Ministry of Railways to respond to the ticket system spending questioned 199 million tender complian

original title: Ministry of Railways: 199 million tender compliance

– "new Ministry of Railways ticketing system costs has been questioned, tracking

Beijing News (reporter Liu Chunrui) for the recent media reports of Taiji company to 199 million winning a new generation of railway ticket system engineering, information technology center yesterday, the Ministry of Railways to respond, the bidding in accordance with legal procedures.

High cost of

system cited questioned

The Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of

and National Day, Chinese railway customer service center such as the Spring Festival period as there on the difficult situation of queuing function in order to alleviate the pressure on the server site was originally taken, in the actual operation process caused by the online ticket "is a row of the team" situation. In the public are not satisfied with the 12306 website, Taiji Computer Corp announced that the company participated in the Chinese Ministry of Railways "a new generation of ticket system project" of public bidding, the bid has been officially confirmed. Announcements, the first generation of a new ticket system project, the amount of 199 million yuan bid.

the announcement raised questions about the public and the media. Some media quoted a source saying that the construction cost of the general ticket system is not more than 30 million yuan.

railway ministry said the tender compliance

yesterday, in response to the above questions, the Ministry of Railways information technology center responded, the new generation of railway passenger ticket system construction, is based on the relevant provisions of the state and open to the public for the tender. Tai Chi to 199 million yuan to win part of the hardware and software equipment and integrated services. This tender is in line with the statutory procedures, in the new generation of ticketing system in the first phase of the project, has been planned to use some of the equipment procurement.

the official also said that at present, the system is still in progress, after the completion of the project, the system will further strengthen and improve the function of the system.


Zhengzhou to Wuhan high-speed rail opened 28

two distance shortened to 1 hours and 56 minutes, the whole set of 8 stations

Beijing News (reporter Liu Chunrui) yesterday, the Ministry of Railways announced that the Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway from Zhengzhou to Wuhan section will be officially opened to traffic in September 28th, Wuhan to Zhengzhou train running time from the fastest 4 hours and 28 minutes to 1 hours and 56 minutes.

said the Ministry of railways, Zhengzhou to Wuhan section of the Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway operating mileage of 536 km, the design speed of 350 kilometers, the initial operating speed of 300 kilometers, started construction in October 15, 2008. Along with the Zhengzhou East, Xu Changdong, Luo West, West Zhumadian, East Xinyang, Xiaogan Minggang East, North East Hengdian, 8 stations connected in the WuHan Railway Station and the Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway.

Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway from Zhengzhou to Wuhan section of the opening of the initial operation, will open 24 pairs of EMU trains, in accordance with the speed of 300 kilometers per hour. "

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