November 2012 nternet Adsense news review inventory

1, Taobao made Festival: Double how to achieve 19 billion 100 million electricity supplier feast

"on the eve of double eleven", Yin, general manager Fang Jianhua and his staff to play a game of gambling, gambling is the object of daily sales in November 11, 2012 "singles day" the Yin man. Fang Jianhua to the team’s goal is to "protect 45 million red 55 million, but his team believes that this goal is too low, at 80 million. With conservative attitude as well as Tmall CEO Zhang Yong. The president of the CFO who thought Tmall, "singles day" challenge 10 billion is difficult, but was "going to the superior subordinate reminds a coefficient", don’t let the bet lost.

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Taobao made Festival: Double eleven how to achieve electricity supplier feast

19 billion 100 million

from Tmall Taobao’s "19 billion 100 million" to see the development of e-commerce

double Eleven: overdraft consumption, cumulative consumption, promotion of consumption,

19 billion 100 million crazy business speculation: traditional channels Jedi counterattack

Tmall will not cancel the "double eleven" activities cause analysis

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double 11 online shopping after boiling cold thinking

2, Jingdong signed a strategic cooperation with Meizu signed a $800 million purchase agreement

Jingdong mall today signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the mobile phone manufacturer Meizu technology in Beijing 800 million yuan. Jingdong chief marketing officer Lanye mall, Mo cuitian Meizu vice president of science and technology jointly issued the long-term strategic cooperation plan. It is understood that, in June 1, 2012, Meizu technology and Jingdong mall began to cooperate, force electricity supplier channel construction, just a few months will be among the top three domestic Jingdong smartphone sales charts.

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Jingdong signed a strategic cooperation with Meizu signed 800 million yuan purchase agreement

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3, Baidu Adsense platform latest announcement: selling links will also be hit by

Baidu webmaster platform in October 23rd had announced on the chain of cheating algorithm upgrade, the intention to fight through >

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