Mobile nternet companies in the field of traditional giants forced to deal with enclosure

Beijing on August 8th news, according to foreign media reports, this year the global pattern of the Internet will be a major change. In China, people who surf the Internet through mobile phones will exceed PC. North America, Europe, as well as Turkey, Indonesia and other fast-growing internet market is also true.

for the current Internet leader Google, Facebook, as well as YAHOO and Microsoft, this is a huge change, most of their users through the PC internet.

part of the mobile industry executives will accelerate the growth of the mobile Internet compared to the newspaper industry is facing readers to the network news. This will focus on mobile startups to replace the current leader to create opportunities. Instagram or angry birds, and soon attracted tens of millions of users, so that the growth rate of many Internet Co unprepared, highlighting the impact of this huge change on the Internet leader.

mobile social network Path CEO Dave · (Dave Morin); Maureen said, "the development of the mobile Internet in 1999 with the traditional Internet similar."

in IPO (initial public offering) a few weeks ago, Facebook announced a $1 billion acquisition of Instagram has a user of 50 million, and later Instagram has increased by more than 30 million users. Rovio announced that the release of 3 months later, the latest version of angry birds downloads reached 100 million times. "Angry birds" has been downloaded 1 billion times, for PC or video games, it is almost unimaginable.

in the hands of large companies to acquire or acquire the skills needed to move into the field, dozens of applications based start-up companies have been in the field of mobile enclosure. Companies such as Path and Flipboard argue that they offer a user experience that is superior to other social networking or magazine applications, faster than the average site in terms of speed and simplicity.

with Internet users have through mobile devices, the Internet giant was forced to carry out strategic transformation, not only for the display adjustment service small mobile phone, or transplanted to an existing advertising model of new media. For fear of losing direct contact with the user, Google Android platform successfully involved in the field of mobile software. In order to get the envy of apple as well as profit margins and control the user’s ability to move all the experience, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are involved in the field of hardware.

startups said the birth of the mobile world gives them an inherent advantage. Mobile phone and tablet PC news app Flipboard co-founder Evan · (Evan Doll), said, there is no other option to force you will not be regarded as two mobile business citizens such as. The publishing industry has also changed dramatically from print to digital."


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