Shanghai stationmaster win-win Internet forum, has successfully ended yesterday. The General Assembly invited more than 500 well-known sites across the country, including the laggards, aggregation, I love net, pig, star website. Everyone wants to realize e-commerce conference will become the future development trend of the Internet, and through the industry elite interactive mode, discussion, sharing and exchange of e-commerce business development, the road to profitability, operational experiences and how to meet the challenges and opportunities of the Internet in 2010.

"electronic commerce in recent years showed a spurt of development, the next two years, a large number of enterprise users will enter the electronic commerce." The president of V5Shop into the East in an interview with reporters made a vivid metaphor, "a good platform as a powerful engine, and want to go beyond the opponent on the track, also need to drive technology and so on are indispensable components, fuel, superb play its horsepower."

Weibo was recognized early, whether it is business or personal, only through a system of electronic commerce services, has been far from enough; for users, not only need to mature and advanced system platform, need more mature ideas and successful experience and based on the rich resources of promotion, payment, logistics and other online. Not only for business promotion, operation methods, but also provide high quality resources for enterprises, real enterprises cut costs, to achieve a win-win situation.

as the success of the conference is the V5Shop provider independent shop system is currently the most powerful, V5Shop willing to open mind, all aspects of data integration experts, logistics, advertising alliance, the third party e-commerce platform in the industry chain resources, and guests reached a strategic cooperation agreement in the future. The ability for enterprises to provide consulting, training, implementation of a one-stop solution services.


of the meeting for enterprise users, is a good news, 2010 Shanghai station will be kicked off the Weibo network integration of Internet resources, believe that the modest development of e-commerce contribution of V5Shop e-commerce solutions for the enterprise users can





V5Shop, President of a Sinto


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