On the importance of resource website navigation and search

resource website is like a database, with the increase of the contents of the database is more and more huge, users can quickly get information is particularly important, mainly reflected in the content of the website navigation and search, the following from the user experience, site optimization, website promotion of the three dimensions were analyzed one by one.

1, user experience.

in the resource class website, information that users need only a small part of their own, this site should have fast way to tell users have the resources available in the web page?? can help users find resources from two aspects, the first is direct search based on user – end – station search, search function to ensure the retrieval accuracy, not that of the Baidu Google accurate segmentation technology, through the use of technology to increase the accuracy of the label. Then, based on the classification of Web site navigation to end users set up ahead of time, the classification of information site navigation to be different from the relatively broad, must be detailed, so as to facilitate the users to find content label used in the blog in common, such as the well-known SEM semhome blog, search engine optimization through the main navigation and tags to facilitate the user to read and to say the following.

2, search engine optimization

The optimization of

resource class network structure is the key to the accuracy of navigation keywords and the layout of navigation. First of all, the name of the navigation structure (keywords), must be used by the user’s search engine search keywords, so that the site is conducive to the overall ranking of keywords and search engines based on traffic improvement. Then, through the website of the overall layout of the distribution of navigation weights, analysis of search engine website is simulated user access habits, you need to tell the search engines your website the importance of each part through the structure optimization, the use of important content to obtain corresponding weights to obtain the corresponding ranking.

3, website promotion

when the user access to the resources of the web site users feel that the content is very large, can promote the conversion rate, reduce the rate of jump out. Detailed classification of the content, allowing users to feel the content of the site is very large, reflecting the characteristics of the resources of the site – a huge amount of data.

based on the above three points, the site navigation and search function best in each page shows the site, and the name reflects the professional classification and use the search keywords, the main source of the website can be divided into: direct access, promotion website, search engines, most of which flow from the search engine, the search engine brings the flow entrance may be any one of the pages of the site, so in order to improve the conversion rate and the convenience of the site using the site search and navigation on every page display.

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