Domain name how many website is bought

these days is not a Microsoft to buy YAHOO? See a website named BUY, I suddenly thought, buy YAHOO buyyahoo should be a spoof? Checked online and has already been registered, but has not been registered.

in fact, I think is also good ah, from the traffic point of view, if you do a concern Microsoft to buy YAHOO website information station, I am afraid that the flow should be able to bar. Today, check the domain name, found to have been registered. Do not know who just bought it (too lazy to check), intends to do?

extends this idea, I looked at: buyQQ, buybaidu, buysina, buysohu, buy163…… They were all bought. But no one to buy, I do not know after reading the article, who will be the first to win?

In fact,

domain name registration is very uninteresting things, such as these to buy a website, I really do not know these people will take these domain names? The reason I want to write about this thing, that is, in fact, a lot of people a lot of domain name registration is not the actual value, the domain name is just a product of occasional febrile. Are the value of the domain name, if not out of the old website, so in her hand, one thing is very uninteresting. Dream by registering a domain name to get rich, the actual possibility to buy lottery almost.

seriously study the domain name, you will find that there are a lot of domain names in general web sites, traffic and rankings are very high, the site is also very valuable. There are a lot of domain name is very good website, also did not see its Web site to go. On the contrary, the good domain name of the website is a lot of put up the shutters. Domain name is not a website, it is just a more important factor. If you zoom in on it and make it a rich road, a career you want to fight, it’s wrong. By the domain name to make money era has been trampled on by others, in the barren land, it is difficult to dig out what.

do not buy anything, because it is not useful to buy.

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