Two key ideas to share tourism CMS

The development of

e-commerce website and promote the development of all walks of life, including many vertical segments of the CMS due to the user is very precise, two times the development of simple and flexible, so the development is very rapid, but in the CMS era of flying, how to carry out effective promotion, let you and you are one of the key problems with user trust. Today, I sum up my views on the promotion of tourism CMS several ideas, we hope to help.

when we travel websites for positioning program is also after a lot of market investigation and Research on competitors, through the preparation, the product will come out, but the promotion is relatively expensive, so we should be very careful, what platform advertising effect is the best, which can promote the way with the least money to the highest price has become the most important question. Different promotion in the future, we also experienced a diversified way of promotion, now 188 travel programs have been many users to accept, so I used to share with you, also hope to communicate with each other, learn together.

identify the object is essential: this problem seems to be no need to say, but in fact many webmasters will go into a misunderstanding. For the most simple example, there are a lot of friends have their own independent SEO blog, everyone wants to profit from the blog, but bloggers in the updated content is not very professional? There are the practical problems in reality wrote blog or as a title to get ranked by way of long tail keywords to solve practical problems? These are most likely to bring order for you. Our 188 travel program in the promotion of the primary objective is to identify the object, you may also said, looking for some local travel agencies, hotels, resorts and so on, these are relatively large customers, if successful cooperation should be a good sales and profits, in fact, this is a good idea, but not practical. Because the reality is far from our imagination is different, many of the needs of tourism program is not really a travel agency or resort, but through the tourism website profit of individual owners, if directly to the travel agency or resort will not work, or even find them in their website by us these young man in charge, they are also the webmaster or quasi owners, so we figured out the truth, the target object is very clear. Usually do stand, we must be clear that our target customer is that part of the crowd, only clear, all the promotion, all the marketing is the most effective. We also have experience, usually post is how hard, so do not allow yourself to do SEO work discount.

followed by the promotion: promotion has a relatively good or bad points, but there is no absolute good or bad points. All the promotion is not a short duration of time, especially free promotion, so it is difficult to see the effect of one or two days. Many webmasters often share the promotion of soft, Forum promotion, Q & a promotion, blog promotion, ebook promotion, YY promotion, image map promotion, etc., and even the advertising alliance to promote the sharing of experience. These >

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