Micro blog marketing is not everyone can do

idle, opened the Tencent micro-blog and Sina micro-blog, both of which are the most hot social media tools, but it is very hot; the two is the most popular social media tools, but people greatly disappointed, the entire layout of the micro-blog, more than sixty percent of all advertising: weight, food, whitening acne clothing and so on, mixed, full of advertising information, negative information, open micro-blog, selling a adorable expression, a piece of beautiful pictures on the Internet, copy some sad words, here is attached with some spam messages, which is where the social networking tool, it is completely advertising and social gathering, the value of the tool has fallen completely, is the marketing staff of the world, just point out the text, with a web site, this is the so-called micro Blog marketing, they do not even feel neither fish nor fowl, browse.


SEO admitted that indeed there are many social media marketing team and celebrities have done micro-blog profitable, and considerable, but is not all extension officers will be micro-blog, WeChat marketing profit? This can really make money, absolutely can?. But people who do social media marketing to make money are not many. Ask yourself, you are a marketing genius? You can bring considerable profits to the enterprise products? The answer is: not sure.

Chongqing SEO often meet Forum blog, often in discussions about micro-blog marketing class QQ group, even now many YY open class in explaining similar topics, like training, Chongqing SEO do not know how much training, do not know what they say? Just think of Chongqing SEO, the use of social media marketing tools promotion of profit, but also very There are plenty of people who, however, is the so-called training similar personnel? Chongqing SEO that is not more than eighty percent, the remaining twenty percent, or a question mark.

In fact, the Chongqing

SEO found that most talk about micro-blog similar social media marketing personnel are almost SEO promotion personnel, almost all is a novice, or for their location is not clear the network popularization personnel, partly because of itself relying on social tools more interested. Chongqing SEO think, if you are not very well known, social media tools "accurate" fans of no more than ten thousand, if it is difficult to carry out marketing; new marketing mode for this type of Internet, a short spring is the Internet, product launch at the beginning, there have been big mark on it may the value of estimation; the people behind the rich consumption, has a strong marketing team behind it, they don’t care about the money; but is that money, for some small and medium-sized enterprises is the new and injured in the sinews or bones; social media tools can really make money, the boss will believe


cannot, according to the Chongqing SEO know, the main marketing channel of many small and medium enterprises or in the line of marketing, and even a lot of them are not optimistic about the network promotion, some companies do not recruit qualified personnel > SEO promotion

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