Dragon Boat Festival talk talk about the characteristics of the website

    today is the Dragon Boat Festival, the festival is a very interesting holiday, is now accepted as the mainstream of the memory of Mr. Qu Yuan, to celebrate his great sentiment. But there are also many before the Dragon Boat Festival on the origins of the research: to commemorate Qu Yuan said; to commemorate Wu Zixu said; memorial Cao’e said; in three generations of the summer solstice festival; evil days say repellent, Wu Yue national totem offering etc.. We re in the Dragon Boat Festival the festival as a serious topic for discussion, it is due to South Korea is the Dragon Boat Festival inscription.
      that the Dragon Boat Festival and what is the characteristics of the site, it is a dull today. Take this a relatively obscure topic when introduction, to talk about my view on the features of the website.
      Web from 2000 1, I was a small cafe owner was also a flicker in cafe owner in website this line to flicker, to Web 2, I have every day in the Baidu, Google, constantly looking for the true meaning of Web2.0. Read some of the site, I gradually understand some of the problems, the original feature of this argument is that 2 to more than a lot of things because of the 1.

      well, we come back to talk about the Dragon Boat Festival inscription, Chinese to Korea inscription, grab the first, because Chinese temporarily don’t clear exactly 9 million 600 thousand square kilometers of this festival to commemorate who, it said, Qu Yuan said the main stream is said. But there is also a non mainstream this one, such as the Chinese people must be under this. Not to mention Korean inscription well, even after the sheets were washed oneirogenic 180 times.

      Korean inscription point is that I have more features, although Chinese Dragon Boat Festival with me is like, but I still have their own characteristics, for example, a mask dance, wrestling, swing, taekwondo, and calamus boiled water shampoo. The Chinese do not.

      this taste is a bit like Web2.0 who said, I have Ajax, I can DIY their own page, I have SNS circle, even the video are not VOD but Flv, the name of great, called streaming media. These words, looks like some love gentie comments friends. This person is called the characteristics of race, like to use characteristics to determine things.

      then we continue to prove, South Korea’s Dragon Boat Festival with Chinese the dragon boat races, eating zongzi than if you tell me who feel more features? Yes ah, I do it to assess the change, it must be the voice of the South Korea made the first word. But such a saying, certainly a lot of friends feel uncomfortable.


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