Nearly 700 million network envelopes sweep New Year’s Eve nternet users do not look at the Spring F

Beijing, February (19) (IT channel Zhang Sinan) in full swing in the red envelopes war on New Year’s Eve ushered in the final battle. WeChat, Alipay, QQ, micro-blog, Sina mobile phone unfamiliar street as the platform issued a wave of red envelopes, put the total amount of nearly 700 million yuan. Many users refer to the network red sky to fly "," rain like red, also have a lot of friends said he just ignored the demolition red, even once a year the spring festival. Experts said the platform Hao throw hundreds of millions of dollars to grab the user, engage in marketing, will bring tens of millions of user growth, draw the user cost is not high. But there are also friends said, on the eve of this traditional festival, should accompany their loved ones, should not "hold up, do not let the mobile phone" red envelopes to dilute the family business.

network platform on New Year’s Eve ho throw nearly 700 million yuan WeChat Alipay platform system is now sprinkled red intermittent fault

New Year’s bell has rung. Since last year, WeChat "Pearl Harbor" at that moment, the Chinese traditional red envelopes, please pick head way destined to change. Compared with the elders "simple practices wrapped in red paper gift money", WeChat, Alipay launched the red war more Internet taste". Young people meet without asking "did not grab, grab this year?".

it is understood that this year’s new year’s Eve, WeChat platform a CCTV Spring Festival evening, from 20 points to 24 points, a total of more than 500 million yuan red sprinkled to users through the "shake", the maximum amount of a single red reached 4999 yuan. Alipay in the new year’s Eve morning 10 issued 10 million yuan in cash envelopes, after the start of spring in 20 points, 21 points, 22 points, 23 points, 24 points time issued a total of 100 million yuan in cash envelopes. Sina micro-blog also issued 100 million yuan in cash on New Year’s eve. The total amount of all red envelopes together has nearly 700 million yuan.

in addition, Alipay also launched Chinese password in the launch of digital password, enterprises can share envelopes on the platform, users in the Alipay platform to enter the enterprise custom Chinese password, you can receive red envelopes. In addition, Ma out of pocket in Alipay and the exchange platform issued six envelopes, amounting to 0.01 yuan, 9.9 yuan, 99 yuan, 199 yuan, 1999 yuan, 4999 yuan, a total number of 999 thousand and 999 red envelopes.

Although the

platform mustering the effort of red envelopes, but the platform is not so "go". In the late 8:18, red war opened, many users reflect the WeChat and Alipay platform failure, show the "demolition red fail, try again", "the request is not successful, please try again later.". WeChat confirmed that the system appears bug. The fault is repaired for about a quarter of an hour. But in the next few hours, there have been users reflect WeChat Caton "and" smooth "and" time lag "problem.

experts said the platform throwing hundreds of millions of red envelopes to draw the user’s cost is not high users should not be allowed to reflect the commercial red dilute affection

through the rough statistics, this year

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