Do you have a blog

do you have a blog? If you do not have a blog, stone suggested that from now on, you should understand the blog, try to have their own corporate blog. If it doesn’t work, maybe you can sponsor a blog. One of the most simple reason is: blog can enhance your company’s Web site in the search performance. For many small and medium enterprises, this reason may be the most realistic and most acceptable.

      why, then, the reasonable use of blog to your site search engine performance help?

      first of all, a little better in the design of the blog system, more or less considered the issue of search engine friendliness. From the SEO point of view, than you look beautiful site, may be more suitable for search engines! China’s current enterprise site, the vast majority of sites in the design of the time did not consider the problem of search engine optimization!

      second, blog system is easier to update and publish information. The theme of the blog is more extensive, to ensure adequate sources of information. At the same time the background operation function is also more powerful, easy to manage. For employees who are not professional, it is easy to learn to use blog to publish information. And then use it to constantly update the site content. In the search engine optimization, content is king. With high quality content is the fundamental guarantee for good performance of search engine optimization.

      third, blogs are more accessible to external links. Blog of the world, the increase of the links are added through the background, and the blog and the interaction of the site than the average much stronger, easier to accumulate some stable readers. Your readers are also happy to recommend and introduce your blog, if the quality can be, a lot of peers and bloggers are very happy to link your blog. Blog articles and ideas, than your enterprise site text is more easily by others in the text in the way of the link mentioned. In short, these are likely to get enough stability for your site high quality links. And the importance of the link in the search engine, you do not understand?

      from the above analysis of the three point of view, the blog system is more friendly to search engines, can easily set up high quality content, can easily get links. And, in the final analysis, these three elements for the site in the search engine performance has a very important and even decisive impact. More importantly, at present most of your competitors in the three aspects of the site is not enough, so the stone was convinced that the use of blog can quickly improve the performance of small and medium enterprises in the search engine site. For those who pursue the rankings of the blog, the blog is easier to help your site to get the ideal ranking!

      as for the specific operation, it is best to be in the original site domain >

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