After 90 tech house open pornographic sites pornographic content of 1 8T

August 15th news, smart people can envy, but if the smart use of illegal things, I believe no one will envy this smart. Recently, Dazhou County Public Security Bureau network security brigade successfully destroyed a yellow site, and this site is actually a station after a young man xiemou.


Sichuan news network reported that, according to Xiemou about, he graduated from a university in Chongqing computer professional. In 2014, he resigned to go home to start a business, opened a Taobao shop, and later self built Street photo site, the business can do fairly. In the eyes of relatives and friends, he is a touch of a finger, play the keyboard and mouse will be able to make money master IT.

earlier this year thanks to a pornographic website to find money faster and easier, then, through his network to rent a server for the erection of foreign pornographic websites, and others to buy a Alipay account, the sale of pornographic websites for the collection of membership card illegal income; to 58 yuan, 88 yuan price sale website membership card, and successfully attracted tens of thousands of netizens to his yellow website, which, more than 2 Internet users buy the site’s membership card. In just six months, thanks to the sale of pornographic membership card through the Yellow site 17 yuan more than the profit, its network of cloud disk storage pornographic videos and pornographic pictures up to 1.8T.

at present, Xiemou suspicion of copying, trafficking, dissemination of pornographic materials for profit, was Dazhu County Public Security Bureau criminal detention according to law.

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