2015 China influence maternal electricity supplier honey bud want to do China’s largest and most hap

we do not want to do the future of China’s largest electricity supplier companies, we want to do China’s largest and most successful and most happy mother and child company." Won the 2015 annual China influence, Chinese popular maternal maternal electricity supplier brand two awards, said honey bud founder and CEO Liu Nan to accept Sina parenting channel interview.




awards sponsored by Sina parenting, after online voting, expert evaluation, the final honey bud with millions of Chinese home users, users industry first, Baidu’s $150 million D round of financing, the amount of industry Chongqing, Ningbo’s top two domestic bonded import and export volume list, ranked the first position Chinese maternal electricity supplier industry well deserved.

in the electricity supplier industry, the results of the honey bud eye-catching. On the line less than two years has created a number of industry success: within a year and a half of the 4 round of financing; the first child Fashion Award, gathered many maternal and child brand, star daddy nurse, KOL and ordinary consumers’ maternal fashion compared with the COSME award in the list of awards; cooperate with the Chongqing New Europe railway, became the first cross-border by railway the electricity supplier; at last year’s double eleven war, honey bud sales performance is 7 times last year. In the reign of terror business fighting, honey bud is everything in good order and well arranged a maternal line leader.

and other maternal and child electricity providers compared to the advantages of honey bud where honey bud founder and CEO Liu Nan said honey bud has been standing very close to her mother. Honey bud 70% employees are father and mother, you can first insight into the subtle changes in consumer demand". Liu Nan had to do honey bud because he has a child, from a mother’s love to go out to do, and now found that the honey bud to achieve a lot of the world’s many mother’s love". For the long-term development of the future, Liu Nan shows her mother’s soft and firm, we do not want to do China’s largest electricity supplier companies, we want to do China’s largest and most successful and most happy mother and child company".

is made of imported honey bud baby goods started, Liu Nan said in the future to continue to deepen and optimize the overseas mining and supply chain, let more foreign goods can be faster and lower cost to meet consumer Chinese. In addition, the honey bud will gradually increase the local Chinese have texture, design of the brand to join.

to mothers as the representative of the consumer groups, the quality of the product is the most closely related to the life of the electricity supplier. How to control the quality and safety of honey bud off? Honey bud has always been very careful in the supply chain, "where the water is deep where honey bud are self-employed, sent the most assured to slowly trip, instead of allowing the third party to do business. When the market matures, we are strong enough to control the business when it will slowly open".

because the development speed is too fast, honey bud consciously many details can also be crafted, such as to further optimize the customer experience. "How to get users to open up"

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