PPTV a anemia with three years of history


there is an anaemic and Youtube company, they founded the same year, with the early Internet TV get a lot of popularity. Although born anemia, but they are lucky to get hundreds of millions of dollars from Sun Zhengyi’s huge financing. Then they began to reckless spending, not only wasted money and time, also be to hand over the competition gradually. Last year they sold themselves to Suning, big shake management overhead is founding CEO. Do not know if you have guessed, the answer is PPTV.

$250 million, this money is not chicken

due to the content of the video field, server bandwidth, traffic acquisition and other costs are huge, congenital anemia PPTV despite three financing, is still facing the money in early 2011. Later, they were lucky to get $250 million from the hands of Sun Zhengyi in the fourth round of financing, valuation soared to $700 million. But unfortunately, they began to get from the money, just like playing chicken with the same mind, embarked on a self expansion of no return, completely forget yourself is self treatment in patients with anemia.

first, they almost crazy poaching, to get the financing to find full headhunting Shanghai and the country crazy digging. Shanghai, a video technology team was 2 times the wages of all of them to pry away, which in the year or even completely affected the human cost of the Internet industry in Shanghai, the rich PPTV is too capricious. Can be hired people just because of high salaries, they are restless. But frequently 2 times the salary of poaching, in addition to their own enemies also cold old employees out of heart.

secondly, the blind set up projects, so many technical talent to dig, of course, have to do something. Do not know who was out of the idea, and finally they decided to develop set-top boxes. You know this thing until today were down regulated, in a few years ago for the SARFT is simply so soon PPTV treason and heresy, was halted. But later they also encountered Disasters pile up on one another., radio and television about qualification rectification, hit PPTV and forced the renamed PPTV cohesion. Those who do not find the right way to toss around, spent a lot of time manpower and material resources. If at that time PPTV expand existing business, enhance their hematopoietic capacity, I am afraid there will not be the situation now.

again, regardless of quality of procurement of copyright, film and television drama, entertainment, sports, all the money to buy anyway. Hundreds of millions of millions of hit deep into the bottomless pit of copyright, but the rewards of high copyright spending and completely proportional. The quality of resources after the hand also did not take advantage of the popularity of the film, but completely spell Youku potatoes and music, play the "edge ball" to win popularity; in the advantages of sports resource issues more prominent, small in detail later.

finally, people impetuous. Small to dig into a few examples, can reflect how crazy they were:


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