Deep throat broke P2P net loan pools of capital that trap Guarantee Corporation is not reliable

[Abstract] don’t be obsessed with high yield, high income also means high risk, no matter how safe and reliable the other description.

reported in July 2nd may a Tencent of science and technology

is a P2P run away climax, June only has 6 net lending platform has been blasting the lost run away. For the barbaric growth of P2P net loan industry, in the high-speed expansion at the same time, chaos.

has many years of experience in the P2P net loan industry to the Tencent revealed deep throat technology, how to identify the net loan platform has several points, first, the platform can not be a capital pool mode, Guarantee corporation not only look genuine, depends on whether they have the ability to pay, the most important thing is to face the high income of the project must be rational.

capital pool mode is not credible

capital pool model looks beautiful. Some P2P platform can often see some dubbed the name of a particular product, these products usually have a fixed interest income, and must be committed to protect the security interest, more importantly, they are told in many products investors can make unconditional redemption at any time.

last month run away Nanjing P2P platform Chong Xin loan is capital pool mode, the recharge is relatively simple, only two line and the line, respectively, through online and offline two ways to transfer the cash into the boss’s account Wu them.

net loan home founder Zhu Mingchun said that 70% – 80% of the P2P platform to take a pool of funds this way of operation. Everyone enrichment CEO Xu Jianwen said that the lender’s demand is generally 12 months or more, but most risk from the perspective of investors are more willing to invest in a shorter period of the platform, so the platform after the funds gathered by way of short long loan deposit funds carried out the demolition marked mismatch.

in November 25th last year the central bank to carry out the P2P network lending business in the name of the implementation of the illegal fund-raising behavior made a limited account intermediary lending platform platform enables lenders funds into the resulting pool of funds under such a model platform for alleged illegal deposits from the public.

capital pool is actually illegal fund-raising, public identity for the Beijing platform for a loan "deep throat" to the president of Tencent said, P2P platform run away are fundamental to the capital pool mode, many platforms term funding mismatches, earn more by the difference of short long loan deposit. Once the subsequent investors to invest less than the outflow of funds, it will lead to capital strand breaks.

investors hosted by third party payment platform, and the money will eventually be transferred to the borrower and the fund pool model corresponds to the model. Deep throat said, in this mode, the money is not in the hands of the P2P companies, the volume of money and run away things will not happen, "so at the time of investment funds were transferred to the account of what is sure to pay attention to the best transit through the third party payment platform".

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