An eternal topic of private hospital marketing value added service

in the rapid development of the Internet today, many industries are looking for new development, and hope that this development can go on for a long time, at least for a period of time to obtain long-term profits. For private hospital marketing, a lot of friends feel nothing more than a brand, promotion, optimization, bidding, consulting, in addition, I do not know what can go to persistent. In the eyes of the author, a constant topic of private hospital marketing, value-added services.

what is the value added service?

Chen Chen query the Baidu encyclopedia, there is no unified definition of value-added services. However, its core content is to provide customers with the need to provide services beyond the scope of conventional services, or the use of services beyond the conventional methods of service. In fact, from here, I believe that more than a month to do the SEO Commissioner will think, is what we often say that the mouth of the user experience".

combined with private hospital marketing value-added services reflect what aspects of

for private hospital marketing, the marketing mode, the promotion mode we are very clear, competitive marketing private hospital and public hospital is very difficult, but the biggest breakthrough is the service concept. The so-called service concept, including the appointment, medical guide, registration, triage, inspection, testing, diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization, counseling, health education, tracking, review, archiving, etc.. Friends have been to public hospitals, public hospitals are very general services, as well as red envelopes, medical problems are appearing, so that its value-added services reflect what aspects?

1, human services, to facilitate the creation of patients.

human services, specifically on the people-oriented, to provide consumers with quality service. From the point of view of the hospital, for example, the doctor to the hospital to see a doctor, whether it is registered, inspection, testing, etc. have specialized personnel. Included in the accompanying process can easily reduce the waiting time, the doctor quickly, so as to effectively improve consumer satisfaction, for the doctor to create convenient, thus increasing the customer satisfaction of the enterprise.

2, meticulous service for patients to reduce the risk of medical treatment.

so-called meticulous service, that is, to provide some services in the process of visiting patients. For example, some checks, do more detailed, more careful, so as to reduce the risk of medical treatment. In fact, for the patients, but the most direct service is to reduce the risk of diagnosis and treatment, if your meticulous service can make patients feel comfortable, relaxed, so that your service is affirmed.

3, personalized service, for the purpose of creating a visit to visit the relevant services.

personalized service is a kind of targeted services, which means we can according to the doctor’s set to achieve, according to various sources of collection, collation and classification of resources, and provide relevant information to the recommended treatment, with a full.

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