Nora was due to infringement Tencent reported 260 million tickets unrelated to jurisprudence Shenzhen

June 19th new media news (reporter Feng Lu) recently, Nora because it was the Tencent take the lead report facing 260 million yuan ticket news caused widespread concern, in this regard, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Management Bureau said, the Tencent as the infringed party made a report, due to business entities is piracy report the case is not uncommon.

Tencent admitted Nora

on infringement complaints

on the 18 day, the media reported that in May 20th this year, Shenzhen city market supervisory authority Nora company issued the administrative punishment hearing "this book" shows that the investigation Nora because Tencent take the lead report. In March 17th, the Tencent to make a complaint to the Shenzhen municipal market authority, said Nora company without permission, through our mobile terminal communication to the public "Beijing love story", "freaky story" and 24 works, and the Tencent has 24 works in this exclusive right to network dissemination of information, Shenzhen city market authority on March 26th then, the investigation confirmed that the Tencent has the above works the exclusive right to network dissemination of information.

some netizens commented that the Tencent report Nora eldest brother, certainly because P2P Nora has seriously affected the Tencent video business model, with the two companies and the Shenzhen high tech Industrial Park, the Tencent must be eradicated.

Whether involving commercial competition

Tencent? In this regard, the Tencent responded that, from 2012 onwards, Tencent, Sohu (58, -1.26, -2.13%), a member of music as the other anti piracy alliance, has repeatedly and Nora infringement on commercial companies to negotiate, the only Tencent suffered piracy as many as 24 sources the Ministry, but tort problem has not been solved in essence.

anti piracy is a matter of concern most video sites, we only focus and maintain Internet video copyright issues, to protect the legitimate interests of the copyright, and to other members of the anti piracy alliance together, initiate infringement on commercial litigation." Tencent said.

260 million ticket and jurisprudence unrelated

Tencent report belongs to the field of intellectual property report, 260 million yuan ticket and jurisprudence does not matter, jurisprudence report to the public security department to accept." Relevant person market supervision administration of Shenzhen Municipality said on condition of anonymity, report piracy is common, subject to business organizations are, because such cases are infringing party organization to operate mainly in the name of a person or a neutral third party to come to report is not common.

why is the identity of the public disclosure of the


for some users about the identity of the Tencent complaints why open questions, the official said, according to the internal regulations, need to be protected whistleblowers, informants information should not be made public, this time we did not bother to open a Tencent of the informants, the Tencent reported only one side, according to media reports could be broadcast infringement case hearing information from speculation, not our initiative to inform. < >

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