A fish talk about local news websites to promote profit techniques

Hello everyone, I am a fish, I am very happy to meet you again. I recently took over a local news information website, which is not here in particular to avoid AD suspects. In the process of promoting the author encountered many different situations, also learned a lot of experience and lessons, this website is finally on the right track, so people to share their own during this period of time to promote this site experience and how to achieve profitability of some skills, I hope to do the website useful friends, good and not much nonsense, on the text.

promotion articles

first: the local site to really localization

in the early to give supplementary website content, website can make look more "plump", a lot of my go to some large portal sites to collect news, although the amount is up, but later found a very serious problem is the site seems to be not called local sites, feeling a little mean portal. It is found that the problem is to timely treatment, I immediately stopped the acquisition, but it would not have any website content, how to do? When a newspaper I suddenly react, since I was a local site in the city then why can’t I release from then on their website down the city newspaper excerpts from it, just do it, I immediately set a monthly journal, then every morning from a few more headlines, then the original artifacts released on his own website, a website has returned to the local route, is on the right track.

second: local sites to learn to cooperate with local resources

in the "copy" day in and day out the newspaper content, one morning I finally felt tired, so do the work efficiency and low cost but also time is little effect, no! No, we must think of a way to pull off this thorny problem. In a conversation with friends to the inspiration, friend was asked: "why the city daily did not actually own website." it is this sentence, so I had a desire to find ways of cooperation in the city daily, second days I through the newspaper on the telephone contact on their editor, at first I was not much hope, but it was later edited and soon promised me to cooperate with them, but that they put a little advertising on the website home page below, mutual benefit and win-win thing, I can understand this, so he asked me very readily promised. So can later updated daily on the website more I can not sleep then copy paper.

site updated daily content in a timely manner, and the original is relatively high, and soon there will be a certain weight and ranking, flow up, how to do it?.


first: local enterprises is the key

at that time the site has been close to ten thousand daily traffic, the traffic is very easy to find advertisers cooperation, however, things >

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