This article is soft enough Baidu makes me ugly


see on the horizon: just work and female colleagues together search Baidu pictures, but let me out of the big ugly article.

I have to sigh the author’s level is better than the soft, soft breast (enrichment in the classic words), we look at the

just in the cultural monograph editors in November, there is an article about jealousy, to play some illustrations, I went to Baidu search to.

had asked a female colleague to see a draft pick. This is a female colleague just graduated to a small company near MM, green and lovely, not the kind of personnel. She was right, then climbed on my desk a piece of picture.

I found things is with Baidu, although now Baidu shady lot, advertising, the water content is very pretty. Used to inertia.

and I generally use manuscript illustrations, the search is the principle of the article to talk about what the content, I will directly use what content search. So, I directly lose "jealous" two words to go, a little bit, the situation at this time happened!

picture of a female colleague, a scream, hurried away. The leadership must think I bully her, anxious to stand up and say ye, ran to see. My leadership is also a female, female colleagues side stopped her, while red face said: Minister, do not go, do not go to see that the boy is not authentic!

my heart that injustice ah, hurry to close the window (the heart is trying to watch or watch!). Face Biede burst red, can only giggle. Good colleagues, all look like me half a second "indecent".

I thought the girl is definitely thought I intentionally, Zhibuding that female colleagues secretly told the company that helped 8 women to understand me, his fame not change rancid "can not be. My heart was ah, also vowed not to mess things found in the company, at least not to call people together to search it down.

this reminds me of a post a few days ago to see that Baidu and Google, than who is strong enough. A Y friend replied: as long as the "enter" customers ", see the results just know who is strong, the results of many Y friends to try, I will try it, Google is very strong! Unexpectedly, Baidu also has such a, a" jealous "could be found colourful flowers in full bloom, the odd group to


can be seen, not who is not strong, is that we did not choose to choose the title of the problem.

however, today is really some fool! Do not know the leadership will not talk to me, if what a "style" issue, I can be a big loss. I’m just beginning a career, if this delay in the future, I will tell it to sue Baidu, even the police police shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, "and" Tsatsa "is a piece of the report, told them pornography poor


this matter as a reference, Y friends in the future to pay attention to!

inside the "adult picture", this is

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