Depth analysis of small and medium enterprises in Jianshe Road where


of the Internet economy’s ability to create value has no doubt, whether it is Ma Yun’s double eleven or 35 billion, Lei Jun millet 2013 sold, won the fourteen annual economic figures Chinese award, the Internet can always give bring vitality to some enterprises, to bring you Surprise.

so more and more companies began to test the water Internet, which also directly affects the traditional industry is entering a new era. Before the small and medium-sized enterprise business pass name card, words hard to promote their own. Now more of a sentence is to our specific understanding of the official website, it is easy. Or what APP client, enterprise micro signal. This traditional industry has become the trend of the internet. So there is no network to test the waters of small and medium enterprises began to worry. But as a layman what to do? Be detours?


yes, many small and medium enterprises indeed detours, and even fall head broken and bleeding. For example, there is often a friend asked me, "why do companies do network for half a year without any effect? Why it is difficult to burn every day in the bidding of a customer from? We need to do a mobile phone website? We need to get the WeChat marketing?…


encountered these problems, really bitter smile, so for small and medium enterprises network construction of the road where the


(1) accurate positioning site type

Ma Yun once said that in twenty-first Century, if not e-commerce will be no business can be. Now this statement is too absolute, but enough to emphasize the importance of the new environment of the network, if you ask me small and medium enterprises need to have the site of our answer is still yes. There is no problem solved, the most important issue is to usher in the end what kind of website?. According to the demand can be roughly divided into the following three types.

1) name card type: many small and medium enterprises business may not be suitable for the network, so there is no need to engage in the site can be gorgeous, a variety of functions, this overhead is very large, and no actual effect. Such enterprises need only name card type of website is enough, don’t listen to some website service providers flicker, after all this is about investment returns than in. And this type of website I see 2000 or so fast the budget is enough, only need a simple domain name space annual maintenance costs, if you are such a demand can not go to muddy water.

2) – marketing: if you find your customers within the scope of business to solve some of the problems through a simple network, or that you find your competitors in the network industry development momentum can also be. Obviously you need is semi marketing type website, maybe 80% of your business will be carried out online, but you will begin to have a sense of crisis because the customer behavior can lead, if the competitor network development "

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