Baoding red rumor stationmaster of reeducation through labor according to law for two years

according to the Baoding public security network news, February 26, 2012, the Baoding Municipal Public Security Bureau of the new urban sub Bureau in an in-depth investigation, investigate and deal with the spread of rumors cases, Liu was involved in the case of reeducation through labor according to law.

according to the survey, Liu Moumou for a web site operator, the site click rate, in unconfirmed cases, on February 19, 2012 issued a "false information Baoding 252 hospital confirmed SARS case" on the Internet, and their continuous thread manufacture, disrupting the social order.

extension reading: Hebei, Baoding, said the outbreak of SARS recurrence of rumors that no common influenza

Yangcheng Evening News reported on the 24 (reporter Xia Yang): there is a SARS epidemic on the network crazy pass a message on the Hebei 252 hospital in Baoding, said there was another outbreak of sars. 23 evening, Baoding, the 252 hospital to accept the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, said, " nothing at all ".

" the 252 Hospital of Baoding found SARS heard SARS, has quarantined more than and 50 people, do not know is not true? " " shot to play today, the doctor said a 252 hospital, the SARS virus, it is very scary. " " I heard that the man was dead, and the hospital had no local patients. " 23, suddenly appeared on the Internet a number of hospitals in Baoding, the outbreak of SARS epidemic rumors, quickly aroused widespread concern of users of.


network for " " rumor; incessant sound. Rumors attracted media attention, 23 PM, first of all, the people’s daily news issued by micro-blog, said: " in an interview with people’s Daily reporter, the hospital made it clear that there is no such thing. Baoding City Health Bureau, said the patients were related to ordinary influenza, no deaths, the hospital’s normal daily operation. Ministry of health information office also said that currently did not receive the relevant information. "

at the same time, a website also posted a statement of the Baoding municipal health bureau.

users are in their way through confirmation, " then the willow smoke said: " " I just read an article from the 252 Hospital of Baoding reproduce sars. Hastened to call the doctor to the 252 hospital doctor confirmed that the exact message is dead for the cause of two patients with severe cold, and finally breathed a sigh of relief. "

how? Twists and turns, 23 at 8 pm, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter contacted the 252 Hospital of Baoding general office responsible person, she said quietly, " currently in the hospital; everything is normal, there is no floor or ward was isolated, " as for various claims circulated on the Internet, she said " also; don’t go to ".

in the hospital duty staff also told reporters.

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