Tianya community was suspended stock transfer semi annual report is not disclosed


technology news September 1st evening news, the National SME share transfer system announced that the Tianya community network of Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as the "Tianya", stock code: 833359) and other 19 companies failed to disclose in accordance with the relevant provisions of the 2015 semi annual report, since September 1, 2015 to suspend the transfer of shares.

in April 30th this year, the end of the community released a public transfer instructions, to be listed on the new board. July 31st, Tianya community has been listed on the new three board documents, and the completion of the first round of the issue of 3 million shares of stock raising to specific objects.

public transfer instructions show that Tianya community has two consecutive years of losses. 2014, Tianya community losses of 44 million 658 thousand and 200 yuan, while the loss in 2013 was $31 million 613 thousand and 300, a total loss of $76 million 270 thousand for two years.

it is understood that the world is seeking transformation of the community, including social media, community games, community based e-commerce, and social networking financial services.

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