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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 7th news, I do not know whether we still remember last week by hot hungry financing $630 million, worth more than $3 billion? A turning point in yesterday, according to foreign media reports VentureBeat, related to informed sources, takeaway service "hungry" is less than the actual amount of financing $400 million, far less than the $630 million announced last week.

day before VentureBeat, citing anonymous sources, a well-known venture capital firm said: "hungry" the actual valuation of $1 billion 500 million, $3 billion valuation than that exaggerated 2 times, the total amount of financing is less than $400 million.

worth mentioning is that when you are hungry in the publication of the F round of financing, the outside world have questioned the amount of financing and valuation of water. 630 million of the amount of financing must be inflated". Analysts said the general norm, lead investor investment accounted for about 50% of the amount of this round of financing, even if there is a two square collar vote, up to $630 million.

Withdraw the event

hungry this round of financing is a financial advisor to Huaxing capital media issued a press release. So for this report, hungry is how to respond to it?

hungry official responded that it has announced a new round of financing the amount of money and the company’s valuation is true. F round of financing in addition to the financing has been announced additional, is still open for. Hungry enough money, will expand the online trading platform, build an immediate distribution platform to enhance the user experience in three directions continue to force.

"more than 80% start-up companies will become false financing, the RMB dollar financing amount multiplied by 3 times 5 times too ordinary, even multiplied by 10 times the performance and put in place There are plenty of people who, according to the situation of staged investment becomes more disposable financing is a common practice." A professional investor investment in the financial sector to explain corporate financing false phenomenon: "on the one hand is due to the need of favorable capital market and entrepreneurial companies to enhance the brand influence and expansion, on the other hand is the traditional mode of financing is still expensive financing problems, financing is still a little problem."

over the past few years, the entrepreneurial company false financing and valuation has become the industry unspoken rule, already is the venture capital circles "open secret". This year after 3.15, Wo Wo Group and several companies have been reported financial fraud. But in the Internet appears to reduce the investment situation, hungry made this situation will certainly be questioned financing suspense.

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