Tanabata will talk about how to do the promotion of physical Flower Festival

Tomorrow is the Qixi Festival

, is Chinese Valentine’s day, in recent days shops are very busy, the Qixi Festival is the best time to flower sales, but the local flower shop is also very much, and now more and more customers in the online booking of flowers. All these to the entity shop to bring no small pressure, according to the Qixi Festival the florist didn’t do offline promotion? According to the author’s understanding, most physical shop is small in scale, but also the lack of this meaning, the customer is the main source from nearby residents, so it is difficult to improve the order quantity of flowers, in fact, the entity shop can aid their own resources to make the festival planning. The purpose of promotion can not only improve the Qixi Festival orders during the period, but also to promote the shop name, let more people know about this shop, taking into account the practical problem, the small shop promotion should be simple, direct, and the cost is very low, I think the following creative promotion way, may learn from the next.

creative one: buy flowers, gift warm card

flowers generally have a card, write the sender information, but some Florist didn’t notice, if the shop before without a card, you can in the Qixi Festival period, complimentary some warm, as to what to write on the card, this can be identified by the customer. But the important thing is to add a watermark card, of course that is shop name, or write on the card in the shop name, this card has become the shop name card, this approach is relatively simple, the cost is very small. The disadvantage is the customer one or two times may be hard to remember, if possible, can make a small activity, give a small gift, for example: the Qixi Festival during a kissing event, such activities almost every year, businesses send diamond rings and other gifts, a lot of people to participate in these gifts. Small shop can be based on the actual situation, at the entrance to the flower shop to engage in a small event to attract more people to the crowd, regardless of whether others are involved, can play a promotional effect to a certain extent, the florist.

creative two: cooperation with other businesses, the formation of marketing chain

is not only to know the Qixi Festival during the flower shop in the busy, other businesses also want to make a big, for example, in some places a couple of restaurants, cinemas and so on, these businesses can planning topics or activities in the Qixi Festival period, a couple of restaurants can launch their lovers packages can engage in a cinema film Valentine’s Day special for Valentine’s day, play some see love drama. If the florist can and this kind of business cooperation, forming a marketing chain, so the effect will be good, for example a cooperation with each other for others to do a couple of restaurants, advertising, so in fact does not affect their profitability, because they are not the same industry, will not have what competition. Customers have to buy flowers in the Qixi Festival period, but also need to go to a restaurant to eat a meal, and can have a discount, I think a lot of people would choose such a florist or restaurant. The difficulty of this promotion model is to talk with other businesses, after all, the need for some cooperation process.

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