Entrepreneurship is a rebellion against existing rules

lead: whatever you don’t want to buy?. Pour cold water while staying to go to do business is not just a business, but also the traditional rebellion.

translator: Ying

When summer

, Texas Fort Worth, Abe Issa exhausted along the channel to the suburbs to a small area of the front door, the sweat ran down his back down. He had a good idea of what he was supposed to be in the magazine: "I don’t like this one." "That’s not good." "Don’t waste time." You still have to choose.

"I feel very sad every time someone refuses." Issa admits. When he was 5 years old, the Lebanese civil war broke out, he and his family emigrated to the United states. To sell outdated, but Issa not only do so, sell something is fantastic in which oil and gas of the kingdom of Texas, sales of non fossil fuel energy solutions. His name Global Efficient Energy company can provide customers with foam insulation materials, HVAC HVAC systems, LED lamps, solar products, etc.. Each of the 100 telephone marketing will have three or four times to persuade the other party he carefully calculate the efficient energy solutions to save as much money.

in 2011, Issa set up his own company with $1000 in apartment sales. "A lot of people have told me that his house would never want from a historical performance can not find no security, no office and staff of the casual visitor buying energy management products. My friends, business partners and investors say so."

but he was not swayed by these objections. All entrepreneurs have a common feature: they are not concerned about the product of the present, but its future. For those who own property, energy consumption is a major expenditure in daily life, if you can try to reduce this part of the cost, will bring great value. No one wants to save money.

Issa will be frustrated every time the door refused to become a driving force, continue to walk on the sidewalk until 9 at night before going home. In order to improve the credibility, he would take some photos in the door, he was taken to a large group of staff lecture scene. He played a trick, "but the content is true, and he is now selling products at all. Photo taken in a Real Estate Company, and has been closed down. Just looking at the photos will make the customer feel that he has a large group of people working for him. It’s not really honest to do so, but Issa believes he will be satisfied.

is trying to reverse the adverse situation, it would be reasonable to make a little distortion of the rules of the game. In order to get a place, entrepreneurs will make a little bit of small means, at least to make their business looks very beautiful". In other words, they have to break the rules – the most important thing for a startup. The face of the status quo of the industry, a new home

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