Baidu secret to create an open platform for application or officially announced on September 2nd

Baidu secret to create an open platform for the application, with a number of well-known sites, users will be able to run directly in the search results. According to Baidu insiders, Baidu will be officially opened in September 2nd, the world’s 2010 officially launched the application of open platform in order to search results in the direct binding of the characteristics of the customer site. Many well-known websites have begun the beta product.

a Baidu insiders, Baidu is collaborating with a number of Internet famous websites and application developers to create new secret open platform application, these web services to the application module form directly onto the search engine, so that users of instant use, including watercress, Jinshan and other famous enterprises in invited to test out.

according to a technical staff watercress network revealed that watercress is on the search that is related to the products and Baidu cooperation, ready to DouBan FM packaging into a network application and put on the search engine. Then, when users search for "DouBan FM" and other related words in Baidu search results, the first results will be a DouBan FM player can play directly.

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insiders said Baidu, in addition to many developers watercress, and Baidu website is also used a similar type of cooperation in various fields, including coverage of the game, download, antivirus, online dating and shopping, which include PPTV, Jinshan and other well-known enterprises in industry, there are a large number of applications and Games the software development team or individual. Cooperation is the open interface developers provided by Baidu to deliver quality resources, direct docking with the needs of users in the search results page to the application form, to facilitate Internet users instant use".

earlier, Baidu maps and Sina Locke teamed up to create the Baidu estate map, is the application of the open interface Baidu Maps application in the field of real estate. Through the map, the user can not only see the target location, housing prices and other basic information, but also can understand the housing surrounding environment, transportation, life support and other information, but also through the powerful ranging bring convenience to the network showings personally on the scene.

application open platform technology known as the largest U.S. SNS site Facebook. Facebook open programming interface for the third party website to prepare games, tools and other software, running on the Facebook platform. Developers can use the platform to get a lot of attention to the number of users and traffic, the platform can be developed by a large number of developers to improve their own functions, to attract more users. (reporter Yang Miao)

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