This was established only a year of square dance App how to capture the heart of 50 million aunt

vast horizon is my love, the continuous green hill at the foot of the flowers open."

"you are my little apple, how can I love you?"."

at the end of the week, a divine comedy from the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen City residential square, square dance aunt who are enjoying their happy time in.

in the eyes of the public, the square dance aunt just after dinner with "dazzle most folk style", "little apple" twist waist for a group of people. In the eyes of their capital, has already become a piece of meat and potatoes.

2015, a number of companies aimed at these square dance aunt, started their business. Among them, the sugar beans square dance early into the square dance field, with the first mover advantage. From the end of 2015 PC to the mobile terminal, stand firmly in the first echelon.


according to the data provided by the sugar beans, its entire network coverage of nearly 50 million users (including mobile end user of 19 million), daily living has more than 2 million 500 thousand, from the mobile terminal.

recently, sugar bean square dance announced the completion of $5 million B round of additional investment, from the IDG vertex venture capital. In September this year, the sugar beans square dance announced $15 million round of financing, from the capital (Lei Jun do LP) collar investment, Jun Lian capital, also linked to capital (YY founder do LP), red dot investment and investment in B. If you count on September 2015 to get $5 million A round of investment, just over a year’s time, sugar beans get a total investment of $25 million.

according to the sixth national census of the State Council, the number of people in China after the end of 60 and after the number of about 440 million people in. The proportion of China’s elderly population is expected to rise to 24% by 2030, up to the level of most developed countries. We always say that after 90 very much, in fact, only 1 more than 10 million, while the 60, after the addition of up to 440 million people in the United states. Such a large group of people, from the functional machine to the era of intelligent machines, you need to have a lot of entertainment applications to serve them, square dance is one of the entry point." Sugar bean founder Yuan Chang told entrepreneur & I; the dark horse, get the money after the sugar beans, with millet mobile phone have more cooperation, increase investment, sugar beans made the old version quickly.

the following content for the founder of the sugar bean Yuan Chang accept entrepreneur & I dark horse interview oral finishing:

in 2005, when I was studying in Beijing University, founded the first company CC video, CC video for the B side of the enterprise to provide a complete set of video on demand (Live) solutions.

2011, I set up a small team, in the company to do some of the TO C project attempts, including the United States to do the makeup of the net and do square dance of sugar beans. In this process, we found the Baidu index as the square dance, the things we decided.

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