Samsung LG after the explosion of the Korean giant to pay the price of the great leap forward

recently news, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that, due to the presence of equipment overheating and pose a risk of fire, LG electronics co.. The recall involves about 466 thousand units.

it is understood that the recall involves a portable air conditioner is divided into three models: LP0711WNR, LP0813WNR and LP0814WNR. Announcements, someone’s air conditioning is in February 2011 to August 2016 sales in North america. So far, LG has received 4 reports of fire equipment, a total of approximately 380 thousand dollars in property damage, but did not cause casualties.

from Samsung to LG, South Korea this year, it seems that accidentally walked into the vortex of the explosion can not extricate themselves, this is due to the Samsung incident was snubbed Korean enterprises, but also suffered a new round of questioning after the LG recall. At the same time, the rapid development of the economy, South Korea in the end how?

market led, quality followed by


a few days ago to see such a picture on the internet. In fact, the quality problems are most Korean companies a big heart, as early as Samsung washing machine recall a familiar Samsung industry had said: Samsung washing machine about ten years ago in China a thing, but was due to Chinese recall provisions is not perfect, the recall no exposure. Samsung’s product quality problems have long been a problem, which is determined by Samsung’s cultural genes, the problem is sooner or later.


problem LG is not the first time the recall, as early as 2012, November 8th, LG announced a voluntary recall of 161000 Taiwan originating from the China electric cooker products in the United States, the reason is this week received a number of complaints. At that time, LG received more than 80 copies of the accident report, pointed out that these products are in the process of using the burner can not be closed, or set a sudden increase in temperature after the accident.

in November last year, the second generation of smart watches LG Watch Urbane LTE version of the second generation, but because of its technical problems, LG had to recall the product, and announced the suspension of sale in. This distance from the sale of the second generation of smart watches just over a week.

in August 22nd this year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that, due to fire risk, South Korea’s LG electronics company and Sears company will recall the gas dryer, the number reached 21 thousand taiwan.

from this point of view, rooted in Samsung’s cultural genes are not a feature of Samsung, but also a lot of characteristics of Korean enterprises. As we all know, Han enterprises in the global technology market, a higher proportion of. Due to the rapid development of the Internet era, in order to adapt to the market, such as Samsung, LG and other companies have in many areas of the layout, with the product

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