Podcast Renaissance how to take advantage of marketing


after sitting in the bench for many years, Podcast finally stood on the central stage, the audience and content publishers have seen the dawn of its rise again.


podcast is nothing new, and it has been known for 10 years that it would allow listeners to listen to the radio on their own. However, in recent years, the application of the new technical means to make the podcast and download a lot easier. With smart phones and Bluetooth devices, people can enjoy all kinds of audio programs both on and off the road and on other occasions. And the emergence of a variety of new tools to make the podcast recording and distribution is no longer as cumbersome as the original, its publishers in all walks of life, so that the form of podcasts from the content has been greatly enriched.

this means that podcasting will attract more attention. According to market research firm Edison Research estimates that the number of online radio audience of up to 94 million people.

reported that Chicago WBEZ radio launch last fall the real criminal record "podcast" continuous broadcasting (Serial) is the most popular show in 2014, iTunes is the fastest in history to reach the 5 million download / playback volume program.

, as a marketing platform, enables the publisher to establish a close relationship with a specific audience, develop and guide the audience to develop the habit of listening to the program. According to a survey by the Edison Research, the audience is more willing to share resources in social media, and the income is higher than the general level. That is to say, listen to podcasts of people with high income and high social activity jump characteristics, and this may allow you to design the marketing combination scheme will Podcast in a more important position.

if you’re really thinking about creating your own podcast, here are a few suggestions that might help you get something.

identify content positioning. Similar to other content – based products on the market, the best marketing podcasts are those that aim at the specific needs of the audience. Ask yourself a few questions before making a podcast: what are your programs to help the audience? What are the challenges they face? What questions can you answer? What are your values?

remember: (positioning) the more precise, more profit. With the inventive, consider yourself to create more value in which field. If you want to make your programs have irreplaceable value, we must limit the subject to a specific aspect – this is the recommendation of the Kerry O’Shea Gorgone. She had released a file for parents and parents of newborn baby "podcast – time" (Baby Time), marketing resources and strategy of MarketingProfs company under the "marketing" (Marketing Smarts) think tank also from her hand.

"once the theme is established,"

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