Talking about the promotion skills and process of question and answer website

Q & a website promotion, as a network promotion method is a good effect and more common network promotion methods. The same method can play a variety of promotional effects, in addition to get a good flow, but also played a word of mouth publicity, increase the effective chain, some key words can get a good ranking in the search engine. With the continuous upgrading of technology site and webmaster or network promotion practitioners, quiz website content audit is gradually strict, so we do the promotion of the time in question answering platform, also need to summarize some tips in promotion.

a, Q & a website recommendation:

1, Baidu know:

2, Tencent asked:

3, Sina asked:

4, Tianya Q & A:

5, YAHOO knowledge hall:

is now just a few questions and answers of the mainstream web site, every day to ask questions, answers and questions related to a lot of people, it is recommended that everyone in this platform to promote. Of course, there are many vertical class Q & a site, which also have to push their own products to choose more platforms.

two, Q & a promotion steps

1, select keywords: according to the promotion of products and Internet users search habits, select the relevant promotion and a certain amount of search keywords.

2, registered ID: a certain number of ID registered in advance (account), in the implementation of the new ID must continue to register. As a backup vest. And do a good record keeping, take turns to use.

3, set the question: according to your choice of keywords to set up the relevant questions, and in the question of one to two keywords. Because each quiz website using the technology is not the same, know in Baidu search keywords, is set to display the best answer and answer the question; on the contrary, when the search keyword, question content display, so that everyone in the questions, also shows the keyword, keyword can get good rankings in search of answers.

4, answer the question: according to the problems in front of their own or search for other people’s questions to answer, in the answer cleverly put into the topic related to the key words.

note that each platform in the questions and answers have to be careful, to control the quantity and quality. Don’t think that the more you do, the better you’ll be. Every day to do a lot of, easy to cause the attention of the platform, easy to play a reaction, especially Baidu, we must be careful. A small company with a friend before

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