See how the marketing millet Lei Jun 4

has long awaited mobile phone millet 4 release, millet released 4 see after feeling a sense of sadness, see why millet 3 conference feel millet 3 is a product of millet and NOKIA fit, and saw the first feeling is 4 millet, millet and apple 5S fit? I want to like me the view should not in the minority.

but after all, is a highly cost-effective products, in some ways, or have his advantage. As the world’s China millet to do millet or take a long time, I think the future of millet 5, 6 will not let us down, millet as an Internet company in the mobile phone to do, just a few years creating industry shocked the industry, there are still many places worth learning we look at these, "what" is how the marketing millet 4


a, near the tree

has always been to "top hardware configuration" and "run of the king" is known for millet mobile phone, there is no exception in this conference, out of the "Foxconn, Qualcomm, SHARP, Inventec" the four industry leader, campaigning for their products! In the buyer’s market era, who mastered the customer who is to grasp the initiative, to see a large number of Rice noodles and millet mobile phone users, the four industry leader like millet company also had to cast the "olive branch". Lei Jun joking, millet and 500 suppliers have established Zhenjinbaiyin battle friendship. Sales continue to rise, the common interests will make the supply chain more stable millet.

two, digital

China likes to talk about numbers, foreigners like to tell stories. Look at the China news network, China’s second quarter of this year, economic growth reached 7.4%, reaching the expected level of 7.3%. Millet phone 4 will not forget, is the beginning of the process of the process of the 40, the close process of the 193. Forging molding process for more than 10 hours, the 58 machine tool cutter, 8 step CNC processing, 5 inch high color saturation SHARP screen /JDI screen: 1920*1080, NTSC color value is as high as 84%, 17% higher than iPhone 5S, 2.63mm ultra narrow side of the screen.

The test process in the first engineering machine

, the stainless steel frame and the frame, weighs 159 grams, which made him feel a little heavy, in order to reduce the weight of 10 grams, the frame structure is changed into aluminum magnesium alloy, the final weighs only 149 grams, only this one makes the whole project group several months of work to reinvent the wheel, so that the whole project is delayed for two months. "It is because of this geek Lei Jun’s pursuit of the ultimate spirit, let millet millet company products have completed the adult ceremony in four years."

three, Chairman Mao strategy to mobilize the masses

such as "strange number marking and identification" fraud phone, telemarketing mark. This millet Internet thinking: is the mass line to solve the problem, is to mobilize the masses, rely on the masses, from the masses

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