Chinese book works anti piracy Alliance launched the first case of human rights

Chinese book works anti piracy alliance ceremony

      Sina Francisco April 23rd message, along with the development of electronic reading, mobile phone reading, listen to the China anti piracy alliance works by the participation of some telecom operators, publishers, literary website "" (hereinafter referred to as the Union) recently established, and in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and other places to the Pirate Party launched the number of lawsuits were filed 6 cases, total claims 1 million 200 thousand yuan. The lawsuit into the domestic first listen to the book industry collective rights case.

China book works anti piracy alliance

It is reported that in April 22nd,

, the cultural attractions Wansong College Hangzhou, a subsidiary of China Telecom, oxygen listen to the voice of CNR, CCTV, the country depending on the communications, Shanda literature, Zhejiang and other electronic audio-visual publishing unit of the Joint National audiobook copyright rights of the parties and the majority of people listen to the works of the author and radio announcer, initiated the establishment of China to anti piracy work union "(hereinafter referred to as the union).

this is the first domestic anti piracy alliance to listen to the book industry, is following the Chinese network video anti piracy alliance, the writers Rights League, digital music rights alliance, an anti piracy alliance established the domestic Internet copyright industry. The alliance guiding unit of the national copyright administration, Zhejiang provincial Copyright Bureau, copyright association, China Chinese Copyright Association, China Film Copyright Association, copyright association Chinese anti piracy Alliance Committee, and sponsors, CO sponsors, dozens of legal experts attended the launching ceremony on behalf of the alliance. Zhu Yongde, deputy director of the Zhejiang provincial Copyright Bureau, vice chairman of the China Copyright Association, China Film Copyright Association chairman and other leaders and guests delivered a speech.

according to reports, the alliance aims to declare war on piracy, promote the process of genuine audiobook industry, and the support of the national regulatory authorities, the build of a new order to listen to the book industry, effectively protect the interests of the audience.

pirated book works seriously hurt the interests of users

in recent years, the rapid development of mobile phone reading, but pirated book works seriously hurt the interests of users. Pirated content is generally the right side without copyright authorization, its quality can not be guaranteed, often mixed with a lot of noise, scream, listen to the experience far less genuine. But the long-term poor audio books to listen, but also people tinnitus, dazed brain phenomenon, greatly hurt people’s hearing. Therefore, users listen to the best use of genuine Union called reading platform.

China Telecom’s oxygen audiobook Chupin Tianyi reading culture company general manager Xiao Wei introduced, like oxygen audiobook has the largest genuine book works, works of category and quantity is very rich, covering more than and 20 species, there are over 100 thousand hour long book. Its content is high fidelity sound works, sounds clear and clear voice, a long time will not produce uncomfortable feeling.

piracy will make the whole industry chain audiobook hit, genuine party does not return.

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