Wang Jianlin’s online business billion gamble million recruitment

[Abstract] Wanda electricity supplier frequent changes in high-level or from Wanda as a traditional enterprise in the field of Internet adaptation.

continued to experience the electricity supplier is experiencing a new round of turmoil reshuffle. Tencent technology today informed that the day before the appointment of a new Wanda electricity supplier management, the original COO Dong policy will be determined as CEO, former vice president of Gaopeng Gao Xia as COO, former U.S. Army large Losangeles area CIO Cao Newegg as CTO. This means that a new round of Wanda electricity supplier management appointments to complete the adjustment.

Tencent technology by reviewing the history of the development of Wanda electricity supplier to look at China’s richest man Wang Jianlin’s electricity supplier road is how come.

1 [Wang Jianlin and (micro-blog) of $100 million bet]

December 12, 2012, Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin and chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma won the 2012 annual CCTV China economic figure". Two people debate around the conversation at the awards site, for ten years the electricity supplier in the retail market share of more than half can set a billion gamble.

2, [Wanda recruitment]

Three days after the

gamble, Wanda has thrown a million recruitment plan: total plans to recruit people, general manager of the annual salary of 2 million, general manager of Technology Department of the annual salary of 1 million 100 thousand, 900 thousand from the chief engineer…… Wanda commissioned almost all companies seeking business general manager, the high-profile into electricity supplier, is regarded as the most ambitious of traditional enterprises, which paid poaching has stirred the electricity industry nerve. Wanda interviewed dozens of electricity supplier general manager, but in fact, many are mining experience, does not meet the needs of Wanda O2O.

3 [Gong Yitao joined Wanda electricity supplier]

served as senior director of Alibaba international trading technology Gong Yitao joined Wanda electricity supplier in December 2012, but in fact, the technology is not the origin of Wanda electricity supplier is the ideal person in charge of. Allegedly, Wanda vice president of human resources has revealed that Wanda electricity supplier CEO requirements are two: first, the age of -45 years old. Because too young to communicate with other subsidiaries equal. The two is the need to manage the successful experience, tens of billions of annual income, but the reality is very skinny, in line with the two conditions only Ma and Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog).

4, Wanda electricity supplier team set up


Gong Yitao as Wanda electricity supplier CEO, but the most important thing: to boss Wang Group executives and communication to discuss strategy direction and tactics, is recruiting, looking for the Internet and electronic business, by the end of 2013, about 200 people move. According to informed sources, Wanda electricity supplier in 2012, was established in May, when the team was only a dozen people.

5 Wanda IT department took over Wanda electricity supplier]

team raised a lot of programs, but these are some of the construction of a website, do a mobile App such pure Internet thinking

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