All sealing Taiwan from dufengtai com to sell 2000 yuan speaking

      one thing to hear today, that has registered the domain name, and insider trading, have 2000 yuan turnover. Can only say, it is wise to do, they know "Taiwan ten years, one minute on the truth.

      in fact, the domain name is wrong, is to "all" instead of "capital", the reason I did not point out in advance, before foreshadowing.

      today also met a thing, is a wonder Wahaha founder Zong met:

      Danone Wahaha bought cheap 4 billion. Zong Qinghou for Wahaha and Danone this case, some people say "I could not bear the hard hit the foundation, is a game of capital circle, so resolutely stand out a lawsuit dispute in the end, some people say" this is a national brand antitrust battle ", some people say" this is business ethics, business rules and laws between a violent collision, Zong Qinghou to remain perplexed despite much thought.

I think:

      is a strategic problem, military combat, don’t look at each other’s will, how much resources, only two generals who is more clever, more control, more energy for the next five years, ten years ahead of a foreshadowing deployment. When you are not monitoring to superior, ambush, is bound to be a failure.

      the two sides had a: group, 49% and 51%, the board of directors has ceded danone.
      second, both sides have been buried a foreshadowing, in sales, brand, product or project, are decided by the board of directors and the board of directors led by Danone, Wahaha from the outset has lost their own initiative.
      third: dare not dare to cut off his arm, don’t wait for who can settle the matter, but in themselves, can build a Wahaha, and did not build up a Hahava, why must rely on others? Zong Qinghou is not old, the mentality is still young, as long as the understanding of this sentence is enough. domain name is the same, deliberately gives people a fuzzy concept, set up "may at any time, whether it is a very famous business empire, or a small figure, this is the macroscopic strategy, it is the symbol of careful thinking.

      strategic talents eventually achieved, is destined to be extraordinary, incredible, like Han Xin. "

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