Beijing to crack down on nternet gambling fraud and other network related crimes arrested 1065 peop

to implement the national Internet publicity management working conference spirit, to maximize the purify network environment, according to the municipal government and the Ministry of public security related deployment, Municipal Public Security Bureau in a work public opinion led policing ", increasing the illegal behavior of the virtual community efforts to investigate, in February 14th launched the" spring clean-up remediation black market network action ", illegal crime crackdown involving network, effectively purify the network environment. The "spring action" to carry out a month since the Municipal Public Security Bureau comprehensive clean-up involving network violations, especially aiming at the bad effect on society, the masses are strongly prominent criminal activities related to network, key to combat, cracked a total network involving more than 1000 cases, arrested criminal suspects more than 1000 people, clean up illegal online the information of more than 20.8, administrative penalties for violations of the Internet more than 3100 units, achieved good results, "web 110" report website daily received a netizen clues than action before the decline of 53%, related to the network search engine illegal information than the "spring action" before the decline of 50%, the "online information network crime was significantly reduced, significantly compressed space the order of the network, significantly improved people’s satisfaction, online security significantly enhance the objectives, reflect the social good, and create a harmonious, Stable and secure Internet environment.

The police

the "spring action" by the Municipal Public Security Bureau, public security, criminal investigation, narcotics and other multi sectoral coordination and cooperation, to clean up harmful information online, remediation of illegal units, combat network crime network involving prominent focus, comprehensive clean-up online sale of dangerous goods, trafficking unlock tool, dissemination of pornographic and other harmful information, the focus of remediation the system of safety management measures are not implemented in the network, hackers to crack down on such crimes and online gambling, Internet fraud and other illegal acts. At the same time, give full play to the Public Security Online patrol control function, through the "capital net police" real name micro-blog, a public warning on suspicion of minor illegal users, to remind users to consciously resist the spread of harmful information, launched a comprehensive web site to carry out self-discipline, and consciously implement the illegal and harmful information dynamic inspection and other measures to encourage users to actively report illegal information online, CO clean up illegal information online more than 20.8, effectively purify the network environment. According to the safety system networking unit is not implemented, the Municipal Public Security Bureau established innovation "interviews rectification mechanism", there is a slight risk of vulnerability, networking unit, the main responsibility for timely interviews, face-to-face legal propaganda and warning education, supervision level website to take preventive measures, and the treatment is not timely, illegal information high frequent stop network sites to take measures such as administrative punishment has network of more than 3100 units, in the industry played an effective warning. At the same time, follow the dominant opinion, intelligence first "concept, the Municipal Public Security Bureau to dig network clues, full integration of police resources, building network security department, public security, criminal investigation, economic investigation, narcotics and other closely tied, the synthesis of combat combat mode, aiming at the bad social impact, the masses have strong network hacker, network gambling, Internet fraud, Internet pornography and other illegal activities, adhere to the online network linkage, carry out the information.

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